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Webcam Chat Tips for Voyeurs
Good webcam chat goes along way into establishing connections with webcam models. They are online 24/7 trying to fulfill a fantasy for all viewers. It's a special role with webcam models being sought out all the time. Cam notifier has a messenging service to notify viewers when particular cam models are online. People look forward to seeing them. And cam models remember their favorite viewers or tippers. As such, there are some good rules to follow to make sure you are not given the boot and stay in graces of the cam models.
Have Good Webcam Conversation
Women like it when viewers pay attention to the room ambience. If it's designed according to the role they are playing tell them how much you like it. Also note and comment on their style of dress and hair. Women respond to the validation of what they are creating better than men and so a little goes along way in establishing a connection they will remember.
Tip the Webcam Girl for Favored Sex Acts
When a webcam girl does what you want, give them a tip. They are working for tips only and your tips add up to their income. If you don't and the girl has features you like , you want to continue seeing them and not get banned.

Thank the Webcam Girl
It's not easy to go nude for webcam and when the show is over tell them how much you liked it with a simple thank you. Many webcam models also have an Amazon wishlist. If it's something cheap and you're not going out of your way get it for them and bring a smile to their face. You can on most chat rooms leave a thank you message about how much you enjoyed the show and don't be surprised if you get a response back. You might even establish a webcam relationship. Enough said happy camming.

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