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The chairs were easy. Tony had them done by Saturday. He could strip pieces for his customers and enjoy the work, but stripping something for Jodi was a major turn on. His cock stayed hard the whole time he was working on the chairs. His mind painted pictures of Jodi and her lover doing every imaginable kind of sexual act.

Images of his own lovemaking with her were superimposed into the scenes now flooding his brain. He could hear her scream, 'Don't you dare cum, and I mean it.' Her look of disappointment as Tony ejaculated out of excitement, from the very words that were ordering him not to. He knew then that it was only a matter of time, before she met a man with the right cock ,and the knowledge on how to use it to satisfy a woman.

It did not take her long to find such a man. The phone ringing interrupted his thoughts.

But the surprise was her husband who upon command of Jackie rose to his feet. He was tanned all over except where he wore a small brief, which was now gone. Jodi was a tall girl but she only made it to his eyes. He was tall. The famous six-pack chest was there. A very handsome man. His large very long cock was protruding out from this gorgeous body. Jackie was a lucky woman indeed to have this attractive young man as her husband and slave.

They both knew Tony from his previous relationship with Jodi so there was no need for introductions. Jodi walked over to Ted and touched his thick hard cock and presented Tony with his first humiliation.

"Don't you wish you were equipped like this? Even my boyfriend is not this big."

Tony was in a trance at the moment. Totally mesmerized by the whole scene.

Jackie brought him back to reality. "Ted help Tony out of those clothes. I have never seen him nude." Ted towered over Tony as he unbuckled his pants and pulled them and his underwear down. He was standing there in only his tee shirt, with his hard cock peeking from under the shirt, quite excited and hard. "Have you ever sucked a cock before?" Jackie asked Tony.

"No, of course not." Tony quickly answered.

Jackie looked at Jodi and said, "I am surprised at you. Your little slave has never tasted your boyfriend's magnificent cock."

She was testing Tony's resolve. His cock betrayed him because it remained hard throughout the humiliating words flowing from Jackie. He did not consider himself gay, although this lifestyle was not exactly macho; it was a sexual experience with a woman and a damn exciting one. Would he obey such an order from Jodi? His hard cock said yes but his sexual history produced a negative answer. He doubted it. Fantasy sours somewhat when confronted with reality.

"Ted dear, tie Tony's hands over his head." Tony was tied to the ceiling. There were two clamps that were impeded in the roof and Ted tied his hands up. Tony was now stretched out standing up. Jodi walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the lips while flicking his cock with her hand.

Ted was ordered by Jackie to get on his knees in front of Tony. Jodi stood her ground and patted Ted on the head as he took Tony's cock in his mouth. At that moment Jackie gave Tony a quick smack across the ass with her whip. The sting surprised him especially the combination of pain and pleasure that it produced. Ted began to aggressively suck Tony"s cock.
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