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Sexy Russian Ballerina Girl

Gina Gerson is a petite ballerina in practice who gets her pussy pounded by her long dick coach in this hardcore Little Russian Dancer video from Petite Ballerinas Fucked. Just the very sight of this hot blonde being over and doing laundry made her boyfriend incredibly horny. He bent her over the couch arm and then flipped up her pale silk kimono to masturbate and finger fuck her. She moaned in a low guttural voice as he brought her to orgasm and then she kneeled on the bed with her pussy spread wide apart so he could fuck her. When he had brought his thrusting to a spectacular climax he then came deep in her sexy, squirming snatch.
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Dancing practice was always nice. Like an athlete practicing for his next game, I took my practice and ballet serious. Every move was done over and over till it was ingrained my subconscious. Never a fault. Not even a breath was out of place.

John and I became partners at our directors request. He was once a football player but took up ballet when he didn't make his college team and never looked back. Though not as intense as football workout wise, for him it brought a different kind of elation. John isn't gay at all not even bi. Many wish he was he's strikingly muscular, chiseled face and intense blue eyes.

Our practice today was for an upcoming show. We got a little buzz from media outlets when the Times came to us for an interview. Our show was controversial covering the right to choose movement choregraphed into a classical ballet dance piece. There were even protesters denouncing the piece. Of course, this helped sell tickets and would become one of the most successful shows in the dance group's history.

John and were excited as ever. This is a dancer's dream. One show like this could establish us as top dancers basically forever. From dancing to directing to financing for founding our own companies.

Practice was going well. I went running to John doing a petite allegro. As I ran to him and he was to catch me. Instead, his hand grabbed my pussy. I was like wow, though. Repeating this move again, his hand still grabbed my pussy again. I looked in his eyes and piercing through me with his eyes, he kissed me.

He carried me back to my dressing room and I grabbed his cock as we kissed. Laying me on my sofa, he peeled of my tights and started licking my pussy. I was wet squirting right away. He then eased his massive cock deep my pussy. I squeezed his ball sack as he slid in and out.

I then went to suck his huge fat cock. Licking his balls, I'd jerk his cock and sucking his cock, I'd squeeze his balls. I would alternate between the two. I could feel him getting harder and harder and then I'd stop till his hardness subsided.

He then sat down and I rode his cock. Faster and faster I fucked till he moaned "I'm gonna cum". He shot his load deep in my pussy and I had a massive cream pie afterwards. We cleaned up and went home together. This was the start of our collaboration as lovers as well as dancers.

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