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Greek Beach a Swingers Sex Story

On the fourth day of our holiday we were on the beach at the end of the afternoon and gradually everyone else left until we were alone (or so we thought). We were both stretched out on our towels when a voice suddenly disturbed the tranquility. "Good afternoon, I haven't seen you here before."

Opening my eyes I saw a wiry very dark skinned man standing next to us. We both sat up and the man introduced himself as Theo. He explained that he was a local and that this was his favorite time of day for coming to the beach. This explained why we hadn't seen him previously.

As he talked I noticed Susan staring at his midriff, something that as naturists one never does. I found myself joining her gaze however and was stunned to see that he possessed an enormous penis and huge pair of testicles. These seemed out of place on a man who looked to be around 50 years old, and had a bald head. As I looked at him however I noticed that he was very fit and lean with muscles all over his athletic body. Susan seemed to be entranced by him as he spoke with a heavily accented voice.

Theo suddenly said to Susan, "You look as though you could do with a massage, you look very tense." Before she could answer he added, "You see, I'm a trained masseur."

I expected Susan to say no, especially as she was naked, and we were on a public beach. I knew she liked massages and pampered herself with one at home every other month. This was very different however and I was shocked when she said, "Alright, I could use a massage to get the knots out of my shoulders."

Smiling, he relpied, "OK then, lie down and I'll make a start."

Susan lay face down on her towel and Theo produced a bottle of baby oil form his bag. He knelt down next her and after giving me a reassuring smile proceeded to pour some oil onto Susan's back. He started by massaging her shoulders and upper back and I could see that he was good at what he did. Soon Susan was becoming totally relaxed and I could see the stress flowing out of her. Slowly Theo worked lower down her back and massaged her lower back.

Without pausing he then started on her feet and calves before moving up to her thighs. As he probed and kneaded I noticed that every now and again he would allow one of his hands to plunge down into the gap between Susan's legs. This had the effect of making Susan relax her legs and eventually she moved them slightly further apart. Form where I sat I realized that you could now see part of Susan's hairs around her labia.
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