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Sweet Candies 4 Candy Sweet, Pornstar Candy Sweet in Hot Lesbian Tryst

Pornstar Candy Sweet in Hot Lesbian Tryst

From Webyoung "Young teen Candy Sweet is just lazing around, bored at home when unexpectedly, there's a knock at the door. Her girlfriend Henessy has come by to surprise her with some treats! What a cute teen lesbian couple these two make. Sitting on the sofa they begin sharing some of the sweets that Henessy brought over, as well as some sultry looks. Licking the lolly's and candy cane soon turns into tasting each others lips and skin. Nothing is sweeter on the tongue than some flawless, fresh young flesh. They're in no rush though, gently stripping each other out of their clothes Candy and Henessy take their time making out, kissing slowly along each other's necks, across their perfect little breasts, gently sucking each nipple. Soon these beautiful little lesbians are deep in the throes of passion and Candy decides to go after the treat she really wants to eat, Henessy's delicious young pussy. It's not long before Candy's tongue and fingers begin to drive Henessy wild with desire and she needs a turn herself. Eating her shaved pussy is better than any treat she could have brought, so delicious and sweet, there is nothing quite like young teen pussy. After eating each other for what seems like hours, our young beauties take turns sending each other into throes of orgasmic bliss while doggystyle. Digging their tongues deep into their tiny tight wet pussies and fingering now throbbing clits, our sweet teen lesbians show us that candy is dandy, but if you lick her, it's quicker. "

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I did everything I could think of to her pussy that I had wanted done to mine and when I put a finger in her asshole along with two fingers in her pussy, her ass exploded off the bed and she shot out cum, all over my face and tits.

I was kind of delirious that I could make her feel like I did, so I buried my face in her sweet cunt again and when I made her cum in my mouth this time, she begged me stop, saying I was going to kill her, if I didn't stop. I stopped, Toni's whole body was shaking and she kept saying, "Oh my god!" over and over for a minute or two.

I got up next to her, took her in my arms, kissed her and she licked my cum covered face clean, while telling me she never experienced anything like that in her whole life. She kissed me then, grabbed my pussy, which was still leaking cum and told me to spread my legs, it was her turn now.

I did as told, in the meantime, Toni kissed me again, kissed and nibbled at my ears, put a hicky on my neck, worked her way down to my tits, sucked a nipple into her mouth, while at the same time, grabbing my pussy and my pussy squirted cum for the first time in my life.

She literally made me crazy with lust. She put hickys on both my tits, on my stomach, turned me over, put one on each ass cheek, turned me back over and put one on each thigh, as close to my pussy as she could get. My pussy leaked so much cum, that the bed was soaked under me and Toni told me she just got started, as she sunk her tongue into my overheated pussy.

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