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    Wife Swapping – a Swingers Sex Story

    21 May, 2018 (02:27) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Anonymous Author (Anonymous Address)
    Jeff and I have been best buddies for a long time. He 
    and I are the same age and we're about the same size. 
    People used to ask if we were brothers.
    Jeff is married to a beautiful girl name Erin. She has 
    a sexy body, she's almost 25 years old and is just made 
    for fucking. (In my opinion)
    I'm married to Cindy who is also 25 years old. She has 
    blonde hair, a great body, and a beautiful face. She is 
    slightly taller than Erin, but both girls are great 
    Jeff and I live next door to each other and we go 
    drinking together a lot, and one night we got to 
    talking about each other's wives and admitted that we 
    had both fantasized about fucking the other's wife. 
    This got us talking about swinging. (He wanted to fuck 
    my wife and I wanted to fuck his.)
    We thought about talking to our wives about it to get
    their reaction. I asked Cindy one time if she ever 
    would fuck another man and she told me no, and threw a 
    hissy-fit that I'd asked. She asked me why I'd asked 
    such a question, and accused me of cheating on her.
    Jeff had asked Erin and she had said that she wouldn't 
    do it under any circumstance. So we decided that 
    swapping was not going to be voluntary thing. We kept
    thinking about it though, and finally came up with a 
    We had to this - I was thinking about fucking Erin all 
    the time now. It was affecting my work, I couldn't 
    sleep for thinking about her. Jeff said he was the same 
    way about my Cindy. We both wanted this to happen.
    All four of us go out to the local bars and clubs a 
    lot, but the women always complain that we never take 
    them dancing. So we decided to put this to our 
    advantage. One weekend when Erin was out of town 
    visiting her parents, we told Cindy we would take them 
    out dancing sometime. There was a place that we'd heard 
    of, and the three us would go scout it out.
    I told Jeff that if it worked out, and we got Cindy 
    drunk enough, he could fulfill his fantasy with her 
    that night. I told him that if that didn't work out, 
    then at least he could peak in through the bedroom 
    window and watch us as I fucked her. We set up a box 
    for him to stand on next to our bedroom window. Our 
    back yards are pretty dark at night. Trees and bushes 
    block out the other neighbors yards, so he wouldn't be 
    caught being a Peeping Tom. We thought we had 
    everything set.
    At the bar that night Cindy soon was drunk. I had been 
    plying her with strong drinks for several hours. Jeff 
    had asked her to dance a slow dance with him a couple 
    of times and I could see that he was enjoying himself 
    as he ground himself against her. She didn't seem to 
    mind, though, or maybe she was so drunk she didn't 
    notice, I'm not sure which.
    When they got through with their dance, they sat down 
    at our table, and he tried to feel Cindy up. She didn't 
    say anything as he put his hand up her dress onto her 
    thigh. Then he tried to move his hand up farther. I 
    could see that he was going to try to rub her pussy 
    through her panties.
    When he started moving his hand up her leg, she pushed 
    it away. Cindy was pretty drunk and neither Jeff nor I 
    was feeling any pain. Cindy had to be soused or she 
    would have said something.
    A little disappointed, but not totally deterred we got 
    ready to go home. We had Jeff's car, so Cindy and I sat 
    in the back. All the way home, I kissed her and let my 
    hands run all over her body, even rubbing her pussy, 
    until I could feel the wetness soaking through her 
    panties. I could tell she was ready and hot.
    When we got home, Cindy started off for our house and I 
    lingered to tell Jeff I didn't think he was going to 
    get to fuck her tonight, but he could watch us through 
    the window if he wanted and get a look at us doing it. 
    (And at my foxy little woman's naked body.)
    When we got into the house and moved into the bedroom, 
    Cindy was already taking her clothes off. I lit a 
    candle so Jeff could see and also because Cindy likes 
    to fuck by candlelight. I could see Jeff at the window, 
    but Cindy was so drunk she didn't noticed.
    Her dress was already off, she stood up in her bra and 
    panties. As she unhooked her bra, she looked at me and 
    asked if I was ready, because she said, "I'm hornier 
    than hell, and I need a good hard cock." She cupped her 
    tits with her hands and faced me with her tits in her 
    hands, and said, "They want you." She came over to the 
    bed and lay down and spread her legs putting her hand 
    on her cunt, her middle finger disappearing between her 
    moist folds, saying, "It wants your cock, so hurry up."
    I could see Jeff at the window craning to get a good 
    look. I quickly got my clothes off and got on the bed 
    with my wife and started playing with her tits. After 
    sucking on her nipples for a while, I got between her 
    legs and took her panties off, and worked on her pussy 
    for a while. (Cindy loves me to eat her pussy.)
    After she came once on my tongue, she mumbled for me to 
    hurry up and fuck her. I moved up hovering over her and 
    asked how she wanted it. She said, "Just fuck me baby, 
    just put it in and pump." So I put my dick to her 
    missionary style and it slipped right in easily and I 
    started fucking her. It felt so good knowing that Jeff 
    was watching me fuck my wife. I didn't do anything 
    different than we normally did. I fucked her for a 
    while and then started to come in her.
    She must have felt my spasms because she suddenly 
    became excited and yelled, "Yes, yes, oh fuck me!" She 
    moaned, then she grabbed my ass and pulled me in  
    towards her as she came.
    After I blew my load into her, I just lay on top of her 
    for a little while and when she started breathing 
    heavier and I knew she had passed out.
    I pulled out of her and looked toward the window. I 
    could no longer see Jeff, so I crept out of the bedroom 
    and met him outside. I asked him how he'd liked the 
    show. He said he had seen everything and said that 
    Cindy was beautiful and that he'd love to fuck her. 
    He'd had to jack off looking at her while we fucked. He 
    said that this had been the hottest thing he'd ever 
    seen in his entire life.
    After a while he went home and I knew he would probably 
    jack off again, thinking about her, especially since 
    Erin wasn't there and he didn't have anyone to fuck
    Next day was Sunday; Cindy never said anything about 
    Jeff putting his hands on her the night before. I 
    figured she was drunk enough she didn't remember.
    Erin got home that night. Jeff came to see me the next 
    day. He had hidden his video camera on top of their 
    dresser. He told me he had video taped them fucking and 
    asked if I wanted to see it, so I could see Erin's 
    body. He gave me the video tape and while Cindy went to 
    the store that afternoon, I watched it. The light 
    wasn't so good, but I could see plenty. Jeff wasn't 
    much for foreplay and he never ate her like I do Cindy. 
    They got naked on the bed and he played with her tits 
    for a while and kissed her. He then started to finger 
    her cunt. She was stroking his cock by this time. After 
    a while of doing this, he had her get on her hands and 
    knees and he fucked her from behind doggy style.
    I imagine he did this, so the camera would have a 
    better view. I could see Jeff's cock pounding her cunt 
    and I could see her wonderful body jiggle each time he 
    thrust into her. She really had nice tits.
    I knew how Jeff must have felt last night, because I 
    got hard as a rock watching them fuck, and seeing 
    Erin's body as she fucked her man.
    Erin's body was every bit as great as I thought it 
    would be. I had seen Erin in a bikini before, but never 
    completely naked. She looked as good as I thought she 
    would. Jeff looked like he might have been showing off 
    a little while he fucked her, because he fucked her 
    pretty hard, but I didn't really care. Maybe that's the 
    way they normally did it. 
    Erin seemed like she was more passive than Cindy, 
    because Cindy likes to fuck and can be pretty active at 
    it. Anyway, it got me so hot that Cindy got fucked as 
    soon as she returned from the store, but that was okay 
    with her. She likes to fuck. She just acted pleasantly 
    The next weekend, we took both Cindy and Erin to the 
    same bar, and got them loaded again. I sat next to Erin 
    while Cindy went to the bathroom. Erin looked sexy as 
    hell in a new short dress. I knew I had to get 
    something like that for Cindy. I told Erin I liked her 
    dress. She said that it was new and that wasn't all 
    that she'd bought. She pulled her dress up a little bit 
    and I could see that she had a garter and stockings on.
    The site of her bare thighs turned me on so much that I 
    just had to touch her legs. I put my hand on her thigh 
    and moved my hand to the top of her stockings and 
    caressed her bare leg above the stockings. I asked her 
    if that was all she'd bought. She then pulled her dress 
    completely up, so that I could see her g-string type 
    panties. It was pretty sheer, and I could see her dark 
    pussy hair through it. My heart was in my throat.
    She asked if I liked her new panties. And I told her I 
    did. Jeff and I both knew that Erin was so drunk she 
    didn't know what she was doing, because she would never 
    act that way normally. I put my hand down on her 
    panties over her pussy, and moved the thin material 
    aside to put my finger in her cunt. She opened her legs 
    a little bit to make it easier for me. I caressed her 
    slit and moved to her clit. 
    About that time I could see Cindy coming back, so I 
    pulled my finger out, and Jeff pulled her dress back 
    down, but not before I could feel that she was starting 
    to get wet. 
    I moved away from Erin and Cindy sat back down. Erin 
    leaned on Jeff and then said it was getting late and 
    that she was sleepy and it was time to go home.
    Cindy didn't want to leave yet, so we stayed and they 
    left. Cindy and I went home later and I ate her and 
    fucked her like I normally do, only with the vision of 
    Erin's sweet pussy and that protruding little clit in 
    my mind's eye.
    Jeff told me the next day that Erin never said anything 
    about me putting my finger in her cunt, and she was so 
    drunk that she didn't even remember that I had finger-
    fucking her.
    Two weeks later, we figured we had our plan worked out, 
    and took the girls back to the same place. I got Cindy 
    a short dress and thigh-high stockings that don't need 
    a garter. She wasn't crazy about wearing the thigh-high 
    stockings, but did, and after a while didn't seem to 
    A lot of the women in this place were dressed pretty 
    sexy. If the women were getting loose and dancing a 
    little wild, sometimes you could see that some of them 
    were wearing garters and stockings too. A lot of the 
    women were wearing pretty hot-short dresses and showing 
    a lot of cleavage, that sort of thing.
    Our girls loved this place and commented several times 
    about how nice it was that we had finally taken them 
    dancing. We started out early and by the time this 
    place closed, they were so drunk they had trouble 
    walking. (They sure as anything couldn't dance any 
    This time we only had one car, mine. As we drove home, 
    I put my hand between Cindy's legs. I caressed the 
    smooth skin at the top of her thighs and then worked up 
    to her pussy. I moved her flimsy panties aside and 
    started to finger her cunt. I could see in the back 
    seat that Jeff was doing the same thing to Erin. I 
    could see that Erin's dress was so far up her waist 
    that her garters and stockings were completely showing. 
    I could feel Cindy starting to get wet, her eyes were 
    closed and I could tell she was getting hot as hell. 
    From the look on Erin's face, she was getting the same 
    way. By the time we got home, both our wives knew what 
    was coming, they needed to fucked by a hard cock.
    When we got home, I wanted to fuck Erin, but Cindy 
    looked too good and my dick was so hard from fingering 
    her, so I told Jeff I was going to fuck my own wife 
    that night. He seemed disappointed, but agreed.
    Cindy and I went inside; she headed straight for the 
    bedroom. I went to take a leak and by the time I got to 
    the bedroom, she was naked on the bed with only the 
    stockings on. "I left them on for you," she mumbled, a 
    little incoherently. I quickly got undressed and got 
    between her legs and started to kiss and lick her. 
    Normally she wants me to do this until she comes, but 
    she pulled me up and told me to fuck her right away. I 
    got more carried away and fucked her a lot harder than 
    I normally do. To my surprise, she yelled out loud when 
    she came.
    Later when I went to pull out, she wouldn't let me, and 
    told me to fuck her again. I fucked her once more 
    missionary style. She came and I didn't, but then I had 
    her get on her hands and knees and I fucked her that 
    way and came again. It was a great-sex night.
    The next week, we went back to the same place and got 
    the girls loaded again. Jeff and I had agreed that this 
    would be the night we tried the swap. We stayed until 
    closing and worked on our wives pussies on the way home 
    just like we had before. Cindy got real wet and 
    whispered to me that she was ready for a fuck session 
    like we'd had the week before. Cindy sure was in the 
    mood for a good fucking and it looked like Erin was 
    Jeff and Erin went home, and Cindy and I went into our 
    house. Cindy started pulling her clothes off as soon as 
    we got inside, and believe me, she looked good in just 
    a bra, panties, and stockings. By the time we got to 
    the bedroom she had her bra off, and was telling me to 
    get my clothes off, because she was going to fuck my 
    brains out. I knew this was going to be the night.
    I quickly got undressed down to my underwear and turned 
    the lights out, then got on the bed and french kissed 
    her. Then I got up and started to leave. She mumbled, 
    "where the fuck are you going?" I told her I had to let 
    the dog out. I quickly ran out back and there was Jeff, 
    wearing only his underwear and waiting. He said that 
    Erin was begging to be fucked, and that I better hurry. 
    I told him Cindy was going to fuck his brains out.
    We wished each other good luck, and went into each 
    other's house.
    When I got to their house I took my underwear off, and 
    laid it on the table where I could get it on the way 
    out. Then I started down the hallway to their bedroom. 
    I had to grope my way down the hall, because it was so 
    dark. I made my way into their bedroom and reached for 
    the bed. I felt and touched Erin's foot. I knew I 
    couldn't say anything, so I just moved between her 
    I could feel that she was naked, so I moved up and 
    started to kiss her breasts. Erin has dynamite tits. I 
    sucked and kissed her nipples for a while, finally 
    getting my hands on those tits I had dreamed about for 
    so often. I gently squeezed them and played with her 
    nipples until they got big and hard. Then I worked my 
    way down to her pussy. I fingered her some, but she was 
    already wet as hell, and then started using my tongue 
    on her, licking her clit and pushing my tongue in to 
    tongue fuck her.. 
    Soon, she was starting to writhe and moan. Her hands 
    came down and I thought she might we trying to grab my 
    head to push it to her. I didn't want her to feel my 
    hair because Jeff's hair is curlier than mine, so I 
    held her arms at her side. "Yes, yes, oh god, that's so 
    good. Why don't you do this more often?" she moaned. 
    She kept moaning and soon she came on my tongue. 
    I could tell it was a good one. Drunk as she was, she 
    mumbled, "fuck me, fuck me now." So I moved up and 
    moved her arms up until they were over her head. I 
    moved my cock up to her wet cunt and it slipped right 
    in. She gasped in pleasure as I did this, and I knew 
    she was really hot. She was really wet, but she felt 
    really good. I was quivering with excitement. 
    This was about like a first fuck. I started fucking 
    her, and I could tell that she liked it. She was 
    starting to moan, saying, "Yes, yes, fuck me. You're so 
    good tonight" and the other things women in heat say. 
    She came a couple of times right back to back, and then 
    I blew a hell of a load into her, as she hugged me to 
    her. I wasn't sober myself, or I wouldn't have been 
    able to last as long as I did, as excited as I was. I 
    really wanted to lie on top of her for a bit, get hard 
    again, and then fuck her some more, but I knew I better 
    go before she figured anything out. I pulled out of 
    She said, "Where are you going?" sleepily. 
    I never answered, but put my finger in her cunt to feel 
    my come in there. I sat there and soon I could hear her 
    breathing deeply and knew that she had passed out. Wow! 
    that had been something! My dick got hard again, and my 
    heart was still pounding. I slipped back between her 
    legs and slipped my cock in. It went right in because 
    of my come in there. I pumped her some more and came 
    again, I was so pumped up.
    I crept back down the hallway, grabbed my underwear, 
    and made my way out back. Jeff came out shortly after 
    and I asked him how he'd done. He said that it had been 
    great - that Cindy was the best fuck he'd had in a long 
    time. He told me that Cindy had a terrific body. I 
    returned the complement to Erin, too. 
    I asked him if Cindy suspected anything. But he was 
    sure she didn't know anything. I assured him that Erin 
    suspected nothing. We left each other with a slap on 
    the back and self-congratulations.
    I crept into bed with Cindy and noticed that she was 
    out. I was lying there for a while thinking about how 
    great it had been to fuck Erin and got hard again. I 
    reached over and started to touch Cindy's pussy. She 
    was wet down there from Jeff's come. She had passed out 
    without cleaning up, so she had come on her thighs and 
    outside her pussy. As I fingered her, she woke up some 
    and said sleepily, "Are you still horny?" 
    I told her I was. 
    "Go ahead then," she mumbled and rolled over on her 
    back and spread her legs for me. 
    I mounted my pretty wife, I could feel the wetness as 
    my dick slipped into her and knowing it was somebody 
    else's come, made me come almost right away, even 
    though I had already come twice in Erin earlier.
    When I'd come I pulled out and Cindy went right back to 
    sleep-I don't think that she's really woken up While 
    I'd fucked her. I lay there thinking about what had 
    happened that night and then finally went to sleep. 
    The next day I asked Cindy if she remembered anything 
    about the night before. She said the only thing she 
    remembered was that we fucked, and then started 
    fingering her and I fuck her again. 
    She said I must have really been a horny boy. I replied 
    that I'd been kind of drunk the night before and wanted 
    to make sure I took care of her needs. 
    As far as she could remember I had been great. She must 
    have been so drunk; it was all about the same to her. 
    If she only knew! 
    I saw Jeff later in the day. He had asked Erin about 
    the night before too. He said her only comment was that 
    he needed to eat her like that more often. 
    We'd pulled it off. We congratulated ourselves on this. 
    Every night that week after when I went to bed, I would 
    think about fucking Erin, even if I was fucking Cindy.
    A couple of weeks went by and we hadn't tried anything 
    again. Cindy dressed hot has hell and fucked my eyes 
    out the week after the switch. Erin looked pretty hot 
    too, so I was sure she and Jeff were fucking like 
    bunnies, too.
    Jeff and I talked about it and decided we would try the 
    switch again. Jeff told me he kept thinking about 
    fucking Cindy and I told him that I kept thinking of 
    fucking Erin. We did the same routine; getting the 
    girls drunk and going to the same place. Both wives 
    wore thong or g-string type panties and Erin wore her 
    garters while Cindy wore stocking that stayed up on 
    their own. We went to the same dance place and by the 
    time we left both girls were drunk again, but probably 
    more so Erin than Cindy. 
    While we were driving home, we took back streets and 
    were working the girl's pussies. Cindy was wet as hell 
    and was whispering in my ear that she was going to give 
    me the fucking of my life. Erin had her hand on Jeff's 
    cock and looked like she felt the same way as Cindy.
    When we got home, Jeff and Erin went to their house and 
    Cindy and I went into ours. Cindy started peeling her 
    clothes off as soon as she got inside the door. 
    First her heels, then the dress, and by the time she 
    was in the bedroom, all that was left was her bra, 
    thong, and stockings. She looked hot as hell. As we got 
    to the bedroom, she took her bra off and asked if I 
    wanted her to leave the stockings on or take them off. 
    I said that it didn't matter.
    She pulled the thong off, left the stockings on and 
    flopped down on the bed saying, "Okay, I'll leave them 
    on for you. Hurry up and get undressed. I want you to 
    fuck my brains out." 
    I quickly got undressed but said that I need to let the 
    dog out. Cindy whined, "Why do you always worry about 
    the damn dog when I want you to fuck me?" 
    I made a mumbled excuse and left her there and went out 
    Jeff was already there. He told me that Erin was 
    hornier than hell, and that she was begging to be 
    fucked. I said that Cindy was the same way and that she 
    would probably fuck his brains out.
    I crept in to his house and made my way down the hall 
    as before. When I got to the bedroom, Erin mumbled, 
    somewhat incoherently, "What took you so long?"
    I knew I couldn't say anything, so I just got between 
    her legs and went to eat her pussy. She was still 
    wearing her g-string panties, so I pushed them aside 
    and went to work on her with my tongue. I reached up 
    and played with her magnificent tits some while I eat 
    her. She soon came, wrapping her wonderfully smooth 
    legs around my head.
    I kept using my tongue on her while came again and 
    again. She was moaning, "Why aren't you this good all 
    the time?" Then she begged to be fucked, so I moved up 
    and put my cock head to her mouth to let her suck on me 
    for a bit. She was pretty drunk, but she took my cock 
    in her mouth and sucked it. 
    Then I moved down and put my cock to her sloppy cunt. 
    It was wet when I started eating her, but it was really 
    wet now. I slipped right in and I started pumping away. 
    She came twice more and then I got off. It was so great 
    coming in my neighbor's wife. Erin was so hot, so 
    wonderfully sexy. I could hardly breathe as I pumped my 
    come deep into her tight little body.
    "That was so fucking good," she muttered and she 
    started to put her arms around me to pull me close but 
    I backed off pulled out of her. "Where're you going 
    honey?" she murmured. 
    I waited a little bit and she passed out. I quickly 
    crept back out of their bedroom and went out the back 
    and went over to my house. I wanted to see what was 
    going on there. It was real dark, but as I got close to 
    the bedroom, I could hear Cindy moaning and saying, 
    "God, you're so good tonight! Fuck me, fuck me harder!" 
    It was dark enough that I couldn't see much, but I 
    could hear the sounds of some pretty frenzied fucking, 
    more so than what Cindy and I do. I hadn't known that 
    she liked to be fucked rough like that. 
    Then I heard Cindy moan as she came. She's never real 
    quiet when she comes, but she's not real loud either. 
    Not so, that night. She was pretty loud. Then I heard 
    her saying how much she loved Jeff/me - she thought it 
    was me, but it was Jeff, and I could hear the sounds of 
    Then, I heard her say, "You're not Keith, who the fuck 
    are you? What the fuck's going on?" Then she jumped up 
    and turned on the light. "You mother-fucker!" she 
    screamed at Jeff, "What the fuck are you doing here? 
    Get the fuck out of my house!" 
    Then she looked toward the door and saw me. "You son-
    of-a-bitch, did you know about this? Did you put him up 
    to this?" She was so pissed; she didn't even try to get 
    her clothes on. All she had on were the black thigh-
    high stockings. She still looked sexy as hell, but was 
    she pissed! "Get the fuck out of my house, you mother 
    fucker!" she yelled at Jeff again. 
    Jeff didn't say anything-he just left. Then she started 
    back on me. "Did you know about this? You did, didn't 
    you? How the fuck could you do that to me? I'm laying 
    there telling you how good you are tonight, and then I 
    find out I've been acting like a whore for Jeff." Then 
    she went on to say she couldn't believe that another 
    man had fucked her and come in her, and that she had 
    given herself to him. 
    If you're wondering if Cindy was a virgin when we got 
    married, she wasn't, because we fucked before we 
    married. But I don't know if she was a virgin when I 
    met her. She might have been because we met young and 
    married when we were 21. We never talked about sexual 
    experiences before we met, but she might not have had 
    sex with anybody else but me. 
    Anyway she was pretty worked up. Finally she asked me 
    "What would Erin say if she found out?" Then she looked 
    at me and it hit her that I was naked and had left her 
    bed earlier. "What the fuck did you do, did you fuck 
    Erin?" I didn't answer right away and she continued to 
    yell, "You did, didn't you? You fucked Erin. You goddam 
    prick. Was Erin in on this?"
    I then told her that Erin was too drunk to know. Cindy 
    said she was going to call Erin and tell her about it, 
    but I talked her out of it. She kept talking about what 
    we'd done to her, but the thing that she kept saying, 
    like she couldn't get over it, was that another man had 
    fucked her and she had enjoyed it. 
    Needless to say, I didn't get sloppy seconds that 
    The next day, I talked to Jeff and he asked me how 
    things were. I told him we needed to cool it for a 
    while. I asked him if Erin had said anything. He 
    assured me that the only thing that Erin had said was 
    how well she's been eaten and fucked the night before. 
    I was still feeling bad about Cindy, and kind of 
    laughed nervously and said that it sounded like neither 
    of us were fucking our wives like they liked, because 
    it sounded like he was fucking the shit out of Cindy 
    and she'd enjoyed it. Jeff just looked at me strangely.
    We played things cool for a couple of weeks and things 
    settled down. A couple of times Cindy would say that 
    she couldn't believe that she had been fucked by 
    another man and that she had enjoyed it. I let her talk 
    about it as often as she wanted to, and it even began 
    to make our sex better when she'd talk about Jeff just 
    before I'd start massaging her pussy.
    A couple weeks later, we were back at the same dance 
    place. I had bought Cindy a new dress as a peace 
    offering. It was a short one, that was low cut, and 
    when she put this one on with the thong and thigh-high 
    stockings, boy did she look good! This was short enough 
    that if she bent over enough, you could see the top of 
    her stockings. Erin was dressed sexily, too, but Jeff 
    seemed to only have eyes for my wife Cindy that night. 
    He couldn't keep his eyes off her if she bent over at 
    all. Cindy was braless and the dress showed some 
    cleavage. The dress had a keyhole back, so you could 
    tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Like I said earlier, she 
    looked hot as hell. Around midnight, Jeff asked me if 
    we could try the switch again. There was no way Cindy 
    was going to be letting anyone fuck her in the dark for 
    some time, so I knew I would have to ask her. Cindy and 
    I had gotten back to having sex again, and the 
    experience she'd had with Jeff only fueled our sex 
    life, so I thought I'd try and ask her, but I wanted to 
    fuck Erin. 
    At first she started to get real mad, and even got up - 
    I was afraid she was going to make a scene. But then 
    all of a sudden, she sat back down and said, "Okay, 
    I'll do it. I'll let him fuck me. I think it's screwy 
    that you want your wife to be fucked by another man, or 
    maybe it's just that you want to fuck Erin so much. 
    Either way, I'll do it. If you enjoy your wife being 
    fucked by another man, I'll do it for you. He can fuck 
    me. I'll fuck his balls off. I enjoyed it last time, 
    and I may just enjoy it again." 
    So we pumped another drink or two into Erin - Cindy 
    wouldn't drink any more - and after another hour we 
    left. On the way home, I got her pussy hot, but I felt 
    she was a little detached. She'd often glance back at 
    Jeff while he was working on Erin.
    When we got home we went to our respective houses. 
    Cindy was quiet and didn't get undressed for me. She 
    just waited. I got undressed down to my underwear and 
    waited for Jeff to come over. When he did, I left and 
    went over and did my usual thing with Erin. Erin may 
    not have known who was fucking her that night, but 
    Cindy sure did. I hurried back home after I'd fucked 
    Erin. I crept in the house and went down the hall 
    toward our bedroom. 
    There were candles lit this time. I moved to where I 
    could just see them. They were both on the bed and 
    Cindy was kneeling between his legs, sucking his cock. 
    She sucks my cock, but never has let me come in her 
    Soon Jeff said he was starting to come, and Cindy told 
    him to go ahead and come, that she wanted to taste him. 
    She started jacking the base of his cock with her hand 
    while she was sucking him, and he came. She swallowed 
    it all down-a first for her as far as I knew - and then 
    she told him that she wanted him to fuck her one more 
    time before he left. She straddled him by putting her 
    knees on either side of his body and grabbed his cock 
    and guided it to her cunt. She sat down on it and 
    starting fucking up and down on him. 
    Rolling over, "Fuck the shit out of me baby, fuck me 
    really good."
    He really started fucking her hard. She loved it and 
    was soon moaning that she was coming. I don't know if 
    he came again or not, but when she was through, she 
    pulled him down and kissed him long and hard. She told 
    him he had been great, that it was the best fuck ever. 
    It kind of sickened me a little to hear that, but I 
    crept back down stairs. 
    I stayed in the living room until Jeff left and then I 
    went back up stairs. Cindy was starting to get dressed, 
    but I asked her if she would like another hard cock. 
    She said, "sure, as long as you don't mind sloppy 
    seconds." She got undressed again and lay on the bed 
    with her legs spread.
    I could see Jeff's come starting to ooze out. So I got 
    on top of her and slipped my dick in her sloppy cunt. I 
    came pretty soon, feeling the come from another guy in 
    her cunt. I then asked her face-to-face if Jeff was a 
    better fuck than I was. 
    She looked at me and said, "What's it with you? You 
    want me to fuck another man, and then when I fuck him, 
    you're worried that he's a better fuck than you are? 
    It's a little late for that now. You should have 
    thought of that before." 
    I told her I just wanted to know. So she said, and I 
    hope she was telling the truth, "No, not necessarily 
    better than you, but different. It's nice to have 
    something different. He fucks me a lot harder than you 
    do. I guess I like that." 
    I asked her if she would like it if I fucked her 
    She said, "Sure-sometimes" I asked her if she wanted to 
    try it right now. She said she doubted if I had 
    anything left. 
    I told her to try me. 
    She said okay, and lay back on the bed with her legs 
    spread. The sight of her cunt with the come dripping 
    out made my cock get hard again, hard enough to fuck 
    her with. I put it to her and fucked her as hard as I 
    could. I though it would hurt her but she started 
    moaning and then she came again. I asked her if that 
    was better, and she said "much better." We went to bed 
    after that, I was worn out and she should have been. 
    She had been pretty well fucked that night.
    The next day Cindy told me that she had enjoyed herself 
    the night before and that SHE wanted to do the switch 
    again. I was surprised at this and wasn't sure I liked 
    it. She told me that I had started this and she liking 
    getting fucked by Jeff. She said that she liked the way 
    Jeff fucked her for a change, but she didn't want to do 
    it that way with me all the time. 
    I was going to ask her about the cock sucking and 
    swallowing his come, but I let it go. She did tell me 
    that Jeff doesn't eat pussy worth a damn, so she would 
    always rather I do that. We did the switch again the 
    next weekend, but this time Cindy had me eat her and 
    make her come that way before I left and before Jeff 
    got in to fuck her. 
    I also fucked her when I got back from fucking Erin. 
    She was waiting for me. Even though Jeff had just 
    fucked her, probably multiple times, she was laying 
    naked with her legs spread and with Jeff's come 
    dripping our of her cunt. Needless to say, as soon as I 
    saw like this, I got on her and fucked her as hard as I 
    could. She was moaning out loud and told me she enjoyed 
    it. She also told me I was getting better, but she 
    wants to continue to fuck Jeff some.
    So Cindy now helps us maintain the trick on Erin, since 
    she knows that if Erin finds out, it's all over. Maybe 
    Jeff and I were both fools to do this, but he's a 
    bigger fool. Erin would leave him if she found out, I'm 
    sure. He's nuts to risk losing her. I bet Cindy would 
    do a three-way with Jeff and me, and fuck us one right 
    after another as long as we wanted, but I haven't asked 
    and don't intend to.
    So that is how we ended up for a while. Cindy fucks me 
    during the week and gets fucked by Jeff on some 
    Saturday nights, and then again sometimes by me 
    afterward. I fuck Erin every Saturday night when Jeff 
    and Cindy fuck-we just have to make sure she's drunk 
    I've gotten Erin to suck my cock, and I come in her 
    mouth. As far as I know, Jeff and Cindy haven't fucked 
    when I didn't know about it, but I can't be sure. I 
    sometimes wonder now if Cindy isn't fucking someone 
    else, too, because sometimes when I come home, I swear 
    it looks like her panties have come in them. Or if I go 
    to fuck her, and smell her pussy, it sometimes smells 
    like come, even when I haven't fucked her. I fuck Cindy 
    hard sometimes, but I don't think she likes it quite as 
    well as when Jeff does it, because with him, it's all 
    raw sex. Cindy and I still do slow romantic fucks by 
    candlelight, and we both enjoy that. 
    Jeff is supposedly being more tender in his lovemaking 
    to Erin, but has told me that she still says she 
    doesn't understand why sometimes he eats her pussy so 
    well, and other times, he isn't worth a damn. Looking 
    back on this, I wonder if it would have been better to 
    talk to Cindy first. From her reaction, she would have 
    said no, but now she enjoys fucking Jeff. I don't know.
    There's more to our story, I'm just waiting to see what 
    happens next...

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