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    Wife Swapping: Let’s Try It

    21 May, 2018 (02:25) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by DG Hear (
    A wife wants a last fling and asked her husband for a 
    wife swap with horrible results. (couples, exh, nc, rp, 
    v, bd, tor, swing)
    All she has on is a sexy nightie. As we lie on the bed, 
    I put my hand on her flat stomach and rub it ever so 
    gently in a circular motion. I slide my hand down to 
    her mound and just gripped it 'til she starts to moan. 
    Damn, what a woman! We've been married for 18 years 
    She gets hot pretty easily. She spreads her legs and 
    says, "Are you going to fuck me, or what?"
    I just started laughing as she reaches for my cock. 
    It's rock hard and she just rolls over and climbs on. 
    As she's riding me, I reach up and grab hold of her big 
    bouncing tits. I feel her getting ready to climax as 
    she leans forward and gives me a big lip lock. I put my 
    arms around her and hold on tight while I start spewing 
    my cum deep inside her. Damn! Am I ever glad I married 
    her. She is pretty much my everything, besides my two 
    teenage daughters.
    I'm Jack and she's Jill, I know that sounds corny but 
    those are our names. As I mentioned, we've been married 
    better then 18 years. I'm a Dentist, actually a DDS, 
    "Doctor of Dental Surgery," I guess that's sounds more 
    impressive and gets me the big bucks.
    As she rolled off me she gave me another kiss and said 
    she had something to ask me.
    I looked at her and said, "go for it, what is it?" 
    She looked at me smiling and said, "I want to fuck 
    another man!"
    I looked at her totally shocked, "Who? Why? What 
    happened?" I was dazed for a few seconds. "I thought we 
    were so happy together, the perfect couple." 
    She looked at me and said, "Whoa, Jack, I think you 
    might have gotten the wrong idea. I love you, with all 
    my heart and soul. You are my soul mate, my one and 
    only true love. I could never love another man as I 
    love you. I think my statement needs a little more 
    I said, "You got that right. I couldn't believe what 
    you just told me."
    She went on to explain, "We've been married for 18 
    years and they've been the best years of my life. I 
    don't regret one minute of it. You have got to be the 
    sweetest, nicest, most sincere man on this earth.
    As you know both of us have had sexual partners before 
    we were married. Well, Jack, I'm getting older and 
    would like to have one last fling while I'm still 
    attractive enough to entice a man."
    I was still a bit dazed. "Are you saying you want to 
    have an affair-to cheat on me?"
    "No, Jack, I would never ever cheat on you," she 
    reassured me.
    "I don't understand what you're trying to say here."
    "I have sexual fantasies," Jill patiently explained, 
    "and wondered what it would be like to be with another 
    man just one more time in my life. I was thinking of 
    swapping partners just one time Jack. Just the one time 
    to fulfill a fantasy."
    I was still a bit hurt and certainly fearful. "Jill, I 
    could never watch you have sex with another man. It 
    would kill me. You're my life."
    "You're my life too, Jack, that's why I suggested a 
    swap. I know all men wish they could get a piece of 
    strange pussy. Would you like to fuck a strange piece 
    of pussy, just one more time, Jack? Be honest with me, 
    does strange pussy entice you?"
    "Of course it does, but I would never, ever cheat on 
    you. I just wouldn't," I told her.
    "I would never cheat on you either, Jack. In a swap 
    situation we would both have sex with someone else, we 
    would both know what we are doing, and never do it 
    again. As I said Jack, just a one time fling, just to 
    get it out of our systems."
    "I don't know, Jill," I told her hesitantly. "It seems 
    awfully risky and could ruin what we have together."
    "No way, Jack, nobody could ever take me away from you. 
    I'm just talking about a fuck here, not love, not an 
    affair, just a fuck from someone different."
    "Look at all the crazy things we've done in the past, 
    Jack. Remember when you told me not to wear under 
    panties and to wear a short skirt while looking for 
    shoes? We had three different shoe salesmen checking 
    out my pussy. You were there looking at shoes so they 
    were afraid to try anything. Or the time we drove down 
    the highway while you were fingering me, we drove by 
    the trucks and you told me to show more so the drivers 
    could see? How about the time we went to the party and 
    I told you some of the guys were getting a little 
    carried away with their hands? You told me feels were 
    ok but no further."
    She was right; we had done all of those things. I still 
    wasn't comfortable with the next step. "But nobody was 
    fucking you, Jill," I explained. "It just scares me, 
    and as I said, I can't watch it. I don't want some 
    bastard grinning at me like a Cheshire cat, saying, 'I 
    fucked your wife. If you fucked one of our friends, I 
    don't think I could ever face them the same way again. 
    Knowing they had enjoyed my wife's body. The main 
    reason we never told each other who our sex partners 
    were before we got married was, if we should ever run 
    into any of them the jealousy wouldn't set in.'"
    We were quiet on the bed as I considered my next words. 
    When I had them, I continued, "Jill, I love it when 
    other men look it you, even if they see your body, get 
    a glance at your tits or pussy. I know they aren't 
    getting any and you will be all the hotter for me when 
    we get home. Even the time that we played strip poker 
    at Dale and Marcy's house. 
    When we all got naked, you were with me, Dale and Marcy 
    fucked right next to us but it was me fucking you. I 
    knew Dale thought he we going to get in you, thought he 
    was going to fuck you. I remember him reaching over to 
    touch your tits and you said, 'Dale, you can look but 
    don't touch. This body belongs to Jack and only Jack.' 
    Then you kissed me and I felt so proud of you."
    "Don't forget, Jack, Marcy wanted you also. She has 
    always wanted you. I know she was disappointed when we 
    didn't swap with them. You could see it in their 
    faces." Jill thought for a bit, then said, "That was 
    about ten years ago I think."
    "Jill, I don't know if I ever told you, but Marcy 
    called me the next day and asked if we could get 
    together alone. I just told her she had a wonderful 
    body but that I would never cheat on you under any 
    conditions. She said she understood but was really 
    disappointed, she really thought we would get 
    Jill laughed. I said, "what's so funny, Jill?"
    She said, "Dale called me the next day also. He kept 
    saying what a beautiful body I had and all the things 
    he wanted to do to me. I just cut him off and told him 
    that if he and Marcy want to stay friends with Jack and 
    I then this sex talk must stop. I told him I only loved 
    one man and all my love, body and soul belongs to you 
    Jack. That I would never lose that trust you have in me 
    for anyone, especially because of sex."
    "Dale then apologized to me and promised never to bring 
    it up again. He didn't want to lose our friendship 
    because of it. Then he asked me if, as a friend, would 
    I not bring it up to you. He would be quite embarrassed 
    and afraid of losing your friendship."
    I was taken aback. "Jill, I thought we didn't keep 
    secrets from one another," I said, the tinge of 
    jealousy probably more evident in my voice than I 
    "These weren't secrets, Jack, just talk between 
    friends," Jill said. "If either of us would have 
    mentioned this, we would have lost two really close and 
    good friends. I've been approached by many guys as I 
    know you have girls. Most of it is just talk. If it 
    ever developed into a problem, I talked to you about 
    it. Like at the pool party when we were all having fun, 
    but that one joker thought he could do what he wanted 
    with all the women, remember, Jack?"
    How could I forget? "Yeah, he went and put his hand 
    down your bikini bottom and grabbed your pussy. You 
    thought it was me until you turned around and saw who 
    it was. I remember you yelling at him and then slapping 
    him. Then you yelled for me to come over," I 
    "Yeah, Jack, and you came over and I told you what he 
    did. You went up to him and literally grabbed him by 
    the balls and cock and dragged him out of the pool. 
    Boy, I bet that hurt! You took him to the back gate and 
    kicked his ass out. All the women were cheering and 
    clapping. You told him if you ever saw him at any of 
    the parties you would finish the job. God, Jack, you 
    were always there to protect me. My man, my protector, 
    but most of all my love," she fawned.
    "Well, Jill, tell me more about this plan you have 
    before I give you an answer," I said slowly. I was 
    warming up to the idea just a little bit.
    "Okay, Jack," she started. "Here are some ideas I have 
    come up with."
    "First we will find some strangers, probably on the 
    Internet. It will be your job to find a couple."
    "No one is to know about it ever, Jack. This is to be a 
    secret and fantasy for only you and me. I don't want 
    you to tell a soul and I promise never to mention it to 
    anyone, not even to my sister Mary, my closest friend."
    "It must and will be a one time thing. I never want to 
    see the couple again as long as we live."
    "We both have to completely agree on the couple. I 
    don't want you having Barbie and me getting a freak." 
    At the thought of an inequitable pairing, we both 
    "We are not to tell them any true personal information 
    that they could use to get hold of us or track us 
    "We should go away for a few days to do this. No where 
    near where we live. I don't want a chance meeting with 
    friends or relatives," she continued. "
    "Make up a city, last names, job, whatever you want. 
    I'll agree to go along with whatever you come up with."
    "We can split up for a few hours during the sexual 
    encounter but I want you back in my arms at the end of 
    the evening."
    "And last but not least, if at any time either of us 
    wants it to stop, it must stop. I will not cheat on 
    you, Jack. If you find this to be too much, then it 
    will stop right then," she said finally.
    "Wow! Jill, you've been thinking about this pretty 
    heavily, haven't you?" I asked her.
    "Yes, Jack, but nothing happens unless you say so. The 
    ball is now in your court," she told me.
    "Ok, honey, let me do some checking and see what I can 
    *  *  *
    About two weeks later, I raised the issue with Jill 
    "Jill, I need to talk to you about the possible swap," 
    I started. "I have searched the Internet and think I 
    have found a couple. Before you look, you have to 
    understand that their information might be all lies, 
    just like ours. They do have a picture here so you can 
    see what they may look like." 
    Here's the info: David and Joyce Couch, early forties, 
    own a hardware store in Pittsburgh Penn. We are novices 
    looking for other novices who are looking for fun. She 
    is pretty, 5'3" 125 lbs. Dark shoulder length hair, 36B 
    boobs. He is handsome, 6'0" 185 lbs. We enjoy light 
    drinking, are non smokers, (prefer same), and are not 
    looking for affairs. We are in love and just want to 
    try swapping.
    We are looking for: a white couple, 30's to late 40's, 
    clean and neat who just want to get together for a 
    night of fun and games. We are not pushy and want same. 
    If we click we play, if not we each go our own way. We 
    would prefer meeting out of state. Confidential 
    information a must. Please send photo and info to this 
    e-mail address. We will return same. We are waiting for 
    your e-mail. Hope to hear from you soon, David and 
    I waited while she read. "Well, Jill, what do you 
    think?" I asked when I thought she must be done.
    She finished reading. "Sounds pretty good, Jack. Have 
    you sent them anything yet?" she asked.
    "As a matter of fact I have. Here's the e-mail I sent," 
    I said, handing her another sheet of paper.
    Dear David and Joyce:
    My name is Jack Riley, my wife is Jill Riley, we have 
    been married eighteen wonderful years but recently 
    thought we would try and spice up our lives by meeting 
    with another couple. We live in Purdue, Indiana. We run 
    a small pharmacy here. Here are some of the particulars 
    you asked about. Jill is 5' 8" 145 lbs. The only way to 
    describe her is "gorgeous", blond hair down to her 
    shoulders, 38D boobs, long legs and an ass to kill for. 
    I'm considered a handsome man. I'm 6' 2" 210 lbs. We 
    are light drinkers, non-smokers, we work out at the gym 
    twice a week.
    If you are interested in meeting us, we are taking a 
    short vacation for a couple of days in September. We 
    will be going to Atlantic City, from the 23rd to the 
    25th. If you are interested in meeting us, please let 
    us know. I will not send a picture of us. We want to be 
    as discreet as possible and don't want our picture on 
    the Internet. As you mentioned, if we click, we play, 
    if not we go away. We will be staying at the Sheraton 
    Inn, and will gladly meet you there.
    Jack and Jill Riley
    A few facts about Jill and myself: Our last name is 
    O'Reilly (not Riley), we live in Columbus, Ohio, and 
    not in Indiana. As you know, I'm a dentist (DDS) and 
    not a pharmacist. Jill, my lovely wife is a dental 
    hygienist. That's how we met. I was looking for an 
    assistant nineteen years ago and she applied for the 
    job. We were married within the first year after 
    meeting. It has been great ever since. We hardly ever 
    argue and never go to bed mad at each other. 
    The e-mail address I sent David and Joyce was one that 
    I recently set up on line, apart from the account I use 
    everyday. Other than our appearance, which is true, 
    there was no other information I gave out where they 
    could contact us. 
    Jill finished reading, looked up, and said, "Did they 
    My smirk betrayed me. "Come on, Jack, quit smiling. 
    What did they say?" she demanded excitedly.
    I showed Jill one more page, the e-mail that I had 
    Dear Jack and Jill:
    You sound like just the type of couple we are looking 
    for. I wish you would have sent a picture but I 
    understand your reluctance. If you two look anything 
    like your description, you shouldn't be hard to find. 
    We will meet you in Atlantic City but due to our 
    business we can not arrive until Saturday the 24th. We 
    will meet with you say at 3:00pm at the restaurant 
    inside the Sheraton. If this is agreeable with you 
    please let us know. Hoping to see you in Atlantic City.
    Sincerely, David and Joyce.
    "Well, did you send them an e-mail saying we'll see 
    them?" Jill asked.
    "No, I haven't sent it yet," I said. "We decided that 
    we both have to agree and I'm giving you one last 
    chance to back out before going through with it."
    She nodded. We went to the den, where I turned on the 
    monitor and opened the last message I had received. 
    After hitting the "reply" button, I then typed on the 
    We'll see you on the 24th.
    Sincerely, Jack and Jill
    I turned to Jill and said: "The ball is now in your 
    court. If you want to go through with it, all you have 
    to do is hit the send button."
    Jill looked at me, smiled and then reached down. She 
    hit the "Send button" with glee.
    Chapter 2
    Ever since I told Jill I was willing to swap she has 
    been a hellion in bed. The sex we have has always been 
    good but she took it up a notch. We've been getting 
    just a little nastier. Nothing gross but we started 
    doing things we haven't done for years. She would hold 
    her tits together while I came and shot the load all 
    over her face. 
    She even cleaned me up with her tongue afterwards. It's 
    been a long time since she has done that. One night 
    while our daughters were out we did it on the kitchen 
    counter. Another night we even went to lover's lane 
    (every town has one) and did it in the backseat like 
    We did a little bit more exhibitionism; she let some 
    old guys watch us fuck while we were in the park. While 
    I was lying on my back on a picnic table, she was 
    sucking me off. One old guy, maybe 70 years of age, was 
    walking through the park and stopped to watch us. I had 
    my eyes closed and the old guy came up behind her and 
    put his fingers in her cunt. 
    She almost deep throated me and we both jumped. The old 
    guy pulled his fingers out, said thank you and backed 
    away. Jill laughed and I didn't have the heart to say 
    anything to him. Besides I started to shoot a load of 
    cum. The old man smiled and was sucking on his fingers 
    as he walked away.
    Things were really picking up at work, as well. We have 
    a lot of women visiting our clinic to have their teeth 
    worked on. One in particular, a gal maybe twenty-two 
    years old always wears mini skirts and no underwear. 
    Every time she comes in, Jill laughs at me because she 
    knows that I'm going to get a hard on. For this 
    particular appointment we had to do a root canal. She 
    asked me to be put her under so she wouldn't feel any 
    pain. So I obliged and gave her gas. Once she was under 
    and I was almost finished, I was looking down at the 
    girls thighs.
    Jill looked at me and said, "Go for it."
    I said, "I can't touch a patient."
    Jill said, "You've been thinking about her pussy for 
    years now. I'm going to let you finger her just this 
    one time because I let that old fart finger me in the 
    I said, "You knew he was going to do it?"
    "He was doing it for a couple of minutes while your 
    eyes were closed," she confessed. "It was so naughty 
    and it felt good so I let him do it. It was only when 
    he jammed his fingers way in that I couldn't control 
    it. That's when I jumped and you know the rest."
    "So you now have my permission to get even, one time 
    and only now. Go for it big boy!"
    I know I shouldn't have but after the way Jill was 
    talking, I was so hot. I reached down and could see 
    that brown bush glistening. I just put my fingers on 
    her pussy and slid two right in. I kept the gas on her 
    while I finger fucked her.
    Jill looked at me and said, "She's about to cum."
    I could feel the young girl pushing against my fingers. 
    God, if Jill wasn't there I would have been afraid I 
    would have tried to fuck her but I held my control as 
    the young gal came. My hand was soaked and she had 
    pussy juice all over her bush. The room smelled like 
    Jill started laughing hysterically and said, "Good job, 
    big boy." Then she got the wet naps and wiped all the 
    juices off my patient's cunt and the chair. 
    I quickly washed my hands and returned to my work, 
    turning off the gas and letting the girl return to 
    normal. Jill sprayed a little Fabreeze in the room to 
    cover the pussy smell.
    When the girl came to she looked at me and said, 
    "Thanks, doc, that wasn't so bad. I must have been in 
    dream land the whole time. I didn't feel any pain at 
    all. I actually felt pleasure." With that she got up 
    and left the office.
    She was our last patient of the day so as soon as she 
    left Jill locked up the office, came back in where I 
    was putting the tools away and said, "Jack, take off 
    your pants and sit in the chair, I need it now." With 
    that, she slipped off her underpants and climbed up in 
    my lap. 
    She grabbed my cock and put it in her pussy. We both 
    came just minutes later.
    "Damn! That was so hot!" she cried after we finished.
    We were getting ready for our trip. Jill went shopping 
    for some sexy clothes. I told her we were only going to 
    be there for two days so don't over-do it.
    She looked at me and said, "I'm going to look good!" 
    I told her she always looked good. She just smiled and 
    headed out.
    We gave our girls our room number and told them, "Only 
    call if there is an emergency. We won't be in the room 
    much so just leave a message." We told them we would 
    call them once before coming home.
    They said, "Yeah, we know, you want to check up on us."
    We all laughed and I said, "You got that right!"
    We were on our plane and everything was great. It was 
    like a second honeymoon. The Sheraton Inn had a special 
    shuttle service from the airport so we didn't even have 
    to rent a car. We arrived on Friday and were going back 
    on Sunday. We would spend Friday together doing our 
    thing, and of course our plans for Saturday were yet to 
    be determined. Then we would head for home Sunday. 
    After checking in we went up to our suite. What a 
    beautiful room. We had a king size bed and a view that 
    overlooked the city. We stood in front of the big 
    windows and wondered how many people from the other 
    motels could see us if they had binoculars? Wish I had 
    brought mine along. We just laid on the bed for a few 
    minutes and kissed and hugged. Then we got up and 
    showered and headed to the casino.
    Jill looked great. She had on a summer dress that 
    showed her shape to the max. It went down to about mid 
    thigh. She wore no underwear because she didn't want 
    panty lines. Her bra just about pushed her tits out of 
    her dress. She looked sexy as hell but not slutty. I 
    just wore a pair of Dockers and a pullover shirt. 
    We were playing the slots but all the guys were trying 
    to get near Jill. Every time she sat down the dress 
    rode up a few inches. Jill didn't flirt with anyone and 
    everyone could tell she was with me but that didn't 
    stop them from looking. I told her to accidentally give 
    a few beaver shots so these guys would have something 
    to talk about after they got home.
    We sat down in the restaurant to have dinner. The food 
    was great but the service was even better. We had 
    waiters who kept coming to the table. Jill told me that 
    from where she was sitting she could shoot a beaver to 
    just about anyone who passed by.
    Jill trimmed her pubic area up real neat. She was a 
    natural blond so she left a real nice streak of blond 
    hair about three inches wide all the way down to cover 
    her cunt. So, if anyone was looking they could see that 
    light blond bush covering her pussy.
    We took in a stage show and then headed up to our room. 
    By then, it was about 11:00pm. We both started getting 
    undressed and when we were naked I grabbed hold of 
    Jill. I pulled her onto the bed and she said, "Jack, 
    your not getting any tonight."
    "What? You've got to be kidding me!" I cried.
    She said, "No, we are going to save it all up for 
    tomorrow, our one time fling."
    "You got me so hot and bothered all night," I told her 
    breathlessly, "and now I have to wait till tomorrow?"
    "Joyce will be glad you did," she laughed.
    With that we turned off the light and cuddled up naked, 
    both of us dreaming of the day to come.
    The next morning we got up, dressed casually and headed 
    for the breakfast buffet. We decided not to do anything 
    special until the afternoon. We ate, then decided to 
    just take a walk and look at the city. It was such a 
    nice morning and this was going to be a very special 
    day. We walked around the shops, got the girls some 
    souvenirs, and just took it easy for the morning. 
    At about 1:00pm we started to get antsy, so we headed 
    back to our room to start getting ready for our meeting 
    with David and Joyce.
    Jill got in the shower first, as it would take her two 
    hours to get ready. She wanted to shave her legs, trim 
    her bush, and fix her hair. I on the other hand, shaved 
    and put on my Dockers and polo shirt. That was about 
    it, other than using a really good smelling cologne.
    Jill looked radiant. She had on a new outfit, a blue 
    silky blouse with matching skirt. The skirt didn't make 
    it to mid thigh. She bought a light blue thong for the 
    occasion and a pair of three-inch heels to match. She 
    had her hair done up on her head with fancy curls. She 
    was one beautiful woman. I wanted to take her right 
    there on the bed.
    At 3:00pm we headed down to the restaurant. We got a 
    corner table for four, kind of out of the way. We 
    ordered a drink even though we usually don't drink that 
    early in the day. It wasn't five minutes later that we 
    saw Dave and Joyce come in. We looked up and they knew 
    instantly that we were the couple they have come to 
    They came to our table and Dave introduced himself and 
    then his wife. I then introduced myself and Jill. 
    Dave's eyes almost fell out of his head when he met 
    Jill. I think Joyce was just a little annoyed with all 
    the complements he was throwing at Jill.
    They both looked as good as their pictures. Dave 
    dressed similar to me. Joyce was dressed to kill. She 
    had on a green dress, very low cut to accent her boobs, 
    it came down to mid thigh. Her hair came down to her 
    shoulders. She had on four-inch heels since she knew I 
    was taller.
    Things were going great. We all ordered dinner and 
    planned our evening. We took in an adult show at one of 
    the hotels, lots of tits and ass. It was done well; 
    there weren't any sex acts or anything like that. At 
    around 7:00pm we headed over to the lounge where there 
    was a lot of music and dancing. It was dark and things 
    started to happen. I started dancing with Joyce and 
    begin to get wound up. Dave had already begun with 
    Jill. He had both hands on her ass and had her pulled 
    up tight against his cock.
    So I did the same with Joyce. I could feel the heat 
    radiate off her when I pulled her close. This might not 
    have been a bad idea after all, as long as I didn't 
    watch Jill get fucked. My cock was starting to get hard 
    as we sat down at the table. I could see Dave already 
    had his hand up Jill's skirt, probably rubbing her 
    pussy. Joyce put her hand on my hard cock. I moved 
    closer and ran my hand up her dress. She was wet right 
    through her panties. It was time to make a decision.
    "Well, everyone," I addressed the group, " I think it's 
    decision time. We all have to agree or it doesn't 
    happen. Jill this was your idea so you go first. This 
    is your last chance to back out."
    "I want it to happen, I'm in," Jill replied.
    I turned to look at Jill's new man for the evening. 
    "Dave, what's your answer?" I prompted.
    "I'm in all the way," he said. Glancing at Jill, he 
    added, "Or, at least I will be."
    Jill grinned but I really didn't much care for Dave's 
    answer because it sounded kind of smug.
    "Joyce, are you in?" I asked.
    "I'm all for it if you are Jack. I'll make it happen 
    for you, I promise," replied Joyce.
    "Ok, I can't turn down a proposition like that. Let's 
    go for it, but I have a few ground rules. 
    "First protection must be worn and no means no for 
    everyone. Do we all agree on that?"
    Everyone said yes, but I noticed Joyce glance over at 
    "Dave and Jill can go to our suite," I suggested. 
    "We're in room 904. Joyce and I will go to your room. 
    What room are you in?"
    Dave replied that The Sheraton was booked up so they 
    have a room at another motel about two miles away. 
    That bothered me some, having Jill and I at different 
    I looked a little worried and Jill jumped in and said, 
    "Everything will be fine, Jack. You go with Joyce and 
    come back to me at say 1:00am. I'll be here waiting for 
    I asked to speak with Jill alone for a moment. We 
    stepped aside and I told her that it bothered me not 
    being here to protect her if necessary.
    She told me to go enjoy myself, everything will be 
    alright. She would see me in four hours. 
    With that said, I kissed her and then took Joyce by the 
    hand and headed out the door and we got in a cab and 
    headed for her motel.
    When we arrived, we headed up to the room. The motel 
    was nice but didn't approach the class of ours. 
    Joyce asked if I wanted anything to drink.
    I told her, "No, I don't need any outside stimulant for 
    what I am about to do."
    She went to undress and I said, "Let me do that." I 
    slowly unzipped her dress as I kissed down her back. I 
    could feel her shiver. This woman was getting hot. I 
    pulled her dress down as I was standing behind her and 
    let it fall to the floor. I then unsnapped her bra but 
    let it stay on her shoulders. 
    I reached around and put my hands on her breasts and 
    slowly massaged them. I then pulled my hands back and 
    let her bra fall off her arms. I returned to her 
    breasts and began to massage her nipples. I felt her 
    nipples getting hard and she started to shudder.
    I then reached around and slid my right hand into her 
    panties. I found her pussy. It was hairless and soft as 
    a baby's butt. I slid my hand down into the creases of 
    her pussy and slid a finger in. I felt her juices flow 
    around my fingers. I pulled my fingers out as she 
    I then took off my shirt and trousers and folded them 
    over a chair. My cock was hard and straining to get 
    She reached down and grabbed it. "I want this," she 
    I smiled, "You will have it in due time."
    I sat her on the edge of the bed and slid her panties 
    off. I then laid her back with her legs over the side 
    of the bed with her pussy right on the edge. I got on 
    my knees and put my face on her hairless pussy and then 
    slipped my tongue into the moist crevice.
    She started bucking against my face crying, "Oh, God, 
    Oh, God, I'm going to cum already." 
    It makes a man feel good when he's able to bring a 
    woman off like this so I kept it up, lapping at her 
    pussy for all I was worth. I had to reach down and 
    release my hard cock from its confines. I stood up and 
    let my underwear fall to the floor. I then placed my 
    cock head against her opening and I gently started to 
    push it in but then remembered I forgot to put on a 
    I started to pull out when she looked at me and said, 
    "Please don't take it out." I mentioned I forgot the 
    condom. She said, "It's ok. I'm on the pill and I 
    promise I'm clean. Please, push it in all the way." 
    I was thinking with my cock and how warm it felt. I 
    pushed it in slowly to the hilt. I started fucking her 
    hard. I had two days of passion built up in by balls 
    and they needed release.
    She kept saying, "Fuck me, fuck me."
    And I did. I worked her pussy for several minutes. As 
    she begin to reach another orgasm, she cried, "Oh, 
    Jack, you're the best I've ever had. Please fill me 
    I came at the same time as she did, shooting load after 
    load deep into her pussy. Damn, this was a good idea 
    that Jill had. Joyce is one hot woman!
    After climaxing I had Joyce climb up further on the bed 
    and lay next to her. I started sucking on her nipples 
    and rubbing her tummy. I know this is a turn on for 
    Jill and thought Joyce would like it too. She did. In 
    fact, she loved it. Her nipples were hard as nails as I 
    sucked away. She put her hand on mine and pushed it 
    down to her pussy. She wanted it rubbed some more.
    She put her hand on my cock and asked if I wanted it 
    sucked. I told her only if she wanted to. I wouldn't 
    force her to do anything. She turned around and we got 
    in a sixty-nine position with her on top. I had her 
    bare pussy with my juices mixed with hers against my 
    mouth. I tongued her and kissed all over that pussy 
    till her juices flowed.
    She was bobbing up and down on my cock, getting it 
    harder and harder. As I was sucking her pussy I reached 
    up and put my finger to her anal opening. She spread 
    her legs and let me finger her ass hole. She got up off 
    my hard cock and turned around and asked me if I wanted 
    to take her in the ass.
    I told her Jill wasn't big on anal sex but I would like 
    to try it.
    Joyce said, "If you promise not to hurt me."
    "I would never hurt you on purpose. If it begins to 
    hurt, tell me and I will stop," I assured her. "Do you 
    want me to use a condom?"
    "No condom," she said softly. "I want to feel you in 
    me, but will you use the KY jelly?"
    "Of course I will," I answered. "I'm here to have a 
    good time with you, not hurt you."
    She handed me the jelly and I spread it all over my 
    hard cock, then when she turned over and stuck her ass 
    in the air, I put more jelly on her anal opening and 
    fingered it into her anus.
    I held on to her hip with one hand and guided my cock 
    into her ass with the other. I pushed it in as slowly 
    as possible doing my best not to hurt her.
    She squealed with delight and kept saying, "I love it, 
    I love it."
    With her encouragement, I fed more of my cock into her 
    ass. Her breathing quickened and she sighed, "I didn't 
    know it could be so good. David has never been this 
    gentle with me."
    That remark bothered me but I let it pass. I fucked her 
    harder and harder in her ass till she started to 
    climax, then I held on tight and pushed my cock in as 
    deep as I could get it, and shot my second load of the 
    evening. I then pulled out of her and turned her over 
    and kissed her, telling her how great it was.
    We sat up and were just talking about the evening. She 
    was telling me that I was the best lover she had ever 
    had. "Much better than David," she said, which bothered 
    me again. She wrote a number on a piece of paper and 
    gave it to me. It was her personal cell phone number.
    I asked her about her previous swaps. 
    "There were only two and they both were rough. They 
    didn't make love like you did," she said, pausing. She 
    looked at me squarely and added, "They just took me."
    "What about David?" I asked. I couldn't conceal my 
    shock. "Didn't he say anything to these guys?" 
    That's when she said, "David is only interested in 
    David. The only reason I swap is because I'm afraid of 
    him. If he knew I was telling you this, he would hurt 
    me badly."
    Now I was in a panic. "He's with my wife!" I yelled. 
    "Why didn't you tell me this before?"
    "I thought you were just like the others," Joyce said. 
    "Out to use me, but you made love to me. That's never 
    happened to me before. I wish I had a man as good as 
    you, one I could love. I'm sorry about not telling you 
    about David but he scares me and hurts me."
    I stood in a flash, already looking for my clothes. "I 
    have to go," I said shortly. I got dressed. It was only 
    midnight, but I had to go make sure my wife was 
    alright. Remembering my courtesy, I said thanks to 
    Joyce for a wonderful evening up to that last 
    discussion but I had to leave. I had to make sure Jill 
    was alright.
    I ran out of the motel and flagged down a taxi. As my 
    cab sped off I thought I spotted David going into the 
    motel but wasn't sure. I took the elevator up to the 
    ninth floor and hurried in. 
    The room was a mess and blood, just a little blood, on 
    the sheet. I yelled for Jill. She was in the bathroom. 
    I ran into the bathroom. She was in the shower. She 
    looked up and was crying.
    "Jack," she said between sobs. "Jack, he raped me."
    Chapter 3
    I ran out of the motel and flagged down a taxi. As the 
    taxi sped off I thought I spotted David going into the 
    motel, but wasn't sure. I took the elevator up to the 
    ninth floor of our motel and hurried in. 
    The room was a mess, there was just a little spot of 
    blood on the sheet. I yelled for Jill. She was in the 
    bathroom. I ran in and found her in the shower. 
    She looked up and was crying as she said, "Jack, he 
    raped me."
    I grabbed her and hugged her and said, how I was sorry 
    for abandoning her. I started crying as I held her in 
    the shower. She had welt spots or something on her 
    breasts and lower belly, her bush was shaved off. She 
    had blood on her legs, probably coming from her anal 
    I pulled the drain button so the tub would fill up with 
    warm water. I reached up and grabbed the bubble bath 
    the motel supplied and poured the whole bottle in the 
    water. I helped Jill sit down slowly. I wanted her to 
    sit and relax in a warm bath.
    She wanted to talk but I told her to rest for a few 
    minutes. We had plenty of time to talk. I wanted to do 
    everything I could to comfort her. This was my woman 
    and I wanted � no needed � to take care of her. As she 
    sat in a relaxing bubble bath I went to the phone and 
    called housekeeping. I told them I wanted a complete 
    change of bedding, right now. They were there within 
    ten minutes and cleaned up the room. 
    They looked at me strange because of all the stuff they 
    had to clean up. I gave them fifty dollars for their 
    time which seemed to make them happier. After they left 
    I went back in the bathroom and helped Jill out of the 
    tub. I dried her off and brought out her new nightie 
    and walked her to the new clean bed. She lay down and 
    began her story.
    "Jack, after you and Joyce left, David and I came up to 
    the room. He had a small suitcase with him. Everything 
    seemed to be going well. David offered me a drink; he 
    said it would calm me down. 
    "I guess it was drugged but I didn't know it at the 
    time. David took me by the hand and we went up to the 
    big windows. He opened my blouse and undid my bra and 
    let them drop to the floor. Then he put my hands and 
    arms up against the windows and pushed my tits against 
    the glass. Kind of like we've seen in a few movies, I 
    thought it was erotic." 
    "Then he grabbed me by the hair and said, "You're going 
    to be my slut tonight whether you like it or not and 
    started laughing."
    "I became scared. What was he doing? The drug must have 
    taken effect because I must have passed out. When I 
    awoke, he had me stripped naked and handcuffed to the 
    bed. When I started to get my senses back, I start 
    yelling at him." 
    He was calling me slut, bitch, whore, just about every 
    vile name he could think of. When I started screaming, 
    he took his filthy underwear and jammed it in my mouth. 
    I wanted to vomit but was unable to with his shorts in 
    my mouth. He then reached in his bag and pulled out a 
    safety razor and shaving cream. He said his bitches are 
    supposed to be bald. I started to kick at him when he 
    said to stop fighting him or you wouldn't recognize me 
    when you got back. I was scared shitless Jack, so I did 
    everything he asked but he still raped and hurt me."
    "These little welt are from a candle. He lit it and let 
    it drip down on me. It hurt Jack, damn it hurt. I was 
    crying through the shorts in my mouth. He didn't care. 
    His dick was hard, Jack, real hard. It was similar in 
    size as yours but he didn't know how to pleasure a 
    woman with it. He climbed up on the bed and pulled his 
    shorts out of my mouth. I was able to breath some air 
    then he put his cock in. He mouth fucked me until I 
    started to choke, then he pulled his cock out and said 
    I didn't know how to give head.
    "He dropped down between my legs lifted them up and 
    then jammed his cock in my pussy. Thank God I was a 
    little wet from earlier. I felt nothing but shame Jack. 
    He didn't use a condom. He laughed at me when I 
    mentioned it. He said if I was lucky he may leave a 
    seed behind to remember him by. He didn't even fuck 
    good, just used me. Then he pushed my legs all the way 
    up until my knees were up near my head, then plunged 
    his hard cock into my ass. I screamed out and he put 
    his dirty underwear back in my mouth.
    "He had a difficult time getting it into my ass, said 
    it was too tight. He kept plowing and plowing until I 
    could feel my ass bleeding. I was glad I started to 
    bleed, it gave some lubricant to my asshole so he was 
    finally able to get it in. Then he shot his load up my 
    ass and pulled his dick out. God, I was glad it was 
    over. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to 
    "He then said that if I ever wanted more to drop him a 
    line. He undid the cuffs and packed his toys. Then he 
    said, 'I've had much better than you but you could 
    learn,' then laughed as he left.
    "I got up and staggered into the shower. You were here 
    not ten minutes later. You just missed him Jack. I'm so 
    sorry and ashamed, Jack, I should have listened to you.
    "Why would he rape me when he could have had me? I 
    can't believe he was so deranged. He could have had the 
    best sex of his life and chose to humiliate me instead. 
    What a bastard! I'm glad I'll never see him again."
    "Jill, I'm so sorry," I told her. "I should have been 
    here to protect you and I wasn't. Please forgive me."
    "Jack, it's not your fault," she reassured me. "And 
    it's really not mine. It's that bastard who raped me. 
    It's his fault. I'm just glad you're here now. Why did 
    you come back early? Joyce wasn't like him, was she?"
    "No, Joyce was fine. After having sex she told me a 
    little information about David. It bothered me so I 
    came home to make sure you were okay." I said. "Guess I 
    wasn't quick enough," I said sadly.
    Jill finally fell asleep. I couldn't sleep so I got up, 
    got dressed and caught a cab and went back to David's 
    motel. After what he did to my wife I was going to kill 
    the bastard or at least hurt him. It was now 2:00am but 
    I didn't care. As I was going by the front desk the 
    clerk stopped me and asked where I was going?
    I told him sharply, "To see the couple in Room 206."
    He said, "They checked out about an hour ago."
    I looked at the clerk and told him, "I need to get in 
    contact with them. It is very important."
    "I'm sorry, I can't help you sir," replied the clerk.
    I reached in my wallet and pulled out a hundred-dollar 
    bill. "This is yours if I can have a copy of their 
    checkout receipt," I said, flashing the money at him.
    The clerk looked at me, grabbed the money, then punched 
    the button on the computer and gave me a copy of the 
    receipt. I looked at the receipt and it had all the 
    information I needed.
    I headed back over to The Sheraton Inn, and my wife, 
    who was still sound asleep.
    When we awoke the next morning. Jill was feeling much 
    better but said she was still sore. I wanted to 
    apologize some more but Jill stopped me.
    Jill said, "It's ok, Jack, no real damage done except 
    to my pride." 
    "The welts will go away in a couple of days. My ass 
    might take about a week. And that means you aren't 
    getting any for a while Jack," she said trying to 
    smile. "Now my bush is another thing. It's going to 
    take awhile to grow back unless you want it this way."
    I looked at her and said, "I want my blond bush back, I 
    don't want any memories of this weekend." 
    We then called our daughters and told them we had a 
    nice time and would see them that evening. Jill and I 
    got dressed, ate breakfast and headed for home.
    On the plane home Jill looked at me and said, "I love 
    you Jack and you're all the man I'll ever want, I just 
    hope that someday someone will get even with that son 
    of a bitch."
    I made myself a promise that Jill's wish would come 
    Chapter 4
    Setting Up The Revenge
    After we arrived home Jill and I made appointments at 
    the doctor's office. We wanted to be checked for 
    sexually transmitted diseases. I didn't tell Jill I 
    didn't use a condom. Instead I excused my examination 
    by saying it would looked better if both of us were 
    having physicals. Our tests came back negative so that 
    was one problem out of the way.
    I looked again at the checkout receipt of the Couch's. 
    They were from Akron, Ohio, and not Pittsburgh, 
    Pennsylvania. He charged his bill as a business stay 
    for an insurance company. So he didn't own a store, he 
    was apparently an insurance agent in Akron. We lived in 
    Columbus which is only about hundred miles from Akron. 
    Things were beginning to look up.
    Later in the week I wrote to David on the e-mail that 
    we had set up. I acted as though I was Jill and asked 
    to see him again. I explained that I was really mad 
    when it first happened, the way he treated me. I wasn't 
    use to being treated like that but after I thought 
    about it, I missed it. Now I needed to be a submissive. 
    I finished my forged letter by telling him that Jill 
    needed a dominating man like him, not a wuss like her 
    husband Jack. 
    Now I had to wait to see if he would take the bait. I 
    didn't want to tell Jill about it until it was over. I 
    knew she would try and talk me out of it but I had to 
    do it, for Jill and for me.
    David replied the next day. He said he knew I would be 
    back, he knew his women. He said, "I can't wait to fuck 
    your tight ass again." He asked if Jack knew about me 
    wanting to meet him again and how would we get together 
    when he lived in Pittsburgh, Pa. and me in Indiana?
    Continuing my ruse, I wrote back still acting as Jill 
    and told him, "Jack is not going to know." I told him I 
    wanted a chance to show him that I could really suck 
    his big cock. Also my ass is healed up from the last 
    banging it received and needed more. I really laid it 
    on thick for this sick puppy. I told him, "No condom. I 
    want your sperm in my pussy. I stopped taking my birth 
    control so I could have your baby. I just want to be 
    used by you."
    I told David that I had a pharmacology convention to 
    attend in Cleveland, Ohio on October thirteenth. Maybe 
    we could find a motel and meet half way, maybe Akron or 
    Canton Ohio on Friday the 14th on my way back. Only one 
    of us, Jack or me could attend this meeting. The other 
    had to watch the business. So Jack said I should go and 
    he will mind the store.
    Note: to readers who aren't familiar with that area. 
    Columbus, Ohio is approximately100 miles from Akron, 
    Ohio. Canton is about 20 miles south of Akron. This is 
    the area that the Couch's really live in so to meet in 
    this area, he wouldn't even have to leave his home 
    city. Pittsburgh, Pa. where he said he was from, but 
    wasn't, is about 100 miles from Akron, Ohio also. I 
    figured he'd jump at the idea of meeting in Akron and I 
    was right.
    I received an e-mail back from David saying he was 
    going to leave his calendar open for that day. He would 
    drive in from Pittsburgh and arrive in Akron around 
    7:00pm. He would make a reservation at the motel 6 off 
    the I-77 interstate. He said to contact him by e-mail 
    sometime during the week of October thirteenth to make 
    sure the plans were still on.
    I wrote David one more time (still acting as Jill) 
    saying, "I will do as you said and send you a 
    reminder". I told him please don't mention it to Joyce. 
    I didn't want her knowing about our liaison. I ended 
    the note with, "Don't forget the toys!"
    Now since the date was set, I had to start working on 
    my plan. Damn, this was almost exciting except for the 
    fact that he hurt my wife. I decided to call in some 
    help, I needed someone I could trust and not have to 
    tell all the facts to. I didn't want anyone to know 
    what happened to Jill. The person I picked had to be 
    willing to get his hands dirty. There was one person I 
    felt fit the bill, my old friend from college, Billy 
    I need to regress and explain a little about Billy. We 
    went to college together, we were both on the football 
    team. I was a second string end, but Billy was a 
    starting guard. He was a black man who stood 6'6" and 
    was about 280 lbs. He was as good a friend as there 
    ever was. We were roommates during away games. We hung 
    around together until he started to hang with a bad 
    crowd. He wanted money and was caught selling dope at 
    one of the parties. I was saddened when I found out 
    about it. 
    He told me he let me down, he let his family down, and 
    the team down. He lost his scholarship, and a chance at 
    the pros. He was almost a shoo-in. He was sent up for 
    five years. He lost everything.
    I kept in touch with him as much as possible and told 
    him I would always be his friend. If he was in need of 
    anything when he got out to come see me. I would help 
    him if I could.
    Jill and I had been married for about three years when 
    she had her chance to meet Billy. We (Jill and I) were 
    at a Denny's eating lunch when I turned around and saw 
    a big black man sitting alone eating his lunch. He 
    hadn't noticed me so I yelled at him, "Hey, you big 
    black bastard." He turned toward me and yelled out, 
    "What? You little white fuck," and we both jumped up. 
    Jill screamed, "Wait!" 
    Everyone in Denny's thought a fight was about to start 
    but instead we both jumped up, went to each other and 
    just hugged each other like two big teddy bears.
    Jill looked relieved and said, "This has got to be 
    Billy," as she got up and hugged him too. I've heard so 
    much about you. You're like a brother to Jack."
    Billy looked at Jill and said, "Mother fuck! What a 
    good looking piece of white meat." Then he said, "Oh, 
    my God, you must be Jill, I'm so sorry. God, I 
    Jill laughed and said, "Apology accepted. Except from 
    now on call me Jill, not a piece of white meat."
    We all laughed as Billy joined us at our table. He sat 
    on one side and Jill and I on the other.
    "What's the latest, Billy. When did you get out?" I 
    "I got out about 2 weeks ago and just got back into 
    town yesterday. I'm looking for work right now, I 
    wanted to buy a business but just don't have the 
    finances right now." Billy replied.
    "What kind of business," I asked?
    Billy said, "Don't laugh but while I was in the pen, I 
    took up a trade and I'm very good at it. I want to be a 
    tattoo artist. There's a tattoo business for sale over 
    on Broad Street. A really good location but I just 
    don't have the money."
    "How much is the business, Billy," I asked?
    "$120,000 dollars with a minimum of 15% down. That's 
    $18,000 down. I don't have kind of money. I looked at 
    the books and even the bank agreed that the business 
    pulls in enough to make the payments, but because of my 
    past they want the 15% down." Billy replied.
    "How much do you have, Billy?"
    He replied, "$621 dollars," and reached into his pocket 
    and pulled out his change. Counting it quickly he said: 
    "And 18 cents."
    We all just started laughing. I looked over at Jill and 
    said, "What do you think?"
    Jill answered, saying, "He's your friend. Whatever you 
    decide is alright with me."
    Billy looked up and said, "What? What are you saying?"
    I looked at Jill, then over at Billy. "Billy, I've 
    known you for years. If I've ever trusted anyone 
    besides Jill, it's you. We will loan you the $18,000 
    but you will have to sign a promissory note with some 
    type of payback agreement."
    Billy looked at me and said, "You are willing to loan 
    me $18,000 dollars based on our friendship?" We could 
    see tears well up in the big man's eyes. He started 
    crying and made us tear up also. "I promise you, on my 
    life, on my future wife's life, if I ever have one, and 
    even on my future kids lives, I'll pay you back every 
    cent with interest".
    He collected himself then continued. "If you ever need 
    me for anything Jack, just ask me and I'll be there."
    That happened fifteen years ago. Billy has since paid 
    his debt off to me and was making good money. We are 
    the best of friends. He has often said he will never 
    forget what we did for him when no one else cared.
    Well, now is my time to ask Billy for a favor. I called 
    him and asked if he would meet me? 
    He replied, "Anytime, anyplace, anywhere." He was a 
    true friend.
    Billy and I met and I told him I had a big problem. I 
    needed to extract revenge on a guy who hurt a friend of 
    mine. I told him I wouldn't be able to tell him who the 
    person was who got hurt because of a promise I made to 
    the victim, only that it was a very close friend. Then 
    I mentioned that if he was unable to help me I would 
    Billy looked at me and said, "Jack, I've known you a 
    long time and know you would not do this unless it was 
    very personal and extremely important to you. No matter 
    what it is, I'm in. If someone hurt a friend of yours 
    then they hurt a friend of mine. Just tell me what you 
    want from me and when. I'll be there!"
    Damn, I thought, if one man could love another man, I 
    loved this guy, not sexually but as a true friend. I 
    explained my plans and when it would take place. 
    Everything was now set. I wrote the final e-mail to 
    David (acting as Jill again) saying everything was set 
    for my trip and that Jack wasn't the least bit 
    suspicious. "I can't wait to have that hot cock of 
    yours. It's all I've thought about." Again I reminded 
    David not to tell his wife Joyce and not to forget to 
    bring the toys, meaning the shaving kit, cuffs, candles 
    David sent his reply and said, "I can hardly wait for 
    two more days. I'll see you at the Motel 6 on I-77 at 
    the Akron exit. I have room 129 reserved. It's on the 
    end so we won't be disturbed. The toys are already 
    packed and Joyce doesn't know about us. See you 
    I got up Friday morning and Jill looked at me and said, 
    "What's going on, Jack?"
    I could never hide anything from her, she just had that 
    instinct. I explained to her that Billy and I were 
    going out that afternoon and wouldn't be back till late 
    "Where are you going, Jack?"
    I looked at her, "Jill, please don't ask me any 
    questions. I promise you I will tell you everything 
    when I get home. I will not lie to you, you know that."
    "Okay, Jack, answer one question for me. Are you going 
    to Pittsburgh, Pa.?"
    Damn, this woman was smart, I looked at her and said, 
    "No Jill, Billy and I are going to Akron Ohio to take 
    care of business". She never knew I got the checkout 
    report of the Couch's. So I didn't lie to her, I would 
    tell her everything tonight.
    I had one more call to make and then Billy and I would 
    be on our way. I dialed the number of Joyce. It was her 
    personal cell number that she had given me. The phone 
    rang and then a soft voice answered, "Hello."
    I said, "Hello Joyce, are you alone?"
    She said, "Yes, I am. Who is this?"
    "This is Jack. Remember me from a few weeks ago?"
    "Oh, my God!" she cried. Her voice perked up 
    noticeably. " Jack, how are you? How could I ever 
    forget you? Why are you calling?" she asked.
    Then without a pause, she quickly asked. "Do you want 
    to see us again?" Anticipation was evident in her 
    voice. "David doesn't know I gave you my number," she 
    said, hesitating just a bit at the thought of David 
    finding out. "He'd kill me if he found out," she added.
    "Whoa, Joyce, give me a chance to answer a few of these 
    questions. First, I have to tell you how much I miss 
    you. Sex with you was great and I want to do it again. 
    I don't want Jill or David to know, just a meeting 
    between you and me."
    Joyce said. "God, Jack, I'd love to see you again, but 
    I can't travel anywhere without David knowing. I'm 
    really scared of him, Jack," she confided. "By the way, 
    he didn't hurt Jill, did he?"
    "No, Jill's alright," I told her. "She wasn't happy 
    with him but she'll survive," I said. I made sure my 
    voice sounded earnest as I continued. "Now, Joyce, 
    truth time. If I could arrange it, do you want to see 
    me again? I really need the truth, Joyce."
    "Okay, Jack, I'll be honest with you. The sex I had 
    with you was the best I ever had in my life. I'm not in 
    love with you but I would love to have sex with you 
    again. I should also tell you that we don't live in 
    Pittsburgh, Pa. We live in Akron, Oh. Sorry to lie to 
    you Jack but that way no one knows where we live, 
    orders from David."
    "I had figured you didn't live in Pittsburgh. Your cell 
    phone area code is a 216 exchange. I checked with the 
    phone company and they told me it would be in the 
    Cleveland, Akron area. I have to make a trip to 
    Cleveland today and will be heading back through Akron 
    where I'm getting a motel room tonight. Will you be 
    available to see me?"
    "Oh, my God, Jack, I can't believe it. David will be 
    away till tomorrow, some kind of conference. Where are 
    you staying?"
    "I don't know yet Joyce. Can I call you when I get 
    there, say around 9:00pm? It will be somewhere along I-
    "Oh, yes, Jack, I'll meet you. Want me to dress anyway 
    "Yes, Joyce. How about coming naked? Just wear a coat. 
    Damn, that would be sexy."
    Joyce said, "Oh, you dirty old man. At least I won't 
    have to waste any time dressing or undressing."
    "I have to head out of here now," I said. "It's long 
    drive from Indiana to Cleveland. See you tonight, 
    "Don't forget to call me," Joyce replied.
    "Not a chance, not a chance, Joyce," replied Jack.
    Everything was ready as Billy and I headed to Akron. 
    "Did you remember your tools?" I asked Billy.
    "Got them all right here," replied Billy. "Did you 
    remember the ether?"
    I held up the canister as we both laughed.
    Chapter 5 
    The Revenge
    Billy and I arrived in Akron around 5:00pm. We wanted 
    to make sure that David didn't change his plan. We went 
    to a restaurant across the street from the motel. We 
    had a good view of Room 129. As we watched the room we 
    ate dinner because we knew we had time to burn. I had 
    to make sure that David didn't see me. Of course he had 
    never seen Billy and would wish he never had.
    At 6:45pm a car pulled up and one man got out. It was 
    David. He went in the office, probably to check in, 
    then went and got a small suitcase and entered Room 
    129. We thought we would give him a few minutes to get 
    Then Billy mentioned we should be a little late. 
    Especially if he's waiting for a woman, he would get 
    more agitated if he had to wait. Billy still didn't 
    know the revenge was for Jill. He never asked and I 
    never told him.
    At about 7:20pm David came out an looked around. He 
    looked down at his watch probably wondering where Jill 
    was. Billy and I were in the parking lot waiting for 
    David to go back into his room. It was just starting to 
    get dark. After David closed the door we headed for the 
    room. We tapped lightly on the door. From the other 
    side we heard David yelling, "It's about time, bitch! 
    Where the fuck have you been?" as he opened the door.
    I stood to the side, and when the door opened, Billy 
    kicked it open the rest of the way and then cold-cocked 
    David knocking him out with one punch. I went in and 
    Billy and I both lifted up David and placed him on the 
    bed. I then took out my ether tank and put David under. 
    Glad I was a dentist; ether was always used at the 
    office so I had no problem getting a supply.
    Billy closed the door and then we stripped David, right 
    down to his socks. 
    Billy, looked at me and said, "You sure you want to go 
    through with this?"
    I said, "Damn right, the bastard is going to get what 
    he deserves." I grabbed David's suitcase and saw all 
    the stuff he had in it. What a sick bastard he was. 
    First I took out the cuffs and cuffed him to the bed. 
    Then I took out the razor and shaving cream. Using the 
    safety razor I shaved around his cock. He did it to my 
    wife, I did it to him. Did a lousy job of it but didn't 
    Then I took a candle and lit it and I started letting 
    drops of hot wax fall all over his body. He was jumping 
    as each drop fell. He was under the gas but must still 
    feel some pain. "Good," I thought," Let him receive the 
    same pain he gives others!" Little welts appeared where 
    the wax was dripping.
    Billy was ready and said, "What do you want the tattoos 
    to say and where do you want them?"
    "I don't care Billy, use your imagination and don't do 
    your neatest work. Just don't put any tattoos where 
    they can be seen if he was dressed. I want these 
    tattoos to be permanent," I replied.
    On his stomach below his belly button, where we shaved 
    him, Billy etched, "I'm a bitch for cock," Billy looked 
    at me and said, "How's that?"
    I replied, "Great! Just one more to go. Let's turn him 
    Billy helped me turn Dave over and then above his butt 
    cheeks, he tattooed, "Black cocks enter here!" Then he 
    drew an arrow going down to his asshole. The last thing 
    I did to him was take a cucumber and jammed it up his 
    ass and left it there. Damn, that must really hurt. 
    Well, pay back is hell.
    I had told Billy that David was a swinger, but didn't 
    want any black men fucking his wife. That really pissed 
    Billy off.
    I took out my digital camera and snapped about 20 
    pictures to show Jill. 
    It was now 9:00pm. I looked at Billy and asked, "When 
    was the last time you had a really good piece of white 
    "A really good one? It's been years." He replied.
    I told him I could have a really good one here for him 
    in a few minutes. Not a good one but a great piece of 
    ass. Her name was Joyce and it was the bastard's wife. 
    Billy said, "I won't rape a woman but if she is willing 
    I am able."
    I called Joyce's cell phone and said, "Are you hot and 
    ready? If so, I'm at the Motel 6 on 1-77 room 129, just 
    walk in, I'll be waiting."
    "I'm on my way." Joyce replied.
    I said, "Well, Billy, thank you for your help. Your 
    woman will be here in about ten minutes. I don't want 
    to be here when she gets here. I won't cheat on Jill. 
    Good luck to you and your hopeful conquest. Come over 
    to the restaurant when you're finished." 
    "Do you want me to take the ether off so he can watch 
    you fuck his wife? He'll see you but I'm sure he won't 
    report it." I asked.
    "Take the ether, I'll make this fucker pay for his 
    remarks and what he did to your friend," Billy 
    I took off the either, then grabbed David's dirty 
    underwear and jabbed it in his mouth. I left before 
    David woke up from the gas.
    As I walked into the lounge across the street, I saw a 
    woman walk up to the door at Room 129. She had on an 
    overcoat. She opened the door and walked in.
    I called Jill and told her I probably would be later 
    than I expected. Maybe I would drive half way home and 
    find a motel. I had a feeling Billy was going to be 
    real tired. 
    Jill told me not to drive while drinking or if I'm 
    tired. She would have breakfast ready for me in the 
    I said, "Jill, I love you, baby. I'll see you for 
    breakfast, say 9:00am. It will be Saturday so we don't 
    have to work tomorrow. Do what you can to have the 
    girls go somewhere. Give them money and tell them to 
    shop till they drop. I want you alone after breakfast."
    We each said our goodnights.
    It was 10:30pm when I saw the door open and Billy came 
    walking � no, make that strutting � out. He came to the 
    car in the parking lot of the restaurant/lounge. I came 
    out and met him at the car. He looked up and apologized 
    for being so long.
    I said, "No problem buddy, as long as you tell me 
    everything that happened." I told him I had called Jill 
    and told her we were going to go half way home and 
    catch some shut eye, that I would see her at 9:00am 
    tomorrow morning.
    Billy thought it was a good idea also since I was 
    drinking and he was worn out. He took the drivers seat 
    and we headed back toward home. On the way he told me 
    everything that happened after I left.
    Billy started by saying, " Joyce opened the door and 
    then just walked in. She started to scream and I had to 
    cover her mouth. I told her I was not going to hurt her 
    and if she would calm down I would take my hand away 
    and everything would be ok."
    I took my hand away and she was still scared and said, 
    "Please don't hurt me, please don't hurt me," as she 
    looked at her husband. He was starting to wake up. He 
    was tied to the bed looking horrid.
    She looked and said, "Oh, my God, what happened? What 
    did you do to my husband?"
    I looked at Joyce and said, "He hurt a friend of mine 
    and had to pay the price."
    "Who was it?" asked Joyce?
    "I'm not at liberty to say and I suggest you don't say 
    either. Do you understand?" I replied.
    "Yes, I won't say anything to anybody, just please 
    don't hurt me." Joyce replied.
    David was opening his eyes and saw me and Joyce talking 
    low. He looked up totally scared. He just laid there 
    with his dirty underwear in his mouth and by now was 
    feeling a lot of pain from the tattoos and a cucumber 
    sticking out his ass.
    I then told Joyce to take off her coat, since her 
    husband was watching. I looked at her and said, "You 
    did come here to get fucked, did you not?" 
    She nodded yes and said she had no clothes on 
    underneath and that her husband would kill when she 
    takes it off.
    I told her he would never ever hurt her again. If he 
    did I would come back and kill him and I looked 
    directly at him and said, "Did you hear me loud and 
    clear, bastard?"
    Dave nodded his head in agreement. "Joyce took off her 
    coat and standing in front of me was the finest white 
    woman I have ever seen naked. I asked her if she had 
    ever been with a black man?"
    "She shook her head and said, 'Nno.'"
    "I asked her if she would like to? I told her I would 
    not force her to make love with me. She would have to 
    give of herself willingly."
    "She repeated that her husband would hurt her after I 
    left, that he would take it out on her. She was all 
    worked up about having sex and had never had a black 
    man before but David was somewhat prejudiced."
    "I looked at her husband again and said, 'I'm going to 
    fuck your wife, right here in front of you. If I ever 
    hear that you so much as raised your voice to her, 
    you're a dead man.' With that I pulled Joyce's naked 
    body to me and kissed her. I then lifted her up and 
    carried her over to the sofa."
    "I removed my trousers and underwear. My cock isn't 
    like all the fantasy stories you read. It's about 7 
    inches hard but it is black, very black." 
    "She looked at my cock and said, 'I want it, please.'"
    "We had sex, we fucked and sucked each other while her 
    husband just looked on. He got a hard on watching us 
    even though he was in pain. He couldn't do anything 
    being still cuffed to the bed." 
    "She was sitting on my big black rod as I filled her 
    pussy with cum. We both climaxed for the last time 
    tonight. I could feel her spasm, time and time again. 
    She was one hot little lady."
    "I told her, 'After I am gone, first pull the cuke out 
    of his ass, then rub the solution I gave you on your 
    husband's tattoos, so they don't get infected, then 
    take off his cuffs. He will be hurting for quite a few 
    days. If at anytime he tries to take it out on you, 
    contact me and his life will be over.' Her husband 
    looked over at me hearing my words. He was sure I was 
    telling the truth."
    "Then I came out to the car and here we are."
    After Billy finished his story, we found a cheap motel 
    and got some shut eye. We got up about 7:30am the next 
    morning and continued home.
    I entered my home at 9:00am and there stood the woman 
    of my dreams, my Jill, dressed in a pair of shorts and 
    a top. My daughters were eating breakfast and yelled, 
    "Hi, Daddy," as I entered the kitchen.
    This is where I belong. This is what my life is all 
    about, my family, my wife and daughters. I sat down and 
    just listened to them talk. I loved it. 
    My daughters said, "Mom is letting us go shopping this 
    morning. She gave us her credit card but said, 'Don't 
    over do it.'" 
    "Dad, what is over doing it to two teenage girls? We 
    think she really just wants to be alone with you," as 
    they all three smiled. Then they got up, kissed their 
    mother, came around the table and kissed me and headed 
    out the door.
    Chapter 6
    The Conclusion
    After the girls left I told Jill it was time to talk. 
    She looked worried. She said, "I thought you were 
    acting a little strange the last couple of weeks and 
    was worried if something was wrong. I figured you were 
    still upset about Atlantic City but I didn't know what 
    to do about it."
    I told Jill she was partly right. I was upset about 
    Atlantic City but I knew what to do about it.
    Then I told her the whole story, beginning with going 
    back to the other Motel after she fell asleep. I told 
    her, "David and Joyce had already left for home. I 
    bribed the clerk and got their personal information and 
    set up a meet with me acting as you."
    "Then Billy and I set things straight."
    She asked, "What do you mean 'set things straight'? You 
    told Billy about me being raped?"
    "First of all I told Billy that a very close friend of 
    mine was taken advantage of by this man. I never told 
    him that the person was you. Second we did to him what 
    he did to you!" I replied. After saying that, I handed 
    her the pictures, and said, "I couldn't let that 
    bastard get away with what he did to you. I just 
    couldn't. I'd go to jail first."
    She saw the pictures of David handcuffed, the shaved 
    cock, the wax drops from the candle. Then she spotted 
    the cucumber and looked up at me.
    I said, "We weren't about to fuck him in the ass. Then 
    to make sure he never drops his drawers again we gave 
    him a couple of tattoos."
    Jill started to cry. I didn't know if they were happy 
    or sad tears. I looked at her and said, "What's the 
    matter, honey?"
    She looked at me and said, "You, you're what's the 
    matter. I asked for this swap, got raped, caused you a 
    lot of heart ache and grief, and what do you do? You go 
    and jeopardize your life to protect my honor. God, how 
    I love you."
    "Jill, you're my life, my best friend, my only love. No 
    man is going to get away with treating you like shit. 
    This swap thing was a big mistake. I shouldn't have 
    agreed to it but I did. We paid the price."
    Jill said, "How life has changed since the free love 
    days. It's not free anymore. There's a price to be 
    paid. From now on there is only one man I'll let fuck 
    me and that's you Jack."
    With that said, we headed for the bedroom.
    It's been a good six months since all that took place. 
    Our life is back to normal. We make love, sometimes we 
    just fuck. We still have a little exhibitionism but I'm 
    always there to protect us.
    We canceled the e-mail web site that we used.
    Billy never asked who the person was that we got 
    revenge for but I think he knew from day 1. He never 
    mentioned it and always treats Jill like a little 
    sister. Billy has been to Akron about once a month to 
    see Joyce. 
    Joyce applied for a divorced within days after the 
    meeting. David knew I had something to do with the 
    whole mess but doesn't know who we are or where we 
    live. We have never contacted David or Joyce and don't 
    ever plan on it.
    Jill looked at me and said, "Jack, if I ever ask to let 
    me fuck another man again, I want you to take out your 
    cock, shove it hard up my ass, and bring me back to my 
    senses." Then she looked in my eyes and we both knew 
    life between us was good, very good.
    The End
    Note: Real people make real mistakes. Those who try to 
    fill fantasies usually pay for their mistakes. That's 
    what happened to Jack and Jill. Because of their love 
    for each other, they were able to put their lives back 
    in order and learned from their mistakes before it was 
    too late.
    DG Hear

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