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    Wife’s Meeting With Jay – A Swingers True Sex Story

    21 May, 2018 (02:02) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Prier B Natter (no address provided)
    A trip home with a man we met dogging. (MMF, wife, 
    voy, oral, swinger, dogging, creampie, true)
    Author's Note: This is a work of reality, with a few 
    "tweaks" to the time-line to cut out boring passages. 
    The only fictitious thing about it is that names, 
    where used, have been changed to protect the not-
    quite-so innocent!
    I met a nice chap Jay, who is in his fifties, when I 
    was parked in a car park one night. It was too hot in 
    the house for me to get comfortable so I had gone for 
    a drive to cool off and I was sitting in a car park 
    known for dogging (if I saw any "shows" it would be a 
    bonus!). We had spoken several times before (I am 
    quite regular at this car park) and I had mentioned 
    him to Dee, who is in her thirties, when she asked who 
    I had seen whilst I was out. She had even met him once 
    on a trip out with me and started to suck him off but 
    some inconsiderate person parked right opposite us and 
    kept staring at us which put her right off so we went 
    home, frustrated that night.
    Anyway we started chatting about things and the 
    conversation turned to sex and what went on in the car 
    park at night. I told him that my wife still had an 
    occasional interest in that sort of fun (see Wife's 
    First Real Dogging Experience), but that she would 
    rather go back to someone's place as it would be more 
    comfortable and not as risky. 
    He said that he lived alone in his own flat and that 
    Dee and I would be more than welcome to come back to 
    his for some fun. I told him that it would be entirely 
    up to Dee if we did and if anything happened, he 
    totally agreed with me saying that it was her body 
    and, should he be lucky enough to be able to do 
    anything, it would be her that called the shots. I 
    told him that we would both probably be out on Tuesday 
    evening and he said he would look out for us.
    That Tuesday evening we went to one of the car parks 
    but there was no-one around so we moved on to another. 
    Still nobody, well it was a bit early I suppose 
    (9:40PM) but it was already dark so surely someone 
    would be about? We moved on to another car park (the 
    one where I had spoken to Jay). We pulled in and there 
    were several cars there, one pulled out from opposite 
    us, drove around and parked again right next to us.
    We sat and had a smoke, I was hoping to see Jay and I 
    think Dee was too as she kept asking me when he would 
    turn up. A few cars came and went but no Jay, yet. We 
    moved back to the first car park we were in and, just 
    as we approached it, I saw Jay coming toward us, as we 
    passed I waved and called hello. I checked in the 
    mirror and saw from his lights that he was braking, 
    there was nowhere he could turn around so we continued 
    to the car park to wait for him.
    While we waited three other cars pulled in and, on 
    spotting Dee, parked up to see if anything was going 
    to happen, one of them parked right next to us and the 
    bloke kept looking across at her. After a couple of 
    minutes Jay pulled in and managed to park next to us 
    on my side. He opened his window.
    "Good evening Bernie, good evening Dee. How are you 
    "I'm fine thanks Jay." I replied.
    Dee said she was fine too and we chatted for a bit, 
    the bloke that had pulled up next to us on Dee's side 
    either got fed up or realised that he was out of luck 
    and drove off. Jay offered the use of his flat when 
    Dee mentioned that she felt a bit nervous about all 
    the cars coming in and out. We followed Jay out and 
    down to his place, on the way I noticed that a car had 
    followed us out and we were nearly at Jay's before it 
    turned off, perhaps he thought we were going to 
    another car park?
    We got to Jay's house and found that he lived on the 
    estate next to the one where we lived! We had driven 
    about 6 miles to the car park to meet a guy who lived 
    less than a mile away!
    In his lounge Dee sat on the sofa next to Jay while I 
    sat on the other sofa. We chatted for a while and Dee 
    mentioned about the use of condoms so she wouldn't get 
    pregnant. Jay told her that he had been snipped some 
    years previously and that he was "clean" so Dee 
    decided that he could fuck her bare-back as she 
    preferred to feel a cock rather than a piece of rubber 
    fucking her. She didn't decide this lightly though but 
    we trusted Jay. We moved into the bedroom and we all 
    stripped off. 
    Dee sat on the edge of the bed and Jay guided her back 
    a bit. He knelt on the bed beside her and lowered his 
    head to her fanny and started to lick and suck her 
    slit and large clit. I could see that she was still a 
    bit self-conscious as she had her arms folded over her 
    breasts. I gently took her arm and guided her hand to 
    his cock, she took the hint and started to gently 
    stroke him as he licked and sucked her while I stood 
    and watched them.
    After a few minutes Jay moved up the bed and offered 
    his cock to Dee's mouth, she took it in and started to 
    suck him. I took his place at her, now juicy, pussy 
    and sucked on her clit while she sucked him. Then he 
    asked her if there was a position she would like to 
    fuck in.
    "I like it doggy-style." she replied.
    Jay and I got off the bed and positioned Dee across 
    it. I lay at an angle so that she could suck me while 
    being fucked and I could reach under her and play with 
    her clit while Jay fucked her. She went down on my 
    cock hungrily while, standing on the floor beside the 
    bed, Jay thrust into her giving her a good, hard fuck 
    with Dee moaning on my cock as she enjoyed the 
    sensations of Jay's thrusting and my fingers 
    stimulating her clit. 
    Jay was obviously well excited as he stopped his 
    thrusting a couple of times to calm down and not 
    unload his balls too quickly! Eventually he thrust in 
    hard and grunted as he shot his spunk deep into my 
    wife's willing snatch. He pulled out and I felt some 
    of his cum trickle down from her hole and onto her 
    clit and my fingers.
    Dee stopped sucking me and we moved so that she was 
    lying on her back in the middle of the bed. I licked 
    their combined juices off of my fingers and went down 
    on her with my mouth and tongue as I knew she hadn't 
    had an orgasm yet. I tasted Jay's cum on her clit as I 
    sucked it, it didn't taste very different to mine (I 
    have licked her out after fucking her a few times and 
    I find it very erotic to do so) and I felt it running 
    out of her and onto my chin so I moved my mouth down 
    and licked out what I could, cleaning up the spillage 
    from her. I found this erotic too but I am, in no way, 
    gay or bisexual.
    Jay got back onto the bed and lay on his side. Dee 
    pushed my head away and turned onto her side facing 
    him so she could suck him again. I spooned with her, 
    sliding my stiff member into her sopping wet hole from 
    behind, some of the wetness was her juices and some of 
    it was Jay's cum that had not yet leaked out. 
    As I fucked her from behind I looked up to see if I 
    could see her sucking his cock from this angle. I 
    couldn't see directly but I did notice that there was 
    a mirror on the wardrobe beside the bed and I had a 
    perfect view of his cock disappearing and reappearing 
    into and out of her willing mouth as she bobbed her 
    head back and forth on him.
    I slow fucked her until I couldn't hold back any more 
    and I shot my load into her, it joined the remains of 
    Jay's cum in her sweet honey-pot. A couple of minutes 
    later, as I rested, my cock still sheathed in her 
    sopping love hole, Jay shot his load down her throat 
    as she swallowed every drop. We separated and sat on 
    the bed chatting whilst we recovered. We got dressed 
    and went back to the lounge where we swapped phone 
    numbers so that we wouldn't have to drive miles out to 
    meet and then back again to Jay's place for fun.
    When we got home Dee was still horny and she fucked my 
    brains out before we went to sleep. We'll be 
    contacting Jay again soon to arrange another session.

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