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    Wilson’s Real Stories

    21 May, 2018 (02:51) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Wilson (
    True stories of my 'open' marriage. These episodes it 
    our lives made for a lot of spicy memories. Don't do 
    this at home unless you'll entirely sure of your spouse 
    and you're own ability to put jealousy at bay. (M+/F+, 
    wife, bi, toys, gb, voy, exh, swing, creampie)
    Episode 1
    I got divorced in my mid-30's, and about the time the 
    divorce was final I broke up with my girlfriend because 
    I was already having an affair with another woman. This 
    other woman, Mary, was about 30. She was 5'6" tall, very 
    thin, about 122 pounds, but with very shapely long legs, 
    and a perfectly shaped ass. She had small breasts, with 
    nipples that were almost colorless until she was turned 
    on, when they would get hard and pink. 
    She never wore a bra, since she didn't need one. She had 
    long curly blonde hair, but it was somewhat dark, and 
    was bleached by the sun. Her pubic hair was black, and 
    it was also the longest pubic hair I've ever seen. Some 
    of her hairs were 6" long, but very curly (I really did 
    measure the longest one I found). 
    She'd had about 60 lovers before I met her, but rarely 
    stayed with one very long. Most had been one-time 
    things. When I got involved with her, she had been 
    living with a guy for 2 years, but broke up with him so 
    we could move in together. She'd had a threesome with 2 
    guys once, and had been in bed with an early boyfriend 
    while he fucked another woman (two different occasions), 
    but hadn't participated. She was quite obsessed with 
    sex, and was doing a master's thesis related to sexual 
    behavior when I met her.
    Our affair began before we broke up with our respective 
    lovers. We fucked a lot, like any other newly acquainted 
    couple. But, I was fascinated with the number of 
    partners she'd had (I'd had only 15 or so, at most), and 
    I would get her to tell me about different things she 
    did with them. It became apparent that I was interested 
    in having a threesome or some form of group sex, and she 
    sounded like she was interested. I thought that it was 
    going to happen one night, but it didn't turn out like 
    I'd planned. 
    My regular girlfriend was spending the night at a 
    friend's all-girl party (they all planned to get drunk, 
    and not drive). Mary and I planned to get together, 
    since her regular boyfriend was out-of-town visiting his 
    parents. But, Mary got an invitation to go out to dinner 
    with some really good friends, and so she went. We 
    planned to get together around mid-night when she got 
    However, when she called to tell me she'd gotten back, 
    she told me to come over, but that I shouldn't count on 
    staying. I drove over (she lived only about a 3 minute 
    drive away), and she came out of the house in her robe. 
    She explained that her friends, a married couple she had 
    known for years, about our ages, had come in after they 
    had brought her home. It was clear that they wanted to 
    have sex with her. She had mentioned me to them, but 
    they didn't know me at all, and didn't want to have sex 
    with a stranger. 
    I told her to go ahead, and call me when they were done. 
    I then pulled up her robe, got on my knees, and sucked 
    on her cunt while she leaned against the wall of her 
    house. She didn't have on any panties, and later I came 
    to learn that they had already been fooling around. She 
    didn't feel comfortable staying outside long, and left. 
    About 2 hours later she called me. 
    I returned to her house, where she immediately leaned 
    back on a couch and spread her legs and had me begin 
    eating her while she told me what had happened. No, she 
    wasn't filled with cum (shucks, I thought). The guy had 
    cum in her mouth though, and she had gone down on the 
    woman. She had me kiss her to see if I could taste 
    anything, but I really couldn't. We did have incredible 
    sex. Neither she nor the other woman had cum, and she 
    definitely wanted to make up for it.
    About 2 weeks after that, we were out having some food 
    and a beer, when another couple we knew, and their two 
    kids stopped at our table. We wound up eating together, 
    and we drove back to their home for drinks. After the 
    kids finally wound down (they were about 3 and 7 years 
    old), Mary somehow wound up lying face down on the floor 
    while Bob massaged her back. I think she had complained 
    of muscle stiffness or something. 
    Bob went to another room and came back with some huge 
    electric massage device, and used that on Mary for a few 
    minutes. I suggested that she would be more comfortable 
    if she took off her shirt. She did, modestly, and lay 
    back on the carpeted floor. Bob continued massaging her 
    back. I think she suggested that he go a little lower. 
    Ann and I just sat on the floor watching, but obviously 
    we were all thinking the same thoughts. As Bob massaged 
    Mary's buttocks, I reached over and began pulling her 
    shorts down, and pulled off her panties too. I also 
    began undressing myself. As soon as I did that, Ann 
    stripped. Bob sort of stupidly continued massaging Mary. 
    I started kissing Ann, and quickly was going down on 
    her. Bob did get undressed then. Ann and I got in to a 
    69 position, with me on the bottom. 
    So, I couldn't really see what Bob and Mary were doing, 
    but from the sounds it was clear that he was going down 
    on her, since she was saying things like "That's too 
    hard. Do it softer." Ann and I probably only 69ed for 
    about 5 minutes when she got up, turned around, and sat 
    down on my cock. She fucked me hard and fast, and she 
    leaned forward kind of working her clit against me. She 
    came incredibly fast, which was fun for me since most 
    women I had fucked only came from oral sex, no matter 
    how long we fucked, how well we knew each other, how 
    much I stimulated them before we fucked, or position. 
    Bob was trying to fuck Mary by that point, but he 
    couldn't get it up. 
    Bob suggested that Ann fuck me in a different position. 
    So she got up and onto her knees. I think it was at that 
    point that the 3 year old wandered into the living room, 
    and Bob quickly whisked him to the kitchen for a drink 
    of water, explaining that we were having massages. The 
    kid went back to bed, and I resumed fucking his mom. Ann 
    had no breasts whatsoever, although her nipples stuck 
    out about one inch and were bright reddish-pink. 
    Mary was blowing Bob, trying to get him hard. I 
    suggested that we all do something together, so we wound 
    up getting into a circle. I ate Mary, she blew Bob, Bob 
    ate Ann, and Ann blew me. Ann really was good at cock-
    sucking, and I could have cum, but I suppressed it 
    wanting to cum when Mary did, or when Bob did. We did 
    that quite a while, and Ann finally stopped and 
    announced that she had to go to bed. Of the four of us, 
    only she had an 8-5 job, and it was something like 
    Wednesday night and it was 2 or 3 AM. She left, much to 
    my disappointment. 
    Mary however, kept sucking on Bob, and I kept eating 
    her. Bob was on his side, and Mary started really 
    sucking hard. His breathing increased in speed, and I 
    kept lapping Mary's cunt, occasionally flicking her clit 
    the way she liked it. But it was pretty obvious that she 
    wasn't focused on her own orgasm at all, and really 
    wanted to get Bob off. 
    I watched her, from the vantage point of her crotch, as 
    she sucked his cock. His feet were down toward me, so I 
    could see his balls cupped in her hand, and her throat 
    and chin moving back and forth, and I could see her 
    lower lip stretched around the underside of his cock. 
    Bob started moaning, and breathing even faster, and I 
    could see Mary's throat begin to make swallowing 
    motions. She kept sucking his cock until she had taken 
    all of his cum. She made me stop eating her, saying she 
    was too desensitized from being eaten for so long 
    (altogether about 45 minutes, between Bob and me). 
    We wound up getting dressed and leaving fairly soon, and 
    when we got home we had really great sex, and I think we 
    both came twice we were so horny. We thought that it was 
    funny that neither of us had cum during the group sex, 
    but that doing it had made us both really horny.
    About 10 days or so after that we wound up spending the 
    night at Bob and Ann's house after having dinner with 
    them. My kids were there, as were their kids. We didn't 
    do anything that night. Mary wasn't really interested in 
    having sex with Bob again, but confessed that she had 
    deliberately engineered the sex that night. She had 
    thought that Bob and Ann might go along with it, and she 
    wanted me to find out what it was like, since she 
    figured that I probably wouldn't like it all that much. 
    She was right. It was fun, but not all that amazing. 
    However, that morning, everyone was up except Mary and 
    me. Bob came into our room to tell us that breakfast was 
    nearly ready. I had just slipped my cock into Mary, and 
    we held still. We were on our sides, with me behind her. 
    Bob sensed that something was up, and asked if he was 
    interrupting. Mary said that we were just starting to 
    fuck. Bob asked if he should leave, and Mary said it was 
    I started pumping my cock into her at that point, and 
    Bob came over and knelt down on the bed on her side, and 
    started sucking her tits. He also started feeling her 
    cunt, and was rubbing his fingers against the point 
    where my cock and her cunt were joined. That got me 
    really turned on, and Mary also was breathing fast. 
    I came rather quickly, and as soon as I did, Bob got 
    between Mary's legs and started eating her. But, she 
    made him stop. She was worried that one of the kids was 
    going to come into the room to get him or us. I was 
    disappointed. I was hoping that I might get to see her 
    cum on Bob's face.
    Well, fast forward to about 3 years later. Mary and I 
    had lived together for a couple of years, and then she 
    had gone off to another city (a few hours away) to live 
    while pursuing a doctoral degree. I couldn't afford to 
    leave my job, so we had been having a long-distance 
    relationship for about a year. On one of our get-
    togethers, which happened about every 2 weeks, Mary 
    revealed that her biggest fantasy was to be blindfolded 
    and fucked by a lot of men while everyone watched. This 
    wasn't too surprising, since Mary had me put a blindfold 
    on her, and occasionally tie her up, beginning early in 
    our relationship. 
    She had sucked me off in a public library too. And she 
    had once stood, pressing her breasts against the glass, 
    at a 3rd story window in the library while she 
    masturbated herself to orgasm. The idea of watching her 
    get fucked by another man was really exciting to me, and 
    I talked about making it come true. She didn't really 
    want to do it, though. She didn't seem to mind the idea 
    of someone watching us fuck though. But, she didn't want 
    to have anyone in the room with us.
    Well, I did something really unusual. I posted an ad in 
    a local bookstore, seeking persons who wanted to watch 
    me fuck my girlfriend. She was scheduled to visit me in 
    about a week. I actually found someone. It was a married 
    guy with a kid, about 26 or so. He had left his number, 
    but when I called him I got his wife, who told me he was 
    at work. I made up some story that I was soliciting 
    donations for some fraternal cause, and she wound up 
    giving me his work number. 
    As it turned out, he hadn't left his number at the 
    bookstore, but had been in the bookstore with a friend. 
    They had been reading ads and chuckling at them, and his 
    friend had gone back and left the guy's name and phone 
    as a joke reply to my advert. But, even stranger, the 
    guy was interested when I explained that he wouldn't be 
    in a room with us, but would just be out in his car 
    looking in through a motel window. I went to the bar 
    where this guy worked part-time (he was a student). We 
    talked some, and when he realized that I wasn't some 
    wacky pervert (hmmmm?) he told me to contact him at the 
    bar again when I had a plan.
    I set to work, casing motels where someone could get a 
    good view from outside. I finally hit upon the Motel 8. 
    In my town they are built with 3 floors, but the bottom 
    floor is partly below ground, so that the windows are at 
    ground level. They are perfect for peering in to the 
    room. In fact, when I was driving around one, there was 
    another guy driving through the parking lot just looking 
    in windows to check it out. 
    I wound up typing out a set of instructions for Mary to 
    find when she got to our house. I talked to her on the 
    phone and told her that I had something kinky planned 
    for the next time she came over. She asked if it 
    involved her fantasy, and I told her yes. She asked if 
    it involved having another person in the room with us, 
    and I told her it wouldn't.
    The instructions I typed directed her to bathe, take a 
    quarter of a xanax to relax, and go to the Motel 8 and 
    get the key I had left for her. It also said to follow 
    directions exactly or she would be punished (by the way, 
    Mary also had me slap her butt sometimes when I was 
    fucking her from behind, or eating her from behind while 
    she was in a kneeling position, and sometimes she had me 
    pull her hair really hard; I was kind of freaked out by 
    this at first but she liked it so I did it). 
    I also had her wear a pink garter belt, pink stockings, 
    and a pink g-string under her clothes. I did book a 
    room, pay for it, and explain to the clerk who to give 
    the key to. I took candles to the room, vibrators, anal 
    beads, massage oil, a blindfold, ear plugs, and a bunch 
    of Penthouse Variation magazines. I also packed a camera 
    in my knapsack, and a portable tape recorder. I had 
    typed up another note to leave in the room. It explained 
    that Mary was to turn the heat up to a temperature 
    comfortable for her to be in her g-string and stockings, 
    and that she was to put on the blindfold and practice 
    going to the window and opening the blinds while wearing 
    Once she was good at it, then she was to insert the anal 
    beads, get on the bed, and read the nasty stories I had 
    marked in Variations. They were all light bondage and 
    husband-watching-wife-get-fucked stories. She was also 
    to think about different kinky sexual encounters she'd 
    had, and be prepared to describe them to me in detail. 
    The letter also explained that once I got there, I 
    wouldn't speak, and she was just to start telling 
    stories while I did things to her. 
    The letter added that if I patted her on the head that 
    she was to repeat something she had just described, and 
    add further details, remembering more information about 
    a cock, or what someone had done to her. In the last 
    couple of days before she came over, she tried to get me 
    to tell her what I had planned, but I didn't, and she 
    was really excited. I did have her go out and buy a 
    really good quality sleeping mask to use as a blindfold. 
    I also went by the bar to see the guy (I have no idea 
    what his name was anymore) that I had arranged to watch. 
    I told him my plan concerning the Motel 8, and that I 
    would meet him in the parking lot. We exchanged car 
    I had to work the evening she would arrive. So, when she 
    got home she found my note. I had told her to expect to 
    find a note, and to do what it said. Anyway, about 9 
    that evening when I was finished working I called her to 
    tell her that I would be seeing her soon, in about 45 
    minutes. She said to hurry, that she had been reading 
    the stories and she was really horny. In fact, she said 
    that she had nearly masturbated on the trip over. I told 
    her that she was going to get to cum a lot. 
    I drove to the motel which took about 20 minutes, and 
    found the guy in the parking lot. I went in to a 
    restaurant next door to call Mary again. The only pay 
    phone was busy. I finally asked a waitress if I could 
    use the regular phone, and did. I called Mary and told 
    her that I was calling from a pay phone on the way to 
    the motel, and that I would be there in about 20 more 
    In the meanwhile, she was to put a pillow on the table 
    next to the window, leave the room lights on, put in the 
    ear plugs, put on the blindfold, and then go to the 
    window blinds and pull them up all the way. She was then 
    to lean over the table with her ass pointing toward the 
    window, and begin to masturbate. I told her to pull out 
    the anal beads one at a time (there were 5), timing 
    things so that she pulled the last one out as she was 
    cumming. I told her that after her orgasm she was to 
    stay on the table in front of the window. I also told 
    her to spread her legs good and wide.
    I went back out to the guys car, and we drove around to 
    the next to the last window and pulled up right outside 
    it. I think we were both stunned to see my long-legged 
    girl-friend, her gorgeous ass pointed right at us. We 
    could see her back with her long blonde curly hair 
    flowing down it, her narrow waist with the pink garter 
    belt around it, and the g-string over the garter belt, 
    and the pink stockings on her legs. Her legs were spread 
    wide, and you could occasionally see her fingers flick 
    out from under her bush, covered only partly by the g-
    The guy asked me if she had a tampon in, seeing the 
    white string that the beads were attached to. I 
    explained to him that she had beads in her ass, that 
    there were 5 of them, and that she would pull them out 
    as she got closer to cumming, and that she would pull 
    out the last one when she came. I got out of the car and 
    went right up to the window and started taking pictures 
    (yes, they turned out, I used fast film, and no, you 
    can't see them because I don't have a digitizer -- maybe 
    I was really turned on watching Mary play with herself 
    in front of this window. I couldn't believe that she was 
    doing it! And this guy was watching. She came after 
    about ten minutes, and I told the guy I was going in to 
    fuck her, and he was welcome to stay as long as he 
    wanted. He said he had to go back to work soon.
    I went in, took off my clothes, and put the tape 
    recorder on the bed and turned it on quietly. I moved 
    Mary's ass around since there wasn't room between her 
    legs and the wall for me to fit in. I removed the g-
    string, but left the garter belt and stockings on her. I 
    started licking her ass, and she moaned. She also 
    commented on how cold my hands were -- I think she 
    figured I had been watching from outside. I licked her 
    asshole. The guy outside pulled up about half a foot, 
    and he scooted over to the passenger side to get a 
    better view. 
    I was nervous, and wasn't getting hard, so I moved 
    around to the other side of the table (Mary was sideways 
    to the window now, still laying on the pillow on the 
    table). It was one of those small motel tables, so her 
    head was at the other edge, so I just shoved my cock in 
    her mouth. Mary started sucking away. She was great. One 
    of the great things about her cock-sucking was that she 
    always swallowed everything. She wouldn't quit sucking 
    until you made it clear that you were completely 
    through. She also had good technique. 
    Anyway, I fucked her mouth until I was hard. Then I put 
    on a condom and fucked her. I put the condom on to 
    confuse her, since we never used one because I'd had a 
    vasectomy. I also had deliberately worn some strange 
    deodorant with a strong odor. Mary was very sensitive to 
    smell, and I had sprayed it all over my balls and ass 
    and neck. I was hoping to confuse her about who I was. 
    Remember, she knew I wouldn't be talking. 
    I patted her on the head to remind her of the story-
    telling I had requested. Well, she started. And guess 
    what. The first story was of the first time she fucked 
    me. And it had details of something I had known about in 
    a vague way only. The first time we ever fucked, we had 
    decided the previous day to have an affair. We probably 
    would have started that very same day, but we were at 
    her house and her boyfriend was due home from work any 
    time, so we only made out. 
    Anyway, the morning that we were going to fuck, she woke 
    up all horny and excited. She hardly ever fucked her 
    regular boyfriend anymore, so she thought that she would 
    take advantage of her arousal and she had him go down on 
    her until she came, and then she fucked him until he 
    came. Then she met me a couple of hours later to begin 
    her affair with me. So, that night I got the details. I 
    also got the details of her threesome with the couple 
    when she and I had first gotten together, and also got 
    the details about her threesome with 2 guys (yes, she 
    did wind up taking it in both her ass and her cunt -- 
    she didn't cum though -- she got over-stimulated again). 
    And some other stories. 
    I turned her over onto her back, and fucked her that way 
    so the guy could see her tits. While I was fucking her, 
    he drove off. I guess he had to get back to his bar job. 
    I was disappointed, but I left the blinds open. It did 
    occur to me that someone might complain to the clerk. 
    So, I stopped fucking Mary's tight little cunt, with its 
    smell of pencil shavings (anyone else ever fuck a woman 
    whose pubic hair sort of smelled like pencil shavings?). 
    I put the blinds down halfway so anyone who happened by 
    could see us fucking, but couldn't see my head so might 
    think that I was unaware of how they could see in. 
    We just kept doing stuff, me eating Mary a little, her 
    blowing me, then fucking (I left the condom on). I 
    occasionally patted her head so she would elaborate on a 
    story. She eventually came again while I was eating her 
    and she was telling me a story. I fucked her some more, 
    and finally a car pulled up, and I could see the legs of 
    a man get out, and then a woman's legs came around the 
    back of the car, and then they walked off toward the 
    front entrance. They had been off to the side of my 
    field of view, so I don't think that they saw us. 
    Only a few minutes later, another car parked, and only a 
    man got out. He walked past our window toward the rear 
    door. I saw his legs stop in mid-stride in the middle of 
    the parking lot. He turned toward the window. I was 
    eating Mary's cunt at the time, so I could see up to his 
    chest. I'll be damned if this guy didn't just walk right 
    up to our window, and stand about 2 feet away so he 
    could see down into the room. I kept eating Mary out as 
    she moaned and told me another story. I stopped and 
    fucked her for a few minutes. Then I pulled off the 
    condom and stuck my dick in her mouth. She turned her 
    head sideways and started sucking me real hard, moving 
    her head really fast. 
    I put a small vibrator into her hand, turned it on, and 
    stuck her hand down near her cunt. For the first time I 
    spoke. I said "There is a guy outside watching us. Put 
    on a show for him." She spread her legs wider, and stuck 
    the dildo into her slit and started rubbing it up and 
    down. She then fucked herself with it, and kept pulling 
    it out and moving it up and down her clit. 
    Meanwhile, she was moaning on my cock and sucking it for 
    all she was worth, while I played with her tits. I could 
    tell when she was really close, and I reached down her 
    stomach and pushed her legs open wider, and held her 
    cunt lips open so the guy could see her clit and into 
    her cunt. She started cumming, and I pulled my cock out 
    and started cumming on her lips and cheek, and Mary 
    opened her mouth wide so my cum would land on her 
    tongue. She kept moaning as I finished, and she sucked 
    my dick back into her mouth as she slowed the movement 
    of the vibrator against her clit. I pulled out of her 
    mouth, and went over to the blinds and closed them.
    I then turned her over and started eating her ass. Mary 
    loved to have her ass licked, especially from behind. I 
    worked her like that quite a while, and she continued 
    with the story she had been telling me before we had 
    cum. I played with myself a while, and then had her suck 
    my cock again. Actually, since she was on her stomach, I 
    just fucked her mouth for a while, until I was hard 
    again, and then I fucked her from behind and came really 
    quickly. Mary had such a tight cunt, and she loved to 
    squeeze it tight while she was being fucked. 
    I finally took the blindfold off of her, and took the 
    earplugs out. We got on the bed, and she told me how 
    much she had enjoyed everything. I told her that I had 
    too, and asked her if she enjoyed cumming while someone 
    She told me that she thought that I was just 
    fantasizing, that I had put the blinds down when I had 
    come in. I explained to her exactly what had happened. I 
    told her about the guy I had recruited, how he left, and 
    how later the other guy had seen us and had come to the 
    window. She was fine about all of it, and I started 
    touching her and making out with her, and telling her 
    how it turned me on, and she got really turned on and I 
    pushed her back onto the bed and got between her legs 
    and ate her again until she came. I then got on my 
    knees, and straddled her head, and fucked her mouth 
    until I was hard again. I turned her over, and started 
    fucking her from behind. I then told her that I had a 
    I asked her if she had noticed anything different during 
    the sex. She said what did I mean? I told her that right 
    at that moment was the first I had actually fucked her 
    that evening, or for that matter, had any sexual contact 
    with her. I told her there had been a guy with us the 
    whole time, and that he had just left before I took off 
    her blindfold. I explained that he was the one who had 
    eaten her, fucked her mouth, everything. 
    She said that the first time she had started sucking 
    cock, she thought that it didn't taste like me (the 
    deodorant had worked!), and she had thought to herself, 
    if it wasn't me, who cares? I described what it was like 
    to watch her masturbate while she was sucking him off, 
    watching her moan and stretch her lips over his cock. 
    Mary started getting turned on then, and started playing 
    with herself while I continued a slow steady fucking 
    rhythm. I told her that it had turned me on so much 
    watching her suck him off and moan on his cock and 
    obviously get ready to cum herself. 
    While I was telling her about it I told her how good it 
    felt to fuck her with his cum lubricating her tight 
    cunt, how he had mouthed the words "tight cunt" to me 
    while he was fucking her from behind just before he 
    came. I told her I loved fucking her right after another 
    man had finished with her. Mary was really turned on 
    then, breathing really fast and fingering her clit and 
    her cunt was squeezing my cock; squeezing, squeezing, as 
    I pushed into her and pulled out slowly. 
    I told her that watching her suck him off had turned me 
    on so much that I had stood next to him jacking off and 
    when he started cumming in her mouth I started cumming 
    onto her face, too. Mary started cumming at that moment, 
    and that triggered me to cum too, and I told her that I 
    loved her and loved fucking her and I would eat his cum 
    and my cum out of her. 
    Well, that did it, we both came really hard even though 
    she had already cum three times already over the past 2 
    hours, and I had cum twice. After we finished, and 
    rested, we cuddled and I told her that no one else had 
    been in the room, but that the part about being watched 
    by two different guys at different times was true. When 
    I was done, I'm not sure what she finally believed.
    P. S. We spent the night. The next morning, there were 
    about 3 guys outside loading some kind of trailer with a 
    race car. They kept looking in our window once we opened 
    it. And they stared at Mary a lot when we were loading 
    our cars. I'm pretty sure that one of them was our 
    voyeur, and he must have told his buddies.
    Episode 2
    My current partner is Karen. We've known each other for 
    years, and have never gotten tired of sex with each 
    other. We live in separate cities, and we are both 
    monogamous, so we really enjoy each other when we get 
    together. Karen is in her mid-thirties, is about 5'4", 
    weighs only 112 pounds, has 34" C-cup breasts that are 
    well-shaped and her red nipples are always hard. They 
    are very sensitive, and she doesn't like them stimulated 
    much at all. She has a very young face, and very long 
    hair that is sometimes red, sometimes dark brown, 
    sometimes streaked with blond. She wears very tight 
    clothing, but often with a loose vest to conceal her 
    breasts, which are really large considering the size of 
    her body. She has a great laugh. I'm average looking.
    Karen is without a doubt the best sexual partner I've 
    ever had. She is smart, and she is unpredictable. 
    Sometimes she likes to be spanked, sometimes she talks 
    dirty to me, sometimes she screams a lot, sometimes she 
    is very submissive, sometimes she orders me what to do. 
    Sometimes she wants to do nothing, and sometimes she 
    changes her mind.
    On a recent trip from the airport, Karen started reading 
    a Penthouse Variations or something like it. It takes 
    over an hour to get to my house from the airport, and 
    Karen just quit talking to me, she was so engrossed in 
    the stories. We were cruising along the freeway, and I 
    asked her if she wanted to unbutton her pants. She said 
    no. But a few minutes later I noticed that she was 
    pressing against her crotch with her hand, so I put my 
    hand over to her, and I began pressing. 
    A few minutes later she unbuttoned, and pushed her pants 
    and panties down just a little, so I could put my hand 
    in and finger her. We kept that up for about 20 minutes, 
    and she continued to ignore me and read the magazine. 
    She pulled my hand away for a few minutes, and then put 
    it back. I finger-fucked her again for about 15 more 
    minutes, when she said, "Do we have to wait to get back 
    to the house to fuck?" 
    I took an exit a few minutes later, and tried to find a 
    road that led out to a river only a few miles from the 
    freeway. Once we were off the freeway, she pulled her 
    pants completely down, so I could stimulate her cunt 
    more easily. We had to drive through a slightly 
    populated area, with a lot of traffic, so she kept 
    pulling her legs together and putting her hands over her 
    She kept pleading "I have to cum right away, hurry!" We 
    finally got to the river. There was a work crew of some 
    kind about 300 yards downriver, but too far away to 
    notice us. So I pulled over on a little levee, and got 
    out of the car and walked around to Karen's side. I 
    opened her door, and she spun her bare ass around and 
    put her legs out of the car so I could go down on her. I 
    knelt down, and started eating her. She came in about 2 
    minutes, really hard. 
    She sat up, had me stand, and she started sucking me off 
    as I stood in the doorway. As soon as I was hard, she 
    said, "Why don't you fuck me?" She turned around, and 
    knelt in the seat, with her ass facing me in the door. I 
    put my cock in her pussy, which was sopping wet. After 
    only a minute or so, a pickup pulled onto the levee. 
    There was a couple in it. They drove past us, and over a 
    little dam to the other side, and then up a hill. 
    They parked on the hill, and got out of their truck. 
    Since they were above us, across the river, they could 
    see that I wasn't standing at the door of my car alone, 
    and that I was obviously porking somebody, although they 
    probably couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. Karen 
    asked if they could see us, and I said they probably 
    could. She didn't care, and we kept fucking for about 10 
    minutes until I came. She sat up, brushed her hair, got 
    out of the car, pulled her pants up, and we left.
    On a recent road trip, we had another exhibitionist 
    experience. I was driving again, and we were both bored, 
    it being about the third day of driving. I began rubbing 
    the outside of her pants above her pubic mound. She 
    seemed to enjoy it, so she unzipped her pants and pulled 
    them down a little bit. I put my hand in, and started 
    massaging her slit. Once she was wet enough, which was 
    pretty fast, I began finger fucking her. Every time we 
    passed a semi or a car that was higher than us, she put 
    her hands over her lap. 
    Gradually, as she got more into it, she put her head 
    back and closed her eyes. She also pulled her pants 
    completely off her butt, and propped her legs up on the 
    dashboard and spread her thighs wide. Her eyes being 
    closed, she didn't notice that every time we passed a 
    semi, I slowed down so they could see in. I finger 
    fucked her for about 25 minutes, and alternated my 
    finger from inside her cunt to rubbing her clit for just 
    a second or two, and then back to finger fucking. 
    As she started getting closer to cumming, her breathing 
    increased. I picked out a semi ahead, and caught up to 
    it. Karen knew by then what I was doing, but she didn't 
    care. She just spread her legs further and started 
    humping my hand harder, and played with her breasts just 
    to please the truckers. She came, and we sped up. But a 
    few minutes later the truckers passed us, and the one on 
    the passenger's side put his hand out the window and 
    made an "OK" sign.
    A few months ago, I mentioned to a friend, a bachelor 
    who had been in a monogamous relationship for several 
    years, that Karen was coming for a visit. I told him 
    that sometimes she liked to be blindfolded and tied up. 
    I asked him if he might be interested in watching us 
    fuck. He was. I told him I would get back to him to make 
    When I did, the day before Karen's visit, I phoned him 
    and explained how I would phone him once she was 
    blindfolded and tied up so he could come over, let 
    himself in, and watch. I told him that I would have some 
    music playing loudly so he wouldn't be heard. I also 
    told him that if he got turned on, maybe he could fuck 
    her a little (he's been tested for HIV, and he uses 
    condoms) but couldn't cum inside her because she doesn't 
    use birth control and it wasn't the right time in her 
    I spoke to him the next day, and asked him if he thought 
    he would fuck her. He said no, that he thought it might 
    be considered rape. I respected his opinion, and didn't 
    press it.
    That night, I got Karen tied up, and he came over, 
    looked in the window to see that she was blindfolded, 
    and came in and sat in a chair near the bed. I was 
    kissing her breasts, but within 5 minutes she told me 
    she wasn't comfortable, that the flight over had left 
    her tired, and she wanted to stop. I signaled for him to 
    leave, and stalled for time. He left right away. So, no 
    But now I'm going to tell you something really bizarre. 
    I've been wanting to watch Karen fuck someone else for a 
    long time. She agreed to let me bring someone over and 
    fuck her while she was blindfolded, but then backed out 
    a few days later when she learned that I had found 
    someone. A few months later, she agreed to seduce an old 
    boyfriend and let me watch her 69 with him and fuck him 
    from in a motel closet. She backed out when I found the 
    right motel. Karen was coming over and wanted to be 
    blindfolded and tied up.
    I talked to Rob and he was still interested in watching. 
    I talked to him the morning of her arrival, and 
    discussed meeting him outside my house around 9:30 PM, 
    since I had to work. I mentioned the possibility of him 
    getting naked, and even if he didn't want to fuck her, 
    that he might fuck her tits or something, but without 
    her knowing it was him, not me. He thought that he 
    might. He had discussed the situation hypothetically 
    with several female friends, including his lover. 
    None of them thought that a man could fuck them without 
    them knowing that it wasn't their boyfriend. They also 
    thought that if a woman allows herself to be tied up and 
    blindfolded, then if what happens is enjoyable to her 
    and safe, and she doesn't ask for it to stop, or if she 
    asks and it is stopped, then it was okay.
    When we got home from the airport, I had to leave for 
    work. I told her that I would call her when I was 
    leaving work, and she was really looking forward to the 
    evening. I asked her to wear a red push-up bra, red 
    garter belt and black fishnet stockings, and a red g-
    string. She agreed. Well, I couldn't wait. I called her 
    when I started home, but made it sound like I'd be 
    longer than I really was going to be. 
    I parked near our house, and walked so that she wouldn't 
    hear my car. I live in an area where the windows outside 
    my bedroom are pretty secluded, and only one neighbor 
    could possibly see me outside of them. So I sneaked 
    around to the window. 
    Karen was nude, having either just finished a bath, or 
    she was changing clothes. She was lighting some candles. 
    She took a few minutes putting on her underwear, and 
    some lipstick. Then she knelt on the bed, tied the 
    blindfold on, and tied her hands to the bedpost. I could 
    see that she was squatting on something, and then 
    realized it was a large black electric vibrator. She was 
    holding it between her feet, and was fucking it by 
    lowering her ass up and down onto it. 
    I was really excited. As I watched, the dildo fell out. 
    I saw her doing something with her hands, and in a 
    moment she reached back and reinserted the vibrator. 
    That worried me, since she obviously wasn't really tied 
    up. But, it had taken her a minute to get the cords 
    loose. Rob finally arrived, and we watched together 
    through the window. After about 10 minutes the vibrator 
    fell out again, but Karen made no effort to replace it. 
    So, I went in the house. I had already explained to Rob 
    that he couldn't make a sound in the house. And, that if 
    he decided to participate, we could never have more than 
    2 hands or one cock or one mouth touching her at a time. 
    I also told him that if I made a throat cutting gesture 
    at myself, that he had to leave immediately, because 
    something was up.
    I went in and put on some music. Karen had failed to do 
    that. I got undressed, and turned on a lot of lights. I 
    also passed my hand in front of the blindfold, to make 
    sure that she couldn't see. I noticed that Karen had 
    shaved her cunt for the occasion, only leaving a patch 
    of hair above her labia, which really excited me. By 
    then, Rob was at the door of the bedroom. I went to him. 
    We went in the other room where I whispered that Karen 
    had specially shaved for the occasion. I told him to get 
    undressed, and watch, and if he felt like participating, 
    to tap me lightly on the shoulder.
    Karen was still kneeling on the bed, her hands bound to 
    the bedpost. I knew though, that she could loosen 
    herself if she wanted. I got behind her on the bed, and 
    I began licking her thighs. I picked up the vibrator, 
    turned it off, and slid it into her cunt. I then turned 
    it on, and started licking her ass. Karen loves to have 
    her ass licked. She moaned softly, but we couldn't hear 
    too well because the music was too loud. I fucked her 
    with the dildo and licked her clit just a little, when I 
    felt Rob tap me. I thought he wanted to fuck her, so I 
    took out the dildo and got up from the bed. 
    Karen cried out in disappointment as the dildo was 
    withdrawn. I pulled her g-string off, too. As soon as 
    Rob got onto the bed, he slid under her and started 
    licking her pussy and slid his tongue into her cunt. 
    That seemed to make her happy again. I watched him as he 
    licked her clit, and then he would stick his tongue into 
    her. I stood and knelt right at the edge of the bed as 
    he ate her. She rotated her ass a little, and moaned. I 
    watched her breasts sway, as she moved a little to the 
    rhythm of Rob's tongue. She continued to moan, and tell 
    us that it felt good. 
    At one point she shifted her legs further apart, so Rob 
    could stick his tongue in further, and her knee brushed 
    up against my leg which was pushed up against the bed. I 
    froze, then moved my knee away. She didn't notice or 
    perhaps thought it was some body part that should be 
    there, since by then she was really into Rob licking her 
    pussy and his finger-fucking. 
    At that point, I leaned over, and took Rob's hand away 
    from her cunt and placed his hand at his side. He kept 
    eating Karen but looked at me wondering what I was 
    doing, and then he saw what I had in mind. I put my 
    finger into Karen's cunt, and began pushing against her 
    g-spot. Karen loves to have this one particular spot 
    pushed with a finger for a few minutes before and while 
    she cums. 
    So, Rob kept licking her clit, and I fucked her cunt 
    with my finger, pressing that spot. I could tell from 
    her breathing that she was really close. She came hard, 
    bucking on my finger and Rob's face, and I slipped my 
    finger out of her as her orgasm subsided. I leaned over 
    so my head was behind her, and asked if she wanted to be 
    fucked. She said yes. Rob got to his knees, and got up 
    behind her. 
    He played with his cock a little, and put his fingers 
    into her. Karen said "Ouch" or something like that. I 
    guess he was a little too rough. Rob kept trying to 
    enter her for a couple of minutes, but he was just as 
    nervous as me (I didn't have an erection at all, I was 
    so nervous).
    Rob got off the bed and shrugged. He started for the 
    other room where his clothes were. I went in there with 
    him. I whispered that I would get on the headboard and 
    have Karen blow me for a while, and he should just stay 
    and watch. So he did. I got on the headboard, and Rob 
    came over and crouched down right next to us, with his 
    head only about 10 inches away, and watched me fuck 
    Karen's mouth. He backed away, and stroked himself. I 
    was getting hard, and so was he. 
    I was getting hard enough to fuck her and give him a 
    show, but he was getting hard enough to fuck her and 
    give me a show. My selfishness won out. I gestured to 
    him, and to her cunt. He nodded, so I popped my dick out 
    of Karen's mouth. Rob got on the bed again, got up 
    behind her, and again fingered her. I was really 
    excited, but was worried that he still wouldn't get it 
    in, or that she would be able to tell. Well, I needn't 
    have worried. His cock slid into her, she moaned, and he 
    began fucking her.
    She wore this leather belt around her waist over the 
    garter belt. I directed his hands to hold onto the belt. 
    I stood by the bed and watched his cock move in and out 
    of her very wet cunt. I had told him that he could come 
    in her, since she was at a good point in her cycle (just 
    a couple of days after her period). 
    I went to the foot of the bed and watched him fuck her 
    from there, but couldn't really see much. Karen started 
    asking me if I was going to cum, so I scooted back 
    around and put my head over her back, and said no, 
    trying to sound like I was panting. Rob just kept 
    fucking her, and Karen said she wanted to know when I 
    was cumming. I asked her if she liked being fucked, and 
    she said yes. 
    After a few more minutes, during which Rob fucked her 
    real fast, and then slowly, and I think he may have 
    pulled his cock out for a moment and then slipped it 
    back in her, he nodded to me that he was close, so I 
    started faking sounds like I was close, and Karen asked 
    me if I was cumming, and I said I was about to. 
    Rob came, and I moaned, and Karen said something. He 
    took his time cumming, and seemed to keep pumping a 
    little more into her. Finally, Rob pulled out of her and 
    got off the bed. I got on the bed and licked her cunt a 
    little, but she asked if she could lay down and turn 
    over. Rob got dressed and left, but stood outside the 
    window for a few minutes as I lay on top of Karen and 
    fucked her mouth. 
    After he left, I took the blindfold off her. I told her 
    that I'd faked cumming, and that I wanted to cum now, so 
    I fucked her then. It was great, I could feel Rob's cum 
    inside. She was very wet, but there was a certain 
    slickness that was different. I'd had seconds once 
    before, and it is a special feeling and I like it a lot. 
    As I fucked her, I told her that someone else had fucked 
    her earlier. Of course, she didn't believe me, but she 
    went along with it. I described everything, and told her 
    how good it felt to fuck her with another man's cum 
    inside her. 
    I asked her if she squeezed my friends cock when he was 
    fucking her, and she said that she had. Playing along 
    (or was she?) she also said that she could tell it 
    wasn't me as soon as he had begun fucking her. I asked 
    her how as I slid my cock in and out of her already 
    semen-filled cunt, and she said that she could tell from 
    the angle. Between her talk, and fucking her cunt while 
    lubed with his cum, I couldn't hold it anymore and shot 
    my load of cum into her.
    Episode 3
    In Episode #2 I told you about my current partner, 
    Karen, and my experience having my friend fuck her while 
    she was blindfolded and tied up, without her knowledge. 
    Well, that was over a year ago, and I've been trying to 
    arrange a repeat performance to no avail due to a 
    variety of constraints. 
    During this time, she has alternately decided that she 
    wanted to fuck someone while she was blindfolded and let 
    me watch, pick up a stranger in a club and let me watch 
    her fuck him, and none of the above. But she did say 
    that any time I tied her up, I could have someone else 
    come over and fuck her, as long as she couldn't tell 
    that someone else was there. 
    It was a serious conversation (we'd been having serious 
    discussions about having someone over to fuck), although 
    I keep thinking that she assumes I wouldn't do it. But 
    she did agree. Recently, I was finally able to arrange 
    another blindfolded fuck session. Here's how it went:
    As before, I set the stage by mentioning off and on that 
    I would like to blindfold her and tie her up and fuck 
    her again. She was interested, and so I contacted my 
    friend who was still interested. I again told him that 
    if it happened, only one set of hands could be on her at 
    a time, and he couldn't talk. I also told him that if 
    something seemed to be going wrong that I would make a 
    throat cutting gesture which meant that he had to leave. 
    I again arranged things so that, if it happened, Karen 
    would be in the right part of her cycle so she wouldn't 
    get pregnant. My friend has been monogamous for years 
    and was tested for HIV in the early phases of his 
    relationship with his live-in girlfriend, so I wasn't 
    going to make him use a condom. Last time, I didn't 
    really get to eat Karen enough after he had finished in 
    her and I really wanted to enjoy myself.
    Well, as of the night before, Karen was up for it, and I 
    fucked her for a while but didn't cum, all the while 
    thinking that the next time I fucked her she would be 
    filled with Rob's cum. I didn't sleep well I was so 
    nervous. The next morning we got up leisurely and after 
    we had coffee, I asked Karen if she was still up for it. 
    She was, so while she was in the shower I called my 
    friend and told him to come over but wait out in his car 
    down the street. 
    Conveniently enough he has a cellular phone so our plan 
    was for me to call him once she was tied up and 
    blindfolded. After she showered, I re-shaved her so she 
    would be very smooth. She was pretty excited, and 
    dripped a little from her cunt while I was shaving her.
    I asked her if she wanted to put on her red thigh-high 
    garterless stockings. At first she didn't want to, but 
    then she decided she did. I told her to wait in the 
    bedroom while I got things ready. I went into the dining 
    room and put an exercise mat on the table and covered it 
    with a blanket, then put two high-backed chairs next to 
    one end of the table, and two at the other end, and put 
    the ropes next to one set of chairs. 
    I put on some music to mask any slight noises we might 
    make moving about the table. I went back into the 
    bedroom and put the long scarf we use as a blindfold on 
    her. I put a couple of large gauze pads under it over 
    her eyes just so she couldn't see out the bottom, in 
    case there was a gap. I then led her into the dining 
    room and lifted her up onto the table and got her 
    comfortable so that her legs were draped over 2 of the 
    chairs (with some blankets for padding underneath), and 
    then I tied both her wrists to the chairs at the other 
    She looked great lying there, her legs stretched apart 
    and her wrists pulled back behind her head. With her 
    arms in that position her tits really stood up nicely, 
    and her nipples were really stiff. I went into the back 
    bathroom for a moment and called my friend and told him 
    to come inside. I went back to the dining room and 
    rubbed a little lotion onto her breasts, giving her a 
    bit of a shock because it was so cold. I then went 
    around between the chairs and licked her thighs for a 
    while, and kept looking to see if my friend had come 
    inside. He had, so I backed out of the "pocket" between 
    the chairs, and motioned him in. 
    He took off his shirt and shoes but left his shorts on 
    for the time being. He got between Karen's legs and 
    started kissing around her labia, and gradually started 
    licking, and then probing her opening with his tongue. 
    She was pretty quiet at first, but the expression on her 
    face was one of ecstasy. Rob ate her for about 10 
    minutes, and every time her stomach muscles would start 
    quivering he would back off. I had asked him to not let 
    her cum because she might lose interest too soon, so he 
    held back. I pointed at him and pointed to her mouth and 
    the table. 
    He got the idea, and stopped eating her. He took off his 
    shorts and I handed him some flavored massage oil and he 
    put some on his cock, and I put some on her breasts. He 
    climbed onto the table, a little worried about whether 
    it would support his weight, I think. But, he straddled 
    her chest and lowered his cock down to her mouth. What 
    an erotic sight that was, seeing his semi-hard cock 
    lowering itself into Karen's mouth and her closing her 
    lips around it and sucking as he pulled himself in and 
    He fucked her mouth for about 5 minutes, pulling out and 
    lowering himself back in at least once. I was pretty 
    nervous and even though I was playing with my cock I 
    wasn't hard. He got off the table, but before he was 
    completely off he sucked one of her nipples for a 
    Once off the table, he began eating her more. She was 
    pretty turned on by this point, and was moaning as he 
    ate her. He was fairly hard by that point, and he stood 
    up and moved up into the pocket and slid his cock into 
    her. He started fucking her, and as he did he played 
    with her clit. I tried to get behind and under for a 
    view, but it was too dark from below and I couldn't see 
    much, so I went back to the side where I had a great 
    view of his cock sliding in and out of her cunt. 
    I wanted to put my head in real close, but I figured if 
    she got really excited she would pull her legs back and 
    it wouldn't do to have her thighs smacking me in the 
    side of the head. Karen was making little moaning sounds 
    by that point, and was clearly close to cumming but Rob 
    would quit fingering her clit for a few seconds but 
    would continue to fuck her. Her breathing was getting 
    pretty hard, and Rob was fucking her pretty fast and 
    hard. He was somewhat surprised when she pulled her legs 
    up and wrapped them around his back but he put one hand 
    under her thigh to support her. 
    She was really into it, and he kept fucking her really 
    hard and fast and then he stopped, and made a few more 
    slow stokes, and then he pulled out of her. He motioned 
    to me that it was my turn. I could see cum on his dick 
    and he turned to pick up his shirt (he had to go back to 
    work). I got between Karen's legs and decided to really 
    go for it and really gave her a tonguing, really digging 
    into her cunt and lapping all her juices. I had been 
    quiet the whole time, but I stopped eating her and told 
    her that someone else had just fucked her and asked if 
    she liked me eating his cum out of her. She said yes. 
    I asked her if she could tell it was someone else, and 
    she again said yes. I asked her whose cock was in her 
    mouth, and she said that it was mine, and I told her 
    that it was his. I got up onto the table and let her 
    suck my cock then. She was pretty frustrated and wanted 
    to cum so she really sucked me hard. I got off the table 
    and ate her, and stuck one finger inside her and pressed 
    against the top of her cunt until she came really hard. 
    Then I fucked her. 
    She was so slick with her juices and Rob's cum that I 
    barely felt any friction, but I was so turned on that I 
    came in only a few minutes. I ate her a little more, and 
    smeared our combined juices all over her breasts. When I 
    untied her and took the blindfold off we kissed for a 
    while and then got dressed. We had a great time, and now 
    she says she will really let me bring someone over the 
    next time she's tied up. We'll see.
    Episode 4
    It had been several months since I had blindfolded and 
    tied Karen to the kitchen table so Rob could fuck her. 
    She still had not retracted her consent for me to have a 
    guest over whenever she is tied up, as long as she can't 
    tell. We have continued to discuss having a man come 
    over and for her to fuck both of us while she is 
    blindfolded, but not tied up. And she agreed again but 
    changed her mind the day before. So, in playful 
    conversations I suggested to her that she needed to be 
    tied up and disciplined. 
    She seemed up for it, so I let Rob know that I was going 
    to be tying her up again soon. We worked out the day and 
    approximate time that it would happen. While Karen was 
    showering, I cleared off the coffee table, and put on 
    some music to mask any sounds of movement. Once she was 
    out and dry, I blindfolded her, and had her wait in the 
    bathroom as I moved the coffee table into the bedroom. I 
    led Karen to the coffee table, put a large pillow on it, 
    and had her lay down on it, on her back. I tied her arms 
    to the sides of the table. 
    I went into the other room and got some tall director 
    chairs and moved them into the bedroom, and placed one 
    of Karen's legs on each. Now her pussy was partly open, 
    and her ass was at the edge of the coffee table, and her 
    legs were elevated nicely. Karen had quit shaving 
    shortly after Rob had fucked her last time, so she had a 
    nice bush of hair. 
    I went into the back room and called Rob (waiting in his 
    car down the street; see the earlier stories for how 
    we've worked this stuff out) and told him we were ready. 
    I got out Karen's special dildo, the one with the moving 
    penis head (variable speed) and the little clit-flicking 
    device on the side (also variable speed). I started 
    kissing her thighs, paying attention to the bedroom 
    After just a few minutes, Rob was there, nude. I guess 
    he had shed his clothes in the kitchen. I got up and got 
    out of the way. Rob picked up the dildo, and began 
    massaging Karen's labia with it. I worked the controls, 
    and set everything to going at about the right speeds. 
    Rob began to work the dildo into Karen's cunt, and 
    gradually had the whole thing in, moving it back and 
    forth in a nice slow steady fucking rhythm. He only 
    occasionally let it stay in and the little clit-licker 
    head come into contact with her clit. 
    Karen was breathing slowly, and was beginning to relax 
    and really get into it. I just stood there and watched 
    Rob sliding the dildo in an out of Karen's cunt. After 
    about 10 minutes of this, she came really hard, her tits 
    quivering and her whole body shaking. Rob slid the dildo 
    out once she had finished. I never try to make Karen cum 
    again right away; she always pushes my head away. But 
    Rob didn't know that, and she was tied up, so he began 
    moving the dildo back around her labia. 
    Karen kind of moaned, "No!" and Rob did move the dildo 
    up and rubbed it on her mons for a few seconds, but then 
    he moved it back to her labia by way of dragging it over 
    her moist clit. He worked her labia just a few moments, 
    then dragged the dildo back over her clit onto the top 
    of her mons. He continued like that for several minutes, 
    until Karen started to relax and breath harder again, 
    and so he pushed the dildo slowly into her box. He also 
    licked her clit a little, but mostly worked the dildo 
    in. He kept doing that, and then moved his head away and 
    got straightened up in front of her, moving his cock up 
    close to the dildo. 
    He was hard, and it looked like he was rubbing his cock 
    on her labia and clit as he was running the dildo in and 
    out of her. She started breathing harder and faster, and 
    I think he had in mind to pull the dildo out and fuck 
    her and rub her clit until she came, but as he was 
    withdrawing the dildo she pleaded "No, don't stop, 
    please don't stop" and he kept fucking her with the 
    dildo, and she came again. I wished he would have fucked 
    her and had her cum on his cock, but oh well.
    After she came, he moved around the chair (and I moved 
    around the other chair) to be at her right side. He 
    knelt down and started licking one of her breasts, and 
    then started sucking her nipple. Karen's nipples get 
    really hard and red, and are about a half inch wide and 
    stick out about a half inch. They are very sensitive, 
    and she made a little "Ow!" sound as he sucked, so he 
    let up. After sucking her tits for a few minutes, he 
    straddled her chest, and put his cock in front of her 
    face, and touched the head to her lips. 
    She opened her mouth and swallowed his cock in. She 
    couldn't really move her head much due to the position, 
    so he fucked her mouth. After a few minutes she tried 
    reaching up with her hands, and the ropes on each arm 
    slipped back to her elbows, allowing her to grab his 
    hips. He looked at me, kind of concerned. I was 
    concerned too, but hey, as it turns out, guys' hips must 
    all feel the same. She used his hips to hold onto so she 
    could pull her head up and suck his cock in and out of 
    her mouth. She even reached behind his ass and held his 
    I moved back just a little and got a good view of her 
    holding his balls while her mouth stretched over his 
    cock. I was jerking off, and getting really close to 
    cumming. Rob kept fucking her mouth, occasionally 
    popping out. Karen kept reaching up to put him back in 
    her mouth. She was really sucking on him, and he was 
    fucking her real fast. I figured he was about to cum. 
    Then he came out, and after she got him put back in she 
    reached up to her blindfold and kind of adjusted it 
    where it covered her nose. That really startled me. Rob 
    fucked her for a couple of more minutes, then stopped. I 
    thought he had cum, but I gave him a quizzical look and 
    he shook his head "no."
    He went to the back of the room, and I figured he was 
    worried about her pulling the blindfold off, although 
    she has always waited for me to remove it. Even when she 
    has gotten uncomfortable, she has told me and waited for 
    me to remove it. But he didn't know that. 
    So, I got between her legs and started to eat her, but I 
    kind of felt like the moment was lost, so I gave Rob the 
    "throat-cutting" signal that meant he should leave, and 
    so he did. I went ahead and ate Karen until she came, 
    and then I fucked her mouth. I told her that a friend of 
    mine had been there and he was the one who had fucked 
    her mouth before, and I asked her if she could tell the 
    difference. She said no. 
    I asked her if she had tasted any drops of cum from him, 
    and again she said no. She did say that it smelled a 
    little like garlic. Hmmm? I told her that he was the one 
    who had made her cum the first two times. She asked what 
    he was doing now, and I said he had gone. She asked if 
    that was all, and I said that was all for now. She said 
    she was getting uncomfortable, so I took her blindfold 
    off and untied her and put her on the bed and fucked her 
    mouth till I was hard and then I fucked her.
    The next day Rob phoned me at work and told me that he 
    had been worried that she was going to remove the 
    blindfold. I told him that next time I would tie her 
    arms differently. I had tied her arms so she could use 
    them in case he fucked her tits. She would have been 
    able to squeeze her tits together. Karen likes to have 
    her tits fucked, and I should have told him that.
    Well, I was feeling bad about leaving Rob high and dry, 
    and of course, I wanted to see him cum in Karen. I have 
    only seen him cum in her twice, the first time was when 
    he fucked her from behind (Wilson 2) and the second was 
    when he fucked her on the kitchen table (Wilson 3). I 
    really want to see him cum in her mouth and see her 
    dribble the cum out. So, only about 2 weeks later, just 
    after her period, I arranged another session for a 
    Sunday night. I told Rob that this time he could cum in 
    her mouth or her cunt (the previous time I had told him 
    he couldn't cum in her cunt). 
    Things were all set, when Karen said why didn't I just 
    tie her up without the blindfold. AAARGH! I said that I 
    liked having her blindfolded because she didn't even 
    know if I was in the room and I could do stuff and come 
    back in later. I had to pack that night to leave on a 
    business trip, and told her that I might pack for a 
    while after I tied her up. I had discussed with Rob how 
    he wanted her tied up. He liked fucking her from behind, 
    I guess, because he mentioned that. 
    I reminded him that she could untie her hands if she 
    were like that, so we decided that we would tie her to 
    the headboard of the bed on her back. Actually, I tied 
    her to the footboard, thinking that the angle would 
    permit me to be right at her head and maybe lift it as 
    Rob fucked her mouth. She wouldn't be able to tell who 
    was doing the lifting.
    I got her tied up, and called Rob. I went outside and 
    met Rob as he was walking up the street. We went to the 
    bedroom window at the side of the house, and peeked in 
    for a moment. We went in, and I went on into the bedroom 
    and took off my clothes. I already had some music going, 
    not too loud. Rob stayed in the kitchen to take his 
    clothes off. He came in the bedroom. I was just standing 
    at the foot of the bed, near Karen's head. 
    Rob got on the side, and kissed her tits a little, and 
    then sucked her nipples (she said "Ouch" again, I'm sure 
    he'll get it right with practice). He then moved down 
    and put his head between her thighs and ate her for 
    about 10 minutes. I sat down on a stool right next to 
    the foot of the bed. Karen didn't seem to be relaxing at 
    all. Rob kept eating her. I was wishing he would lift 
    her thighs up and drape them over his neck and forehead 
    so he could get in and really do some serious cunt-
    lapping, but he didn't.
    After a little longer, he got up and went to the end of 
    the bed and crawled over Karen's chest and stuck his 
    cock in her mouth. She started sucking eagerly. I wanted 
    to lift her head for him, but I was too nervous about 
    making the floor squeak. Maybe next time, when more 
    sound is masked by the air fan. Rob fucked her face for 
    about 10 minutes or so, and then moved down and slid his 
    cock into her cunt. 
    He held his head away from her face (we're a little 
    worried about smell) by putting an arm on either side of 
    her chest. Her arms were pulled back up to the side of 
    her head and were tied to the bed. Karen pulled her legs 
    up to accommodate his thrusts. He started fucking her 
    really hard, and her tits were bouncing up and down just 
    inches below his chest. I moved to the opposite end of 
    the bed so I could see his balls slapping her, and his 
    cock going in and out of her cunt. I could see her 
    getting wetter, and some of her juices leaked out from 
    her cunt and ran down into the crack of her ass. 
    Karen started breathing harder, and then started moaning 
    a little, then more, and then more and more and louder. 
    I was hoping she might cum, something she rarely does 
    from fucking. Rob slowed down, then stopped, then pushed 
    his cock into her, kind of sideways, and I could see 
    that he was in all the way to his balls and was enjoying 
    just being in there pushing his cock up against Karen's 
    cunt walls. Rob resumed stroking away. I didn't know 
    what to expect, whether he would pull out and cum in her 
    mouth, or if he would cum in her cunt. Pretty exciting, 
    not knowing. 
    I considered staying there and watching to see if I 
    could tell when he was cumming from watching his balls, 
    but Karen was moaning so much that I wanted to see her 
    face. So I slowly moved a few feet up the side of the 
    bed, and watched Karen's face as she got fucked really 
    hard and fast. I could see Rob's dick sliding in and out 
    of her bush. Rob did some very fast fucking, and then 
    finally stopped. He had fucked her for about 20 or 25 
    minutes straight. I looked at him, and he shook his head 
    yes. I thought he might go down on her to finish her 
    off, but he headed for the door and then on out. 
    So, I got on the bed and fucked her mouth until I was 
    hard. Then I fucked her. I told her that my friend had 
    just fucked her, and I asked if she had squeezed her 
    cunt muscles very much to give him a treat. She said 
    yes, then she hesitated and said, "No, not really." I 
    just kept fucking her. It took me about 3 minutes before 
    I couldn't stand it and added my cum to Rob's. I moved 
    back and knelt between her legs, and started working her 
    clit with my finger. She started getting pretty hot, so 
    I leaned over and started licking her clit with my 
    tongue. She came really fast.
    We snuggled and read for the rest of the evening. Just 
    before turning out the lights, I told her that I needed 
    to fuck her again. I told her to suck me. She got on her 
    knees and sucked me, I got hard, and then turned her 
    around and fucked her from behind. She felt really 
    slick, and I knew that she was lubed with Rob's cum as 
    well as mine. I told her to turn around and suck me some 
    As her lips slid over the head of my cock, I asked her 
    if she could taste my cum and my friend's mixed 
    together, and she said yes. I could feel this special 
    slickness coating my dick, and I got so hard I could 
    barely stand it. I told Karen to turn around again, and 
    had her fuck me. I just knelt behind her with my cock in 
    her cunt, and told her to do the work. 
    While she was moving her ass back and forth, sliding her 
    stretched cunt lips over my cock skin, I thought that 
    maybe next time I should figure a way to tie her hands 
    really good so we could fuck her face and her cunt while 
    she was on her knees, and that I should speak up while 
    she is fucking Rob and tell her to fuck him. 
    Karen kept shoving her ass back onto my cock, the lube 
    in her cunt felt like silk, I could see Rob's cock 
    stretching her cunt, she kept fucking me, and I came 
    really hard while picturing her cunt milking the cum out 
    of his cock.
    Episode 5
    It had been over 2 years since I last tied up Karen and 
    blindfolded her and watched my friend fuck her, all the 
    while her thinking she was fucking me (although she had 
    said it was okay to bring over a stranger to fuck her as 
    long as she couldn�t tell). 
    Karen knew I wanted to have a threesome. Both watching 
    her fuck someone and eventually participating were 
    things I had wanted to do with her for a long time. We 
    had discussed it for over 6 years. A few years ago 
    during a trip back to her childhood home she had agreed 
    to seduce and fuck a past boyfriend while I hid in the 
    closet, but that had never happened. But we had 
    discussed variations on the watching them off and on. 
    I hadn�t pressed it for some time, but during the months 
    when we were planning to leave town for a half-year to 
    work in another city, I brought it up several times. If 
    I brought it up while we were fucking, Karen would of 
    course say that she would fuck someone for me once we 
    were in the other town. 
    I said we should take out a personal, but even while 
    fucking she said no, that she didn�t want to do it that 
    way, to let it happen naturally. Well, it isn�t like we 
    know a lot of available males that we�re going to have 
    dinner and drinks with and then suddenly pull his pants 
    We also discussed the idea when we weren�t fucking, 
    because I felt it was important for Karen to know that I 
    was serious about this topic even when I wasn�t totally 
    wild with hormones. She understood that I really wanted 
    to try it, but she was still reluctant to place an ad, 
    and had no other realistic plan. Sometimes while fucking 
    she would talk about picking someone up, but I knew that 
    she�d never go through with that due to the disease 
    issue and other potential dangers.
    Well, after being in the other town for 5 weeks and 
    pestering her about it several times, she said it was 
    okay if I replied to personal ads. I don�t think she 
    thought I�d really do it. But, I paid the local 
    alternative paper with a credit card to buy minutes on 
    their personal ad response line (we didn�t want 900 
    number charges showing up on the phone bill of the 
    people for whom we were house-sitting). 
    I called 4 different guys who were specifically 
    advertising for couples, plus about 4 guys who were 
    looking for a married woman with whom to have a 
    �daytime� affair. With these latter guys, I left a 
    message indicating that I was satisfied just watching. 
    Not one of them called back. All 4 of the other guys 
    did. With one of them, no follow-up meeting was 
    arranged. With another, we arranged a meeting and he 
    never showed. 
    With another, we arranged to meet at a quiet bar, but he 
    would wait out front. It was daylight, and there was 
    only one guy hanging around out front, and he looked 
    like some refugee from the HMS Beagle, with a Darwinian 
    beard and hair and sailor skin. While cruising past in 
    the car, Karen freaked out and said that if it was him 
    she wasn�t even going to talk to him and let me out. It 
    was him, so I got out of there fast and we left. 
    Amazingly, Karen was still willing to meet the last guy. 
    He was in his early 20s, and was very nice and had only 
    3 girlfriends ever. He was looking for an older couple 
    to educate him, and I think he wanted some sort of role 
    where he was a submissive and was probably into bisexual 
    stuff. But, he wasn�t very clear about anything. He was 
    finishing college and was working, and was willing to 
    get an HIV test. 
    When our half-hour meeting over coffee ended (having 
    supposed to last only 5 or 10 minutes), I was hopeful 
    but Karen immediately quashed things. She said that 
    although he was very nice and everything, he had 
    reminded her of one of my ex-girlfriends (her nemesis). 
    I hadn�t noticed the resemblance (after all, he was a 
    guy) but Karen pointed out the similarities that she had 
    perceived: Groucho Marx blonde/black eyebrows and his 
    smile. So, that was out. 
    She didn�t want to meet anymore guys. I said that we�d 
    have a lot more control over the process if we took out 
    an ad, but she still said no. But, about 2 weeks later 
    she agreed to let me take out an ad. However, Karen said 
    she would fuck someone only once to satisfy my wishes, a 
    sentiment she had expressed several times over the years 
    that we had discussed this. Here is our ad below, pasted 
    from the e-mail I sent to the alternate weekly.
    Category: Couples Seeking
    Text (no heading): Attractive and witty MWF 38, 
    height/weight proportionate, seeking intelligent, 
    attractive, fit WM 25-40 for sex while husband observes 
    or participates. Married or single.
    We did lie about her age. She�d just turned 40, but can 
    pass for 35, probably less. When the ad came out 10 days 
    later she was stunned that I had really done it. I 
    pointed out to her that she had agreed, and had even 
    mentioned an existing ad as the one to model ours after. 
    I left a voice mail message at our personal ad box for 
    the respondents to listen to that asked the man to give 
    his height, weight, age, hair color, complexion, and 
    some info about his work and interests. The ad ran 
    twice, and garnered over 60 replies. Almost everyone 
    gave a lot of info. T
    here were some total losers (�I�m 5 and half feet, 200 
    pounds, and have a beer belly because I run a tavern�), 
    but most were just mediocre. But, about 20 were 
    potentials, and we narrowed the list to about 10 people 
    that we could meet, basing our decision on both their 
    self-described looks, the type of work they did, whether 
    they seemed comfortable with the process, and whether 
    they conveyed any positive type of personality. 
    I contacted each (using a pay phone in case they had 
    caller ID) and indicated that we had gotten over 60 
    replies but had narrowed it to just a few people that we 
    wanted to meet individually, in a public place like a 
    coffee shop, perhaps for just 5 minutes to see if there 
    was any compatibility, maybe for a little longer. 
    The first guy we met was nice, handsome, and athletic. 
    He was about 35. After we left our meeting with him, 
    Karen sounded like she would do it with him. He would 
    have wound up getting to fuck her, but the very second 
    guy we met was so nice that immediately after our 30 
    minute meeting Karen made it clear that she wanted to do 
    it with him. He said he was 25, had a girlfriend in grad 
    school who was out of town. He was about 5� 10�, 145 
    pounds, worked out with weights (although he wasn�t 
    muscular appearing), and was well-educated, very polite, 
    and had good answers to Karen�s questions about why he 
    responded to the ad. 
    He had once fucked a friend while her husband watched 
    after they had gotten drunk in a hot tub, and then had 
    watched while they fucked. He had enjoyed it. He had 
    replied to ads before, but had always been grossed out 
    by the people he met so had never done it again. He had 
    gotten tested for HIV after being involved with his 
    girlfriend, and we told him about our recent HIV tests 
    (we had both gotten tests for life insurance policy 
    purposes, and had gotten copies of the results). He 
    worked in computer graphics. Karen loved his beautiful 
    eyes, dark hair, and very pale skin. 
    We did follow through with meeting most of the other 
    guys, although one never showed and one we blew off 
    after seeing him waiting. Three were pretty creepy in 
    person even though they had been nice on the phone. But, 
    among the others that we met, one guy, Laurence, said he 
    was 41, and Karen really liked him. He was 6�, 160 
    pounds (nice and thin but muscular), with blondish hair. 
    He worked in the arts and was well-educated and well-
    read. He had recently broken up a long-term 
    relationship, and used condoms regularly. He too had 
    been in a threesome before, after having gotten drunk 
    with another couple. He too had replied to ads but had 
    either been grossed out by the people he met or in one 
    case had been asked to pay them and so had never done it 
    We spent over an hour with him, and Karen said afterward 
    that he was the type of guy she would date if she were 
    single. She stunned me, but in a pleasant way, when she 
    said she wanted me to arrange for her to fuck Jonathan, 
    the computer graphics guy, and to arrange for her to 
    have a fuck session with Laurence, the arts guy. I was 
    thrilled. How sluttish! 
    I called all the other ones we�d met back and said that 
    we had decided not to go through with it at all (I 
    thought that would ease the disappointment). I called 
    both Jonathan and Laurence and told each we would go 
    ahead. Karen wanted to have another non-sexual date with 
    each. So, we had a nice long dinner with Jonathan, and 
    had Laurence over to a place we rented for a few days in 
    a nearby town. 
    We did find out that Laurence was really 46. And at our 
    dinner with Jonathan, the waitress carded him. He 
    complained, but once she saw his license she gave him a 
    hard time about complaining, so I think he was really 
    closer to 21. 
    We had our dates during the 2 weeks we had to wait for 
    their HIV tests to come back. Finally, everything was 
    ready. We had some scheduling problems, because these 
    guys were busy, as were we. I was disappointed that 
    everyone�s lives didn�t revolve around my sexual 
    fantasies. Karen wanted to do Jonathan first, because he 
    was younger and it seemed less threatening.
    For our meeting with Jonathan, Karen had dreamed up a 
    way to get into the sack that wouldn�t be too contrived. 
    She had decided that after drinks, we�d go to a hotel 
    (that we�d already checked into and set up a CD player 
    and candles) and she would take a shower with him so 
    they could get comfortable with each other�s bodies. She 
    had also told me that she wasn�t comfortable with 
    fucking both of us at the same time. I would have to 
    watch, and if she felt comfortable after she fucked 
    Jonathan, then I could fuck her after he left. I was 
    disappointed, but hey, I was going to get to watch.
    Once we did get to the hotel, they went into the 
    bathroom to shower, Karen in her bra and panties, 
    Jonathan in his shorts. I heard them murmuring, 
    giggling, and they were in there about 15 or 20 minutes. 
    I got naked and got into the other bed. When I had 
    watched Karen fuck someone before, I had trouble getting 
    hard because I was so nervous because, if you�ve read 
    the previous Wilson stories, she didn�t know that she 
    was really fucking someone else. However, I was really 
    comfortable with this (I was surprised at how 
    comfortable I was) and I had an incredible hard-on.
    When they came out, they were naked, of course. Jonathan 
    had an upturned hard-on (Karen told me later that he had 
    gotten hard as soon as she took off her bra). I could 
    see that his cock was good and long, about 7 inches, 
    very curved, but a little slimmer than my cock (which is 
    average). Karen lay down on the bed on her back. 
    Jonathan lay down next to her, then raised up and began 
    kissing and fondling her breasts. Karen looked over at 
    me and wiggled her eyebrows, then closed her eyes and 
    tilted her head back with a look of bliss. 
    Jonathan worked her tits over for a while, then worked 
    his mouth down her belly to her pubic area. He then 
    dived right into her muff and started licking her. I 
    couldn�t really see whether he was licking her labia or 
    her clit, but Karen was obviously enjoying it. He 
    eventually must have gotten to her clit because he was 
    in the middle, licking steadily. He went down on her 
    about 5 minutes, and would have gone longer but she made 
    him stop by reaching down to his head and saying �I want 
    you to fuck me.� That turned me on, knowing that she was 
    impatient to get screwed by someone she barely knew.
    Jonathan got on her missionary style, and Karen pulled 
    her legs up and wrapped them around him so he could 
    penetrate deep, and he fucked her for about 20 minutes 
    straight. He got off her and lay down and made her get 
    on top. She fucked him like that for about 10 or 15 
    minutes, and then got off and started sucking his cock. 
    She told him that she didn�t give blow jobs on the first 
    date, but since this was really the third date, it was 
    okay. She really worked it (she later told me that she 
    gave him a really good blow job not just for his benefit 
    but because she knew it would turn me on). She licked 
    the shaft, then teased the head and then slid his cock 
    into her mouth. She licked his balls while stroking his 
    cock with her hand. From time to time she looked over at 
    She blew him for about 10 minutes, and then she got back 
    on top and fucked him that way for another 10. He then 
    pulled out, she started to lay down, but he made her get 
    on her knees, and then he fucked her doggy style for 
    only about 5 minutes when he started breathing fast and 
    then stopped. Karen said �You�re stopping?� and he 
    quietly said �I came.� Quietist orgasm I�ve ever not 
    He was really sweating, and so was Karen. He got off the 
    bed. She had rolled to her back. Contrary to what she 
    had insisted earlier, she invited me over (rather than 
    waiting for him to leave), and so I got on top and 
    started fucking her. She was so slick. I would have cum 
    in about 15 more seconds, so I stopped and started 
    eating her. 
    I could taste his cum. She wanted to get on her knees, 
    so she turned over and I ate her from behind (she loves 
    it like that). She took about 15 minutes (she relished 
    it). After she came I started fucking her again, but I 
    was so close to cumming that I stopped and got out a 
    leather cock ring -- one that has one strap that goes 
    around your balls and a smaller one that goes around 
    your cock. It took several minutes to get it on and get 
    it tight enough. 
    Karen was kind of embarrassed that I had that out, but 
    she was willing to blow me to get me hard before I 
    fastened it real tight. I asked her if she could taste 
    Jonathan's cum on my dick (it was glistening on there) 
    and she could. I then fucked her missionary style for 10 
    minutes or so, and then rolled her on her side facing 
    Jonathan and got behind/next to her and fucked her 
    holding one of her legs up so he could see my cock going 
    in and out of her. 
    I was hoping that he would get hard again and come over 
    and stick his cock in her mouth or something. I 
    suggested that next time I could eat her while he fucked 
    her like I was fucking her then. 
    Karen said she was really tired and wanted me to finish 
    and she unfastened the cock ring, so I said I wanted to 
    cum like Jonathan had and so she got on her knees and I 
    fucked her real hard and fast from behind and came in 
    her. Karen put on her new pajamas for him. As Jonathan 
    left, Karen got up and ran to the door and kissed him 
    goodnight. We spent the night at the hotel. 
    We talked, and we both felt real good about it. We both 
    had a great time. Contrary to everything she had said 
    for years, she didn�t want it to be a one-time thing and 
    wanted to fuck Jonathan again. We looked forward to our 
    next session with him.
    The next week Karen told me that she wanted me to tie 
    her up and blindfold her the next time with Jonathan and 
    we could do whatever we wanted (except fuck her in the 
    Due to scheduling, people going in and out of town, it 
    was an entire month more before anything else happened. 
    And, due to scheduling, we were to meet Jonathan for a 
    nooner, but were to meet Laurence the evening before. I 
    checked us into a motel, planning to use the same room 
    for both encounters. Again, I brought along a CD player 
    and some candles.
    We met Laurence for dinner. Dinner was pleasant and 
    lasted about an hour and a half. He is a very 
    interesting guy, enjoying a lot of the same music, 
    books, movies, theatre, etc. that we do. He had 
    suggested we go to a hot tub after dinner. A good idea, 
    getting used to seeing each other naked. We went to this 
    hot tub place that has 2 large group hot tubs as well as 
    a sauna area. 
    We pretty much had one of the tubs to ourselves, 
    eventually sharing it with one other guy. I could tell 
    he liked Karen�s body. She had been exercising (weights) 
    and was in great shape, 5� 4�, 116 pounds, 35C, size 4 
    dress. Her ass was really firm from exercising. We 
    finally left and went to the motel in separate cars. On 
    the way there Karen told me the same rules were in 
    effect as with Jonathan: She wasn�t comfortable with a 
    threesome so I just had to watch and she would fuck me 
    when she was done with him. 
    I was disappointed, but I also remembered that with 
    Jonathan she hadn�t waited until he left to fuck me, and 
    that it had been fun to fuck her while he was still 
    there. We had given Laurence the motel address, and it 
    took him longer to get there than us, and we had decided 
    that he had chickened out. But, fortunately, he showed 
    We were all uncomfortable about getting started. Karen 
    pointed out that she�d already seen Laurence naked. So, 
    I suggested that we take off our clothes and that Karen 
    should lie down and we�d massage her. She liked that 
    Karen lay on her stomach. I massaged her feet (so 
    Laurence could have the upper area). He massaged her 
    neck and back. I started doing her thighs, including an 
    occasional brush of her bush. (Karen later disclosed 
    that she was afraid she would turn over onto her back 
    and neither of us would be hard - she needn�t have 
    worried). Laurence got a boner. Karen turned slightly 
    onto one side, with her face toward him, and he just 
    leaned down and started sucking her mouth into his. 
    They made out a long time, just feeling each other. 
    Karen went down on him, using that �Not until the third 
    date� remark again. Again, she really gave him great 
    head, both for his benefit and for mine. Then, Karen got 
    up on top, and ground her pussy into his cock for 
    several minutes. I could see that her labia were 
    gleaming with her juices. She finally guided him into 
    her using her hand. Karen has very small hands to start 
    with, making his cock, an 8 incher that was really 
    thick, look really huge. 
    She fucked him like that for about 15 minutes. Then she 
    rolled off of him and they kissed and she lay on her 
    back and he worked down to her cunt and started lapping 
    it, and shoved his dick in her mouth and started 
    thrusting. The angle wasn�t right so she only got a 
    little of it, but she had to stretch her mouth around it 
    to get the head in. 
    They did that for about 5 or 6 minutes and then he got 
    on top of her, she pulled her legs up, and he had fucked 
    her for about15 minutes when she reached down to pull 
    him out (she later said she was just going to get into 
    another position) and he started cumming. He had already 
    started cumming inside her (I knew that later when I ate 
    her) but most of his cum got on the bed and her hand.
    I pointed out that he hadn�t made her cum and said that 
    she liked being eaten, but I guess he was not into post-
    coital cunnilingus and so he knelt next to her and did 
    her with his fingers. She took about 10 minutes. She 
    loved it, and came really hard, breathing hard and 
    moaning. She groaned, �I�m going to cum!� and had a long 
    one. Her face was beautiful. 
    I then got on the bed and licked her cunt for a few 
    minutes. I said, �Hmm, Laurence left a little cum In 
    there� and looked at him. He just looked at me blankly 
    (he was pretty tired from the work-out). I got on top 
    and fucked her missionary style for a few minutes. While 
    I was fucking her she asked me what I liked best about 
    what they�d done (right in front of him). 
    I said I really liked watching her suck his cock, and 
    that it really turned me on to see her making out with 
    him, kissing him so hard and getting into it so much. I 
    turned her over and fucked her from behind for several 
    minutes and suggested to her that maybe Laurence would 
    like to do something more. She didn�t resist the idea at 
    all (with her eyes), so I asked Laurence if he wanted to 
    do something more, like maybe Karen could suck his cock 
    while I fucked her. 
    He came over and lay down on the bed and Karen started 
    playing with his cock with her hands, and then started 
    licking it. I couldn�t really see anything from that 
    position (other than her head moving over his crotch 
    area), so I stopped fucking her and watched from between 
    her legs. I tilted my head practically upside down so I 
    could watch and lick her cunt. Karen loves being eaten 
    from behind. 
    I think it must strike her as really nasty, not even 
    seeing who is eating her, and she feels really exposed 
    with her ass in the air like that. After eating her for 
    a while like that, and seeing Karen with her lips 
    wrapped around his cock, sliding up and down and her 
    hand wrapped around it, stroking it while sucking it, I 
    really got into eating her and had to move my head so I 
    could get my tongue into her cunt further and lick up 
    and down from her ass to her clit. 
    So, I couldn�t see anything but could hear her moaning 
    and he was breathing harder and harder and I could sense 
    her faster movements with her hand and head through the 
    gyration of her body and then she was really moaning 
    load and he gasped and I knew he was cumming in her 
    mouth. Karen told me she swallowed pretty much all of 
    it. She figured that his first orgasm had dumped most of 
    his load and that there wasn�t that much. His cumming 
    really tipped her over the edge because she started 
    begging me not to stop and then she started shaking and 
    moaning (still muffled from having her mouth on his 
    cock) and she came really hard, bucking her ass against 
    me. As soon as she was done I fucked her really hard 
    from behind but deliberately took my time. 
    After about 8 or 10 minutes Karen said she was tired and 
    so I came. Laurence had remained on his back with her 
    head over his cock the whole time I fucked her. It was 
    fantastic. Later, Karen said that part of it, her 
    sucking him off while I ate her was �Really hot.�
    Less than 12 hours later, I dropped her off at the same 
    hotel while I went to get take-out sushi, so we all 
    could have something to eat after we fucked. I was 
    hoping that I wouldn�t get back until after they started 
    fucking, but Jonathan was going in the hotel as I was 
    driving into the underground parking. So he had only 
    been there a minute when I went in. I put on some music. 
    We all chatted for a minute, then Karen and Jonathan and 
    I all started undressing. We weren�t going to do the 
    blindfold thing because Jonathan had to be back at work 
    too soon. I got on the bed that they weren�t on. They 
    started making out. Karen wound up on top, worked her 
    way down to his cock and sucked him for a few minutes, 
    and then onto his cock and started fucking him really 
    hard. They fucked like that for about 15 minutes when 
    Karen got off and turned around and put her knees on 
    either side of Jonathan�s head, leaned down and started 
    sucking his cock. She lowered her cunt onto his face and 
    he started eating her. They 69ed for about 15 minutes. 
    Karen wasn�t going to let him cum, though. It was clear 
    because she would start sucking him off but then stop 
    and just hold his cock and not stroke it or lick his 
    balls or anything. But it was clear that she was going 
    to stay on his face until she came. I had told her after 
    the first time that I was disappointed that she hadn�t 
    let him eat her until she came. She had said that she 
    would have cum from the way he was eating her, but that 
    he had stopped and started fucking her. I pointed out 
    that she had made him stop eating her so she could fuck 
    him. She looked kind of sheepish, because she didn�t 
    remember that. 
    While Karen was sucking his cock, she would look at me 
    once in a while. She would turn her head and look at me 
    out of the corner of her eyes, which were just open a 
    slit, and then she would slide her mouth back down as 
    far as she could over his cock, and then slide up while 
    sucking it, her lips stretched out over his skin. She 
    finally came, whispering to Jonathan �Don�t stop, please 
    don�t stop.� She bucked on his face pretty violently. 
    She got off him, and was swinging around on the bed. 
    I jumped up, thinking I might fuck her from behind for 
    just a minute, but she moved too fast and had her ass in 
    the air right where Jonathan could get to it. He started 
    fucking her, but I sat down on the bed near her head. 
    After the night before, when she had so gotten into what 
    three people could do, she must have changed her mind 
    about doing only one of us at a time. 
    So, she started backing up and made Jonathan back up so 
    I could get onto the bed all the way and lean back 
    against the headboard. Karen sucked my cock into her 
    mouth, and Jonathan started fucking her. He was holding 
    on to the sides of her butt, and each time he shoved his 
    cock into her cunt he shoved her mouth down deep over my 
    cock, and then he would rock back pulling out of her and 
    she would rock back with him at the same time bringing 
    her mouth to the tip of my cock. 
    He fucked her for only 5 minutes or so before cumming, 
    this time announcing it by saying very quietly, �I�m 
    After he pulled out Karen started giving me really 
    vigorous head, and I came in another 5 minutes. That 
    concluded the first, and so far only, time that Karen 
    has had sex with 3 men within a 12 hour period. 
    Unfortunately, that was the last time she got to fuck 
    Jonathan. We had another session tentatively scheduled 
    when his girlfriend defended her thesis and left her 
    university early, decided not to spend a week with 
    relatives while on the road, and was going to be staying 
    with him while apartment hunting. For some reason, he 
    wasn't comfortable telling her he was popping out for a 
    quickie with a married woman and her husband. 
    The good news was that Karen wanted to fuck Laurence 
    again. So, our next session occurred in a nice apartment 
    we were house-sitting. It was about 2 1/2 weeks after 
    the first session, and Laurence came over for drinks 
    first. After we had sat around for over an hour, I 
    finally said �Are we going to get naked now?� I think 
    Karen and Laurence would have sat there chatting for 
    another hour. Anyway, everyone got up and went to the 
    bedroom, and I started taking off my clothes. 
    They went into the kitchen to get drinks of water, and 
    didn�t come back. I could hear them begin to kiss and 
    fondle. They made out in the kitchen for about 10 
    minutes. I finally went in to participate, in case they 
    were going to wind up on the floor or something, and 
    started massaging Karen�s ass as she stood embracing 
    Laurence. Her jeans were on, but they were unzipped and 
    pulled down a little. 
    I pulled them the rest of the way down, and in doing so 
    reached around to the front and could feel Laurence�s 
    exposed cock rubbing against her panties. His cock was 
    sticking up over the top of his underwear. I pulled her 
    pants off, then her panties. Karen�s shirt was 
    unbuttoned (I guess he had been fondling her tits), and 
    Laurence took her bra off, and removed the rest of her 
    We all went into the bedroom. They got on the bed and 
    continued to make out. Karen worked her way down his 
    torso and wound up sucking his cock for a while, and 
    moved around so that she was straddling his knees with 
    her head over his cock. So I licked her from behind but 
    I wanted to see so I got back to Laurence's side and lay 
    down on the bed next to them. She gave him a really good 
    blow job for about 5 or 8 minutes, sucking on his balls 
    and licking his cock and sucking it. She got on top and 
    fucked him like that for about 10 minutes. 
    They changed, he got on top and fucked her. He leaned 
    back and lifted her up by holding under her ass and 
    fucked her really hard for a couple of minutes. He then 
    lay down on top of her and she opened her legs really 
    wide and he just really nailed her for about 10 or 15 
    minutes, really grinding her ass down into the bed while 
    kissing her and she was moaning loud the whole time. 
    They broke for drinks of water (the apartment was dry 
    from the heater). 
    They resumed, taking my suggestion of her laying on her 
    side and him fucking her from behind. My idea was to 69 
    with her, and so I started licking her clit, but she 
    twisted her torso around and started making out with 
    Laurence so she couldn't suck my cock. We did that for 
    about 10 minutes. Laurence popped out once and I put him 
    back in. The second time he popped out he wanted to 
    change positions (I don�t think he was getting much 
    We all had some water. Karen wanted Laurence to fuck her 
    from behind (he�d not done that either time yet) and got 
    in position to suck me while he fucked her. But he was 
    too soft to put it in, so Karen said �I think we need to 
    do it this way� and simply turned around and started 
    sucking him off and wiggled her butt for me to fuck her. 
    After just a couple of minutes, I guess he was hard, 
    because Karen just slid off of me and turned around 
    again and Laurence started fucking her and she started 
    sucking me. I leaned around so I could finger her clit 
    while she kept sucking me. I reached with both hands, so 
    I had my left hand on the top of her ass using a finger 
    to rub her asshole, and had my right hand underneath 
    massaging her clit. 
    I�ll be damned, and I was so pleased, when she reached 
    back with one hand and started squeezing Laurence�s 
    balls. He started fucking her really hard. Karen had to 
    quit blowing me. I let loose with my hands so I could 
    reposition myself so she could suck me. I said to Karen 
    �You love being fucked don�t you?� Karen nodded and 
    moaned on my cock. I added �You want Laurence to cum in 
    your cunt, don�t you? You want him to shoot a big load 
    of cum into you.� 
    She pulled her mouth off my cock and said �Yes.� I 
    leaned back around and resumed fingering her ass and 
    clit, and again Karen had to stop sucking me because 
    Laurence was fucking her so hard. After about 15 minutes 
    of this, Laurence announced, �I�m gonna cum!� and Karen 
    said �Yeah baby, cum in my cunt!� and (because her wrist 
    was touching my hand that was flicking her clit) I could 
    feel her tense her hand more as she squeezed his balls 
    Laurence came a lot. 
    After he pulled out of her, I had her lay down so I 
    could eat his cum out of her. I ate her. Then I fucked 
    her a minute, and then I ate her some more. She wanted 
    to 69. So she got on top of me and sucked me while I 
    sucked his cum out of her and licked her clit. Laurence 
    watched us from different sides of the bed (as I had 
    done while they were fucking). Karen came very hard, and 
    I crawled out from under her, keeping her on her knees. 
    I fucked her from behind. 
    While I was fucking her, I asked Laurence if he was 
    ready to get back in the game (about 20 minutes had 
    passed). He lay down on the bed and Karen blew him while 
    I fucked her. His eyes were closed and his face was 
    totally blissed out with a slight smile. He got on his 
    knees and started fucking her mouth. I asked him if he 
    wanted to trade. He didn�t. Karen wanted me to cum. 
    I told her I wanted to wait. I felt like there was a 
    liquid string running from her cunt into my cock and 
    down into my balls and up into my stomach and that it 
    was just moving back and forth a little bit and all I 
    had to do was pull it harder and my cum would come 
    gushing out. I just let Karen rock back and forth on my 
    cock for about 20 minutes while she sucked Laurence�s 
    cock. Karen's cunt was so wet from her cum and his cum, 
    I was rock hard, slick and sliding, and was in total 
    Karen stopped sucking him and turned her head back 
    toward me and mouthed �Cum now.� I said out loud �I�m 
    going to wait and cum when Laurence does." He told me I 
    didn�t need to wait for him. I just said I was fine, 
    that it felt great, that I could cum anytime and for him 
    to take as long as he wanted. 
    After a couple more minutes Laurence commanded Karen to 
    �Suck harder� (Karen later said to me, using these words 
    exactly �I complied�). Her extra efforts did the trick, 
    because he started moaning and said he was cumming and 
    Karen started moaning as his sperm entered her mouth so 
    I let myself go and emptied my balls into Karen�s tight 
    little already cum-lubed snatch.
    Laurence dressed and left. Karen saw him out the door, 
    still naked. From the time they started making out until 
    I came was about 2 hours. We went to bed exhausted, but 
    started reviewing the events. I had to roll on top of 
    her and fuck her for about 15 minutes while we talked 
    some more about it, and then I came. 
    I figured that she was exhausted, but then she asked me 
    to eat her, and got on her knees. I ate her from behind 
    for about 10 minutes, and I guess she was concerned 
    about me being tired and so she got on her back and I 
    ate her for another 10 minutes and finished her like 
    that. She was so wet.
    That had been Monday. On Thursday I was going to go see 
    the �Wizard of Oz� on the big screen because it was the 
    last day it was to be in town. Laurence called before 
    mid-day and wanted to come over in an hour. I was in the 
    shower when he called, so Karen told him that I wouldn�t 
    be there, but would talk to me and call him back. 
    She and I had already discussed the idea of me leaving 
    her alone sometime so she could fuck either Jonathan or 
    Laurence (at that point we didn�t know she wouldn�t get 
    to fuck Jonathan again), and then I would fuck her when 
    I got back while she told me about it. 
    I said that I�d like to have another threesome, and 
    could skip the �Wizard,� so we could have one right 
    then. But I knew Karen wanted to fuck him alone to see 
    if he was any different when I wasn�t there so I 
    proposed that if Laurence was willing to promise to make 
    time for another threesome before we left town that I 
    would go and he could come over. Karen was so pleased. 
    Anyway, Laurence leapt at the chance. Karen was all 
    excited and nervous when I left. I had a great time at 
    �Oz,� occasionally wondering what they were doing. But I 
    was so excited that I wound up leaving a few minutes 
    early because I had to ship a Christmas package on my 
    way back, and I �d said I�d be back around 2:30. 
    Well, I got back about 2:35, and apparently barely 
    missed seeing him come out the door. He had been an hour 
    late getting there, but had stayed 2 hours, taking a 
    shower before he left. Karen had taken a shower with 
    him, violating our agreement (not that she couldn�t 
    shower with him, but I didn�t want her washing his cum 
    out of her cunt) but she had remembered after she had 
    gotten into the shower with him that she wasn�t supposed 
    to shower and so she didn�t soap herself up in the 
    critical places. 
    I could still smell him on both her face and her cunt. I 
    went down on her while she told me about it. She was 
    sopping wet with her juices and his cum. He hadn�t made 
    her cum, and I told her that I was disappointed. She 
    said maybe she was saving herself, and also she really 
    wanted him to fuck her. They had made out a little 
    while, and then he had gone down on her, but she had 
    stopped him and gone down on him. They had fucked 
    missionary style for 30 minutes or so, with him really 
    going in deep and fast, when she pulled him out to 
    change positions. 
    He had been about to cum (without telling her) and 
    although he didn�t cum, he lost his erection for a 
    while. He quickly got it back, and fucked her sideways 
    for a long time. He asked her if she let me fuck her in 
    the ass (obviously wanting to himself) but she said she 
    had never done that and didn�t expect to unless he got 
    her really really drunk because she wasn�t in to the 
    pain. Eventually, he fucked her from behind, with her 
    head being rammed into the bed. 
    She was squeezing his balls when he told her to squeeze 
    harder when he was ready to cum (again, she complied) 
    and he shot his load into her. He made a lot of noise, 
    because she had asked him to make more noise so she 
    could tell when he was cumming. They discussed other 
    things, like the fact that he never had 2 orgasms in the 
    same evening even though he had done so both times in 
    our threesomes. He meant it as a compliment to her. 
    I was going down on Karen the whole time she was telling 
    me about it, and she came while describing it. She said 
    she had been saving her cum for me. But she had really 
    liked the way he fucked her, and while they were fucking 
    she had told him how much she had liked them sucking 
    each other's fingers while they were fucking on Monday. 
    She told me that she had sucked his balls a lot because 
    he liked it. She told me that he was the only man who 
    had ever fucked her really hard (meaning deep) without 
    it feeling like he was being aggressive. 
    Because she told me that they had fucked for a whole 
    hour, I felt obligated to fuck her for an hour. I had 
    her put on the same 70 minute CD they had listened to, 
    and I proceeded to fuck her in all the positions they 
    had used. When the CD ended, I put her on her knees and 
    pounded her into the bed. She tried to be on all fours, 
    but I asked if she had been like that or with her head 
    on bed. She got the idea and knelt with her ass really 
    high and her face in the bed and I pounded her cunt 
    until I added my load to his.
    The following Tuesday night Laurence came over for 
    dinner. After dinner, we made it into the bedroom and 
    got our clothes off. Karen was down to her panties, with 
    Laurence in his underwear, and they were standing next 
    to the bed embracing. I watched him squeeze her ass, 
    putting his hands inside her see-through black panties. 
    I could see his hands and the crack of her ass. Karen, 
    as she kissed him, said, �Why don�t you pants me?� So, 
    he peeled her panties off. They got on the bed then and 
    they were making out, with Karen laying on her back, but 
    with her torso twisted toward him to kiss him. I 
    figured, her legs are spread, I�ll eat her. 
    So I started going down on her while she was kissing 
    him. But she was so wet, I figured, I�ll just fuck her 
    first for once. So, I did. I fucked her for a few 
    minutes when she said she wanted to do something else 
    (meaning him). She got on top of him and was kissing him 
    and grinding her pussy onto him. She was reaching down 
    and kind of fumbling with his cock, and I was kneeling 
    next to them so I reached over and took his cock and 
    shoved it into her. 
    I don�t think I got it quite right because he had to 
    readjust it. But, they started fucking really hard once 
    they were engaged. I leaned over and started licking 
    Karen�s asshole, and reached around her front with my 
    left hand and started playing with her clit while she 
    rode his cock. She liked that, but after about 5 minutes 
    I heard her murmuring to him (she later said that she 
    had said to him �Let�s cum in each other�s mouths�) and 
    she said louder, to me �There�s a change in plans� and 
    they got on their sides and started 69ing. 
    Karen hardly ever uses that position, so it really 
    turned me on. Laurence�s head was between her legs, his 
    mouth sucking away, and I had slid off the bed as they 
    were on the very edge. Karen�s head was immediately 
    below me, and she had her mouth stretched open and 
    Laurence was fucking her mouth at lightning speed. She 
    kept pulling her mouth off and telling him to slow down. 
    I thought she was asking him to slow down the speed he 
    was eating her, but she later told me that he was 
    licking her just fine, that she would have cum soon and 
    she wanted him to slow down so he wouldn�t cum too 
    fast). She stopped sucking him and asked me for a drink 
    of water. After she had it, she popped her mouth back 
    over his cock and began sucking him really hard, and he 
    resumed fucking her mouth really fast. I asked her to 
    kiss me when she came. 
    After about 10 minutes of this she stopped to ask me for 
    another drink. As soon as she put her mouth back over 
    his cock she started moaning really loud, and I asked 
    her if she was cumming. She just kept moaning and I was 
    feeling disappointed because I thought she hadn�t 
    bothered to kiss me when she came, when she took her 
    mouth off his cock and turned her head toward me. 
    Simultaneously I could see that his cock was shrinking 
    and that she had Laurence�s cum all over her far cheek. 
    I leaned over and kissed her, and wiped up a long strand 
    of Laurence�s cum with my forefinger and wiped it into 
    Karen�s mouth onto her tongue and then kissed her again. 
    Laurence was still eating her, and Karen said �Somebody 
    stick a finger in my cunt� so I did. But that was when 
    Laurence pulled his head out from between her legs. His 
    face was covered with her juice, and he was panting 
    pretty hard and needed a drink of water. So he got up 
    for a drink. Karen had another drink, and I lay her back 
    on the bed and proceeded to go down on her. She was 
    wetter than I�ve ever experienced. 
    Laurence sat on the side of the bed and began to make 
    out with her. They kissed while I sucked her twat and 
    fondled her breasts. After only 5 minutes or so I stuck 
    my finger in her cunt and she started moaning and 
    squirming. I heard her murmur something (she later said 
    to me that she�d said to Laurence �I told you I�d cum in 
    your mouth�) but kept eating her because I didn�t think 
    she had cum just yet. 
    After just a couple more minutes she started moaning 
    really loud again and her hips were shaking and I knew 
    she was cumming. She made me stop then. But I didn�t 
    know until later that she had cum twice. She told me 
    later that after she had cum the first time and told 
    Laurence, he had sucked her entire tongue into his 
    mouth, something no one had ever done before. After she 
    came hard, I fucked her for a few minutes, and then had 
    her get on her knees and suck my cock while I fucked her 
    mouth. I then fucked her from behind and Karen started 
    fellating Laurence and fondling him. I knew that she 
    wanted him to fuck her some more, but it was a little 
    too soon for him to get hard. 
    I am such a giver, so I suggested that she lay down 
    while I fucked her and Laurence played with her clit. 
    She lay against the head of the bed with pillows behind 
    her, and Laurence lay beside her and started kissing 
    her. I pulled her legs up and started fucking her fast, 
    and Laurence reached down and started fingering her clit 
    really fast. I could feel the vibrations, and that 
    turned me on. 
    They really got into a clinch, with Karen wrapping her 
    arms around Laurence and kissing him and moaning and I 
    just kept fucking her fast and Laurence kept fingering 
    her fast when after about 10 minutes Karen�s cunt 
    convulsed on my cock as she came again real hard, her 
    cunt quivering on my cock under Laurence�s hand, moaning 
    as she came and as I continued to fuck her. That pushed 
    me over the edge, but I fucked her for another couple of 
    minutes before letting my cum out. I lay down on the 
    bed, and Karen knelt over Laurence and started sucking 
    his cock. 
    She got him hard and wanted him to fuck her some more (I 
    was right). She lay down, and he got on top and started 
    fucking her. I was wondering how he felt about seconds, 
    when he said after just a minute �You�re too wet� and 
    pulled out. He was very tired and dehydrated, but I 
    wonder if he was squeamish about fucking my cum. 
    Anyway, we were all satisfied, and ended the evening by 
    exchanging our complete home addresses. We were leaving 
    in a few days to return home, so we invited him to come 
    to visit when he could. Unless he gets seriously 
    involved in a relationship it is pretty likely that 
    Karen will get to fuck him either at our home or this 
    coming summer when we are on vacation. 
    Even though Karen said that the one time alone with him 
    was enough to satisfy her curiosity about whether 
    Laurence fucked differently alone than when I was there 
    (supposedly there was no difference), I told her it was 
    okay for her to fuck him alone again. I know she wants 
    to. She is such a slut. 
    God I love her. 

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