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Date: June 1st, 2018

The Voltaire

1 June, 2018 (01:54) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by BlueHat (


A swinging billionaire named Louis van Haugh has seen it 
all, but when he discovers The Voltaire, an exclusive 
brothel shrouded in mystery, he gets more than he ever 
would have expected.


Dr. Louis van Haugh rode alone in the backseat of his 
personal limousine. It was nightfall, and he stared out 
of the window to watch the lights of the big city whiz 

Louis had seen and done quite a bit in his day; he was a 
bit over 50 years of age. He had always been a hard 
worker, and through his ingenious business strategy, he 
had managed to become a millionaire at age 27. He had 
reached billionaire status while still in his forties. He 
technically never had to worry about money ever again, 
despite his strong appetites for large purchases that 
served to perpetuate a lavish lifestyle.

Under the vast wealth and glamour of Louis's life, 
however, there was always a plethora of sexual activity. 
Louis had always been interested in sex, and his money 
always attracted the most young, beautiful, and perfectly 
figured women imaginable. 

His past encounters had been many, and although he had 
been in many relationships, Louis had never thought it 
necessary or desirable to marry one of these little 
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Warehouse 8

1 June, 2018 (01:52) | Uncategorized | By: admin

By Anonymous Author 


A couple attends a rather unusual party. (MF, couples, 
bi, exh, voy, swingers)


A rather elegant, hand-addressed invitation was in my 
mailbox on Tuesday.  The ivory bond envelope looked 
very expensive, and was sealed with wax and ribbon. I 
opened the invitation and read: 

'Peter, as a close and very trusted friend of Sam and 
Michelle Rogers, you have been invited to a special 
party on Saturday, June 21. The party will be held in 
Warehouse 8 at Pier 16 and will begin at 9:00 p.m. We 
ask that you be on time, that you wear loose-fitting, 
comfortable clothing, and please, do not bring a 

I have known Sam and Michelle for many years. Sam and I 
went to MIT together and he is my best friend. Sam is 
an architect, highly imaginative and one of the best in 
the country. He is a bit of an eccentric genius and 
lots of fun, not to mention a good, dependable friend. 

When my wife, Carol, walked out on me a couple of years 
ago, Sam and Michelle patiently spent more than one 
evening listening to my self-pity and outraged 
ramblings about "That ungrateful, cheating bitch," and 
watched as I attempted to drown my sorrow in a bottle 
of vodka.
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Watching Cheryl

1 June, 2018 (01:08) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by KarenKay (


Cheryl shared her secret fantasy about having sex with 
another man. The couple soon agree to explore their 
fantasy together and arrange for a meeting with a black 
man Cheryl picked on an online dating site. (MF, voy, 
intr, rom, swinger)


The house is so damn quiet this morning. It's really 
strange not having the kids running and screaming 
throughout the house on a Saturday morning. We got four 
of them to be exact. Millie how is four, Johnny is six, 
Mary and Donny are the twins at eight. I can only 
imagine what my Mother and Dad are going through at this 
very moment.

They were pleased to take them for the weekend. This is 
the first time my parents have had all four of our kids 
over at once. I can see my Mom now fixing breakfast like 
she did when I was that young. Probably cooking oatmeal 
at this very second.

I'm John and my wife Cheryl and I have been married for 
eight years now. We met in college and waited about a 
year after we graduated and found jobs to get married. 
Although we lived together for that year. 

I found Cheryl sexy as hell when I first saw her one 
morning walking across the campus on her way to a class.
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Weekend at the Beach

1 June, 2018 (00:53) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Robin's Lover (address withheld)


My first love and I were drifting apart when I met 
Robin. A weekend on Cape Cod ended up very differently 
than I'd expected when Beth brought Mark along. (MF-
couples, voy, rom, swing)


There is a special love you feel for a first lover, a 
deep longing that never quite fades even as you grow 
apart. Thus I clung to Beth.

She was a striking brunette, tall and exquisitely 
shaped, with long legs that stretched forever, large 
eyes that could melt any man. In bed her beauty and 
softness drove me wild; at those moments I wanted her 
in every way imaginable, though she seemed too refined 
to consider anything beyond straight intercourse. And 
she enjoyed our lovemaking, in a way that was tender 
rather than reckless.

Now that careers had taken us to different northeastern 
cities, we had settled into a weekend relationship. As 
the months passed, the distance weighed heavily, and 
the fires began to cool -- just a bit, not something we 
noticed or spoke about, but we sensed it.

Although we agreed we would not share our separate beds 
with others, I found my head turned when I met Robin.
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Weekend in Colorado

1 June, 2018 (00:51) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Jennifer S. (


A married couple decide to add a bit of swinging to 
their relationship when the husband's expressed 
fantasies takes them into some enjoyable wife-sharing 
experiences during a especially planned trip to the 
mountains in Colorado. (M+/F, wife-sharing, exh, oral, 
swingers, rom)


It was a very memorable weekend.

It all started with a ski trip to the Copper Mountain 
Ski Area in Colorado about three years ago. Actually, I 
guess it really started earlier... and reached the high 
point in the mountains of Colorado. Tim and I had been 
married just over 8 years then.

I met Tim while we were both in college at Colorado 
State College in Fort Collins, Colorado. I was from 
Omaha, Nebraska, and Tim grew up on his family's ranch 
in northern Wyoming. We had both had our share of sexual 
exploits before meeting, but nothing particularly 
unusual for those early 80's years in college.

When we started dating, I fell madly in love with Tim... 
and he with me. After several months of dating, we moved 
in together, even though our parents were less than 
supportive of the idea. Shortly after we graduated, we 
got married, and moved into a small house on Tim's 
parent's ranch where Tim went to work for his dad.
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What A Kiss Can Lead To

1 June, 2018 (00:49) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Robnlinda (


A kiss after a birthday party alters the life of two 
couples. (FFM, oral, anal, rom, cpls, swingers)



It was Jan's 40th birthday and her husband had invited 
my wife and me to go to a small Italian restaurant 
along with two of her other friends to celebrate her 
birthday before she had a party the following Saturday 

When we met I gave the birthday girl a kiss on both 

The meal was great and service very good one of the 
waiters was very attentive to Jan she liked the 
attention she was getting.

Strangely not much was drunk that night, I had to 
drive so I drank mineral water, Jan had a couple of 
small beers, the only person who drank heavily was 
Jan's Husband, Mick. It was obvious that Jan would 
have to drive home as Mick had drunk too much.

We all left the restaurant and it was a lovely warm 
night we walked across the road into the park that 
faced the restaurant.

There were many teenagers in the park, it must be the 
place where the young people go to meet. 

We all looked at the plan of the park and we all 
wandered off in different directions, I was reaching 
the turn in the path when |I noticed that Jan was 
behind me, I waited for her to catch up and as we 
turned the corner we were behind an artificial 
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What I Wanted, Sort of…

1 June, 2018 (00:45) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Illicit Writer (


A man has a desire for something kinky. His wife 
discovers his fantasies and does something about it.


As I made my way home from work, I discreetly checked out 
the classifieds. I didn't look through them because I was 
single. I had been married for three years, but like many 
men, the grass is always greener on the other side. I 
always got a kick out of reading how people described 
themselves and I particularly enjoyed the 'None of the 
above' section. It's kinky description of what people 
wanted sent a shiver through my groin. 

My own sex life was more mundane. While I enjoyed reading 
erotica, most of my own sex life had been rather vanilla. 
Even the woman I ended up marrying, Hanna, was someone I 
had known in high school.

We had met at a bar in my hometown. A night of drunken 
kissing had led to a serious relationship. Hanna was 
attractive woman. She was 5'6" with brown hair and blue 
eyes that danced when she laughed. I'm not sure of her 
exact measurements, but she had a beautiful curve to her 
hips that were delightful to run my fingers down.
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When I Am An Old Woman, I Shall Wear Nothing

1 June, 2018 (00:44) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Tony Tiger (


Older woman enjoys the single life... finally. (FM+,


Maggie dried herself after the shower. She looked for 
her robe but had forgotten it somewhere. As she exited 
the bathroom she saw herself in the full length 
mirror. "Not bad for 55 and 2 kids," she thought. 
Realizing that it was warm and no one else was home, 
she decided to be adventurous and just forget about 
the robe. Just yesterday she had read the poem "When I 
am an old woman, I shall wear purple". 

Catching up on reading was her main activity for the 
first month after retiring from a career as a 
schoolteacher. Her husband had died a year earlier and 
her kids were grown and moved away. She had a slim 
body with full slightly sagging breasts and it was 
kept in excellent condition with careful eating and 
regular visits to the adult wellness center.

The poem had struck a deep resonance in her. Her life 
had been very predictable and conservative. At age 
twenty one, after graduating from college, she married 
her high school sweetheart as a wedding night virgin. 
She had brought forth two children and had weekly sex 
until a year before her husband's death.
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