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    Weekend at the Beach

    1 June, 2018 (00:53) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Robin's Lover (address withheld)
    My first love and I were drifting apart when I met 
    Robin. A weekend on Cape Cod ended up very differently 
    than I'd expected when Beth brought Mark along. (MF-
    couples, voy, rom, swing)
    There is a special love you feel for a first lover, a 
    deep longing that never quite fades even as you grow 
    apart. Thus I clung to Beth.
    She was a striking brunette, tall and exquisitely 
    shaped, with long legs that stretched forever, large 
    eyes that could melt any man. In bed her beauty and 
    softness drove me wild; at those moments I wanted her 
    in every way imaginable, though she seemed too refined 
    to consider anything beyond straight intercourse. And 
    she enjoyed our lovemaking, in a way that was tender 
    rather than reckless.
    Now that careers had taken us to different northeastern 
    cities, we had settled into a weekend relationship. As 
    the months passed, the distance weighed heavily, and 
    the fires began to cool -- just a bit, not something we 
    noticed or spoke about, but we sensed it.
    Although we agreed we would not share our separate beds 
    with others, I found my head turned when I met Robin. 
    She was a more petite woman than Beth, with slender 
    shoulders, small breasts, and a narrow waist that 
    widened into broad hips. I was taken with the delicacy 
    of her hands and her very round bottom. She cut her 
    hair very short, yet I was stirred by her sheer 
    femininity; this was a woman I wanted to possess, body 
    and soul.
    Robin and I hit it off instantly when we met in the 
    office and soon began to spend time together after 
    hours. No doubt a romance would have bloomed had I been 
    a free agent. But I had explained my involvement with 
    Beth to her and we did not pursue the sexual attraction 
    beyond hauntingly sweet goodnight kisses at the door of 
    her apartment.
    Beth evidently felt the same desires to explore other 
    relationships. She laughingly told me about Mark, a 
    tall-dark-and-handsome type (I'm of average stature) 
    who fancied himself a ladies' man and made no secret of 
    the fact that he wanted my lady.
    I sensed that she was not just flattered by his 
    attentions, but also very intrigued by him. And he was 
    certainly persistent. As time went on, she seemed to 
    accept a few more of his dinner and movie invitations. 
    But she assured me she hadn't fallen for him, and asked 
    me if I didn't know some nice girl with whom she might 
    fix him up.
    Well, I felt guilty about stringing Robin along, so it 
    seemed a perfect chance to set her up with another guy. 
    For a couple of years Beth and I had rented a beach 
    house on Cape Cod for a late September romantic 
    weekend. We had planned to do it again, more out of 
    habit than enthusiasm, and the date was fast 
    approaching. Since the place had several bedrooms, I 
    suggested to Beth that she bring Mark along for Robin, 
    an idea she promptly accepted.
    When I told Robin she seemed rather lukewarm about the 
    whole thing. But I made it clear I wasn't planning to 
    abandon her to a stranger for the weekend and she 
    agreed to be a good sport and come with us. So on the 
    chosen date we drove in my car to the Cape, while Beth 
    and Mark set out to meet us there.
    We arrived first, unloaded our luggage, and strolled 
    down to the beach. It was an Indian summer afternoon, 
    perfect for wandering through the empty dunes. Caught 
    up in the romantic setting, Robin and I walked hand-in-
    hand, her sensual fingers teasing my palm.
    After an hour, scarcely having spoken, we returned to 
    the house. Beth and Mark had arrived, and I immediately 
    felt a surge of jealousy. She was incredibly sexy, 
    dressed to be undressed in tight white short-shorts and 
    a clingy light blue t-shirt. And Mark always seemed to 
    be touching her, resting his hand affectionately on her 
    ass, rubbing her back.
    Neither he nor Robin appeared much interested in each 
    other. I started to have the strange sensation that 
    there were indeed two couples in the house, but not the 
    two I had planned.
    The four of us began to fix dinner together and a wine 
    soon loosened us up. At one point Beth and I found 
    ourselves alone in the kitchen. "Mark doesn't seem to 
    be getting the idea," I said. "He can't seem to keep 
    his hands off you."
    She smiled coolly at me. "Well, if you don't like it, 
    you might try putting up a fight for me. Unless you're 
    really more interested in Robin -- which you seem to 
    be." She walked back to the dining table, wiggling her 
    buns at me, playing the role of tease to the hilt.
    When we sat down for the meal, the battle lines were 
    drawn. Beth and Robin put themselves on opposite sides 
    of the table. Mark was quicker than I and chose the 
    seat next to Beth. For a moment there was an awkward 
    silence, then I put my plate down next to Robin's.
    As we started eating, Mark very obviously placed his 
    hand on Beth's exposed thigh and began to stroke it 
    gently. She caught her breath and stiffened at his 
    brazen gesture. But rather than remove his hand, she 
    rested her own upon it, all the while staring directly 
    into my eyes to see whether I would respond to the 
    challenge. I said nothing.
    After we had finished dinner, Beth announced, "I feel 
    like dancing." Mark put some rock music on the stereo. 
    I was sitting next to Robin on the couch, and Beth came 
    over to me, held out her hand, and said, "Come on, 
    darling, dance with me."
    But I was still steaming about the dinner scene. "I 
    don't feel like it right now, thanks. Maybe Mark does." 
    As they bounced around the floor together, I put my arm 
    around Robin's shoulder, and held her close to me. She 
    responded by cuddling up to my side.
    Meanwhile Beth and Mark began a provocative bump and 
    grind, Mark's hands roaming up and down her body, Beth 
    responding by rubbing her ass in his crotch. His 
    erection stood out clearly through his jeans. I 
    whispered in Robin's ear, "Let's go out on the porch."
    Outside it was one of those remarkably clear nights, 
    the kind you never see in a city. It felt very natural 
    to be there with Robin. We could hear the music through 
    the open window. I called inside for them to put on 
    something slow and quiet. Robin and I put our arms 
    around each other and began to sway to the music.
    "I'm with the man I want to be with," she sighed. Never 
    had she seemed so lovely and delicate. Our lips met, 
    lightly at first, then with increasing heat, and 
    finally our tongues began to caress as the long-
    suppressed passion erupted.
    I sensed we were being watched. When I broke our kiss, 
    I saw Beth standing there, one hand on her hip, staring 
    intently at us. Without a word she turned on her heel 
    and went inside. Robin spoke first. "I'm sorry. I think 
    I've made things complicated for you."
    "Don't worry," I replied. "This seems right." I let my 
    hands trace the curve of her slender waist and broad 
    behind. "This is something I've wanted for a long 
    I licked and nibbled her neck, and she tossed her head 
    back and murmured as my mouth explored her smooth 
    flesh. Again we kissed, now fiercely, all restraints 
    gone, our tongues locking and dueling. It seemed to go 
    on forever. Finally she drew back and gazed longingly 
    into my eyes. "Let's make love."
    The living room was empty when we returned. Upstairs we 
    went. The first bedroom door was ajar, the light on. So 
    I swung the door open.
    My jaw fell as we discovered the bed already occupied 
    by Beth and Mark, both naked. Mark lay on his back and 
    Beth was eagerly sucking his hard cock, urged on by his 
    hands. She licked his thick shaft, then placed her lips 
    over the tip, drawing him in.
    He was so busy watching her, grunting his approval, and 
    she was so caught up in trying to get more and more of 
    him into her mouth that for a minute or two they did 
    not notice our presence. Then Beth looked up, her eyes 
    glazed, and it seemed to take a minute for it to 
    register that she had an audience.
    Though I had always known her to be shy about sex, she 
    didn't so much as blush. Instead she smiled and rubbed 
    his cock wantonly along her cheek, his pre-cum 
    glistening on her soft lips. "I'm sorry, but this 
    room's taken for the evening," she said in a husky 
    voice. "Would you excuse us, please?"
    I was momentarily unnerved, but Robin never lost her 
    poise. Pulling the door partly closed again, she placed 
    her hand on the bulge in my pants. "I caused this 
    problem, not her. So let me take care of it."
    With that she led me to the other bedroom, where we 
    resumed our kissing while removing each other's 
    clothes. I finally got to enjoy that silky flesh that I 
    had only cautiously caressed before.
    When I am in bed with a woman, my senses are remarkably 
    sharpened. I notice details that I otherwise never see. 
    Now, as Robin lay beneath me, I became aware of certain 
    things. How her nipples stood out, large and taut, when 
    she was aroused....the sharp contrast between the black 
    leather of her thin watchband and her suntanned 
    wrist....the heat that radiated from her thighs, which 
    were heavier than Beth's but so firm.
    More than anything else, though, it was the texture of 
    her skin that enchanted me. It was incredibly smooth 
    and soft, quite unlike that of any other woman I had 
    ever touched.
    I kissed my way down Robin's body until I reached her 
    cunt. With my tongue I gently parted her lips, teasing 
    but never touching her clit. She moaned softly, her 
    eyes closed, letting me take control. I licked the 
    inside of her thighs, savoring the flesh, and then 
    resumed my intimate investigations.
    I inserted one finger in her vagina, moving it slowly 
    in and out, and resumed the tongue bath around her 
    clit. She tasted sweet-pungent; I wanted more. I worked 
    two, then three moistened fingers into her and began 
    moving my hand in and out.
    Robin caught the rhythm with her hips. As she murmured 
    soft endearments, I finally covered her hard little 
    clit with my lips and tongued it rapidly. She pulled my 
    face hard against her, called out "yes, just like that, 
    just like that," stiffened abruptly, then soared 
    soundlessly into the release of a rippling orgasm. Her 
    entire body quaked with her release.
    Pausing briefly to regain her senses, Robin guided my 
    cock into her well-lubricated cunt. Our tongues mixed 
    again. "I like the way I taste on you," she giggled. I 
    picked up the pace, my cock reaching deep inside her.
    Suddenly I felt the desire to taste every inch of her, 
    and I began to kiss and bite her neck, her shoulders, 
    her pointed nipples. She kneaded my abdomen with her 
    thin fingers. Their touch was electric, strong and 
    knowing, and I began to buck hard, trying to go even 
    deeper, deeper than she had ever felt.
    I lifted her legs onto my shoulders so I could nuzzle 
    the inside of her calves. Robin began to breath faster, 
    her skin flushed. "I'm so close again," she gasped, 
    surprised by her own passion. This time she gave out a 
    loud cry as she went over the edge. Moments later, with 
    a great sigh, I emptied myself into her, endless waves 
    spilling forth.
    We lay there exhausted, hearts pounding, our bodies 
    drenched with sweat and each others' juices. "Why did 
    we wait so long?" I murmured. She only smiled. Soon she 
    drifted off to sleep.
    But I was too restless. And then my mind began to 
    wander and my curiosity got the better of me. I slipped 
    quietly from the bed, donned a pair of sweatpants, and 
    padded barefoot down the hall to see what the other 
    lovers were up to.
    The groans and heavy panting told me that Mark and Beth 
    were still at it. I peered through the partly-open door 
    and found Mark on top, fucking Beth hard, thrusting 
    deeply in and out. She had her legs wrapped around his 
    back, obviously lost in the pleasure of her ride with 
    this new stallion.
    Once again my eye was caught by the details -- the 
    beads of sweat on his brow, the graceful curve of her 
    tight behind, the light glinting off her pretty silver 
    watch, a gift from me, as she grabbed his muscular 
    forearms and biceps.
    Mark looked up and saw me in the doorway. He smiled 
    triumphantly and continued to plunge himself in to the 
    hilt. For a moment he paused and whispered something 
    into Beth's ear.
    She opened her eyes and turned to me, and a knowing, 
    wicked grin spread across her face. Then she gazed into 
    Mark's eyes, wrapped her arms around his neck, and drew 
    his mouth to hers for a long, lingering soul kiss.
    They seemed instantly to forget my presence. Mark 
    resumed his deep fucking motion, Beth reached around to 
    gently stroke and tease his balls, and in a few moments 
    he erupted and filled her with his come.
    I went back to the other bedroom, my knees weak and my 
    cock rigid. Part of me was hurt and insanely jealous, 
    part was incredibly turned on by the performance I had 
    just witnessed. I slipped into bed next to Robin, 
    roused her with passionate kisses on her neck and 
    shoulders, and made love once more, the image of Mark 
    atop Beth fixed in my mind.
    Robin and I awoke the next morning and decided to head 
    into town for the day. Beth and Mark had not stirred 
    before we left, so we wrote a note to tell them we 
    expected to be back for dinner.
    We spent the day shopping and came back to the beach in 
    the early afternoon. After an hour of petting and 
    necking in the dunes, we were eager to resume our 
    loveplay, so we headed back to the house. Along the way 
    Robin stopped to gather some wildflowers; I went on 
    ahead to pour us some wine.
    As I stepped onto the porch, I discovered that Beth and 
    Mark had certainly not expected us to return so soon. I 
    spied them through the window, on the living room 
    floor; they were quite unaware of my presence.
    Although I should have been beyond surprises by now, 
    what I saw still startled me. Beth was wearing black 
    stockings and a garter belt, black heels, and a black 
    choker around her neck. An open gift-wrapped box was on 
    the couch, so this outfit must have been a present from 
    Mark. She lay on her stomach, and Mark lay behind her 
    with his tongue buried between her cheeks, rimming her 
    virgin ass vigorously.
    Was this the same woman I had loved? Never had she 
    expressed the slightest interest in such delicious 
    Mark paused to squeeze some lube onto his fingers. He 
    gently inserted one finger into her anus, then a 
    second. As I stood silent and motionless outside, he 
    guided her to her knees and placed the tip of his 
    mammoth cock against her puckered pink hole. She rested 
    her head on her crossed arms, her face pressed against 
    the silver watch, eyes closed. Never had she looked 
    more beautiful.
    As Mark entered slowly from behind, she grimaced and 
    bit her lip to keep from crying. Her hands clenched the 
    fringe of the rug. "Do you want me to stop?" I heard 
    him ask. She just shook her head, and in a moment a 
    wide smile spread across her face. Inch by inch he 
    eased into her, letting her adjust to the fullness.
    Suddenly I realized that Robin was standing beside me. 
    She took in the scene, put her arm around me, and 
    kissed me deeply. She knew that I needed to watch them, 
    so we would do it together.
    When Beth was ready, Mark began to slide his cock from 
    her ass and ease it back in, just an inch or two at 
    first, and then full thrusts. She lifted herself on all 
    fours and turned her head to him; he leaned forward and 
    their tongues met in an incredibly hot and passionate 
    "They look so good together," Robin whispered in my 
    ear. "Their bodies are perfectly matched." I could only 
    nod my assent.
    Beth reached beneath her to fondle Mark's balls, which 
    made him plunge in faster and harder. I thought he 
    would split her apart.
    But it just increased her excitement. She groaned with 
    ecstasy at each assault, too far gone to notice pain. 
    She was clearly delighted to be taken this way, to give 
    her man such intimate satisfaction.
    And Mark reciprocated by reaching around to stroke her 
    clit. In seconds she had cried out her climax. Her arms 
    collapsed and she lay there motionless with her lovely 
    rump in the air, Mark buried deep inside her.
    It took a minute for Beth to regain her wits. Then she 
    wiggled her ass to signal him to continue. He began to 
    fuck her rear passage again, taking his own pleasure 
    this time in long, slow thrusts. She grunted a 
    contented "Ah!" with each penetration. Barely a minute 
    later Mark roared out and emptied his manhood into her 
    I was incredibly turned on by what we had witnessed, 
    and so was Robin. She turned to me and began kissing me 
    and stroking my stiff cock through my pants. "Would you 
    like to do that to me?" she asked softly, her voice 
    tense with expectation.
    I grabbed her hand and led her into the house. Beth and 
    Mark looked up, suddenly aware they were not alone. 
    "Great show," I called out as we raced upstairs, 
    laughing at their startled expressions. In an instant 
    we were in the bedroom and out of our clothes.
    I positioned Robin on her belly and began to massage 
    the voluptuous cheeks of her ass. They were plumper 
    than Beth's, but I found them just as beautiful when I 
    cupped them in my hands. And then I began to probe the 
    unknown with my tongue, licking around her rose-colored 
    anus. Robin writhed and squirmed. Soon I was tasting 
    her rear opening, thrilled to be crossing this last 
    barrier that divided our souls.
    When her rapid breathing told me she was ready, I 
    coated my erection with some lubricating gel she had 
    brought and guided her to her hands and knees. I rubbed 
    my cock up and down her crack until the heat drove us 
    both insane with lust. Robin reached behind to direct 
    the tip into her little butthole; I applied a steady 
    pressure, thought for a moment I would never fit, and 
    then my cockhead slipped in.
    "It feels so big and hard," she murmured. "Let me have 
    more, honey, but very carefully." I entered as slowly 
    as I could. The sensation was extraordinary, the grip 
    of her sphincter swelling me to new lengths.
    As Robin grew used to this new intrusion, her ass 
    muscles relaxed, and I slid more easily until my hips 
    rested flush against her broad rump. I began to move in 
    and out.
    Robin looked over her shoulder and our tongues met. 
    "Did you like watching what Mark did to Beth?" she 
    asked, knowing we were replaying their scene. I thrust 
    more vigorously at the recollection.
    Robin liked the effect her words had on me, so she 
    spoke again. "She must really like him. For a woman to 
    do that, to give herself like that to a guy, she has to 
    be especially turned on to him." Now I was bucking in 
    and out.
    A look of deep pleasure came upon Robin's face. By 
    giving me this gift of herself, she had me, just as 
    Beth had Mark. The switch was complete. I felt the 
    orgasm welling up within, and then it surged forth in 
    great gushing waves, filling Robin with my love.
    When we came down stairs an hour or so later, we found 
    Beth and Mark packed and ready to leave. Beth spoke 
    first, to me. "I really think I should be with Mark 
    now. I hope you understand -- we had just outgrown each 
    other." And then she hugged Robin.
    Robin smiled warmly at her former rival, and said 
    simply, "I think we both got what we wanted this 
    weekend." They both laughed. And then Mark and Beth 
    drove off, and Robin and I were left with the surf, the 
    empty beach, and each other.

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