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What A Kiss Can Lead To

1 June, 2018 (00:49) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Robnlinda (


A kiss after a birthday party alters the life of two 
couples. (FFM, oral, anal, rom, cpls, swingers)



It was Jan's 40th birthday and her husband had invited 
my wife and me to go to a small Italian restaurant 
along with two of her other friends to celebrate her 
birthday before she had a party the following Saturday 

When we met I gave the birthday girl a kiss on both 

The meal was great and service very good one of the 
waiters was very attentive to Jan she liked the 
attention she was getting.

Strangely not much was drunk that night, I had to 
drive so I drank mineral water, Jan had a couple of 
small beers, the only person who drank heavily was 
Jan's Husband, Mick. It was obvious that Jan would 
have to drive home as Mick had drunk too much.

We all left the restaurant and it was a lovely warm 
night we walked across the road into the park that 
faced the restaurant.

There were many teenagers in the park, it must be the 
place where the young people go to meet. 

We all looked at the plan of the park and we all 
wandered off in different directions, I was reaching 
the turn in the path when |I noticed that Jan was 
behind me, I waited for her to catch up and as we 
turned the corner we were behind an artificial 

We were hidden from view to the others, turned to Jan, 
"Thank you for tonight, what about another kiss for 
the birthday girl." Jan turned towards me I kissed her 
left cheek and then her right as I was about to turn 
away I looked at her face her eyes were closed, our 
lips met, I felt her tongue seeking out mine and I 
sucked her into my mouth. I put my arm round her neck 
and pulled her close. Jan had her arm round my back 
and pulled me to her, she jumped back and our kiss was 
broken as soon as she felt my erection pressing 
against her stomach. She stared into my face and 
without saying a word she walked away, I turned round 
and walked back the way I had come.

Nothing else was said. 

We all said goodnight, as I went to kiss her she just 
looked down at my trouser. As we walked away she 
turned to me and made the Telephone signal with her 

I chatted to my wife on the way home, but my mind was 
on Jan, I had really cocked things up tonight and I 
was sure things would not be the same, we had been 
friends for twenty years and although I had fancied 
her and always watched her ass, her best bit, as she 
walked nothing had ever happened. I could not even use 
the excuse of being drunk.

In bed Sharon my wife cuddled up to me, her hand went 
to my cock and she stroked me quickly, she pulled he 
on top and guided me into her wetness. She came within 
two minutes, as I shot my load into her shortly after 
I was imagining that it was Jan.

"Thank you I needed that, you got carried away, you 
haven't pounded me like that for a long time." Sharon 
smiled and took my softening cock in her hand.

When I checked my mobile the next morning there was a 
text. "Pick me up from work at one. 

I worked the morning on autopilot, I kept thinking of 
things I could say to Jan. 

I left work and drove to pick her up, she was waiting 
outside just down the road from her office.

She got in. "Just drive away from here, park in the 
car park behind Tesco."

I did as I was told and stopped away from the other 
cars, stopped the engine and turned to face her.

"Why did you kiss me like that."

"I suppose I should say I was sorry."

"Yes but why did you kiss me like that last night, you 
have never done anything before."

"I know I just wanted to kiss you, I thought it was a 
nice end to a lovely evening."

"But you were hard" Jan's face had gone red.

Jan looked into my eyes and leaned forward, closing 
her eyes I knew she wanted to kiss again, our lips met 
and again our tongues intertwined.

We kissed for about a minute when she eased away, she 
looked into my face and put her hand on my lap, I was 
hard, she ran her hand along my length.

"Take me back to work please."

"I'm sorry," I said hoping my erection would shrink 

Jan put her hand back on me "What does this mean, why 
are you stiff"

I just looked at her and leant forward our lips met, 
at first Jan's hand was still, then she moved her 
finger up and down my length,

"Take me back to work please."

We drove back in silence, I thought this was the end 
of a friendship, how would I explain this to my wife?

Jan told me to stop the car a block from her office.

She got out of the car and ran back to work.

I was ready to leave work when my mobile got a text, 
meet you in Tesco car park 7:30 Jan.

I deleted the message and went home. I explained to 
Sharon that I had to go check a couple of client's 
apartments that we were trying to sell or rent.

Pulling into the car park I saw Jan's car, she got out 
and sat in the passenger seat, "Just drive" she 
mouthed she was wearing the sort of clothes she would 
if she was going out with the girls for a night out.

"Where have you told Sharon you are going."

"To check on some clients apartments."

"You have the keys with you?"

"Of course I do." 

"Then drive to the nearest one."

Jan said nothing else until we stopped outside the 
building, "Which floor, is there a lift?"

"First floor and you have to walk up."

I opened the outer door and we walked up the stairs, 
as we went down the hallway Jan seemed to hesitate 
about going into the flat.

"Open the door let's get inside," she said, she looked 
down the hallway and quickly closed the door. "Well at 
least no one has seen us."

Jan looked round the flat. "How much is this to rent?"

"�400 per month all in," I replied.

"That's not bad," she stood in the bedroom framed by 
the window she had her hands on her hips.

"So why did you kiss me last night?" I shrugged my 
shoulders. "And why were you stiff? Are you always 

"Only when I'm alone with you," I replied. 

"So what does that mean why were you hard?" Jan looked 
down. "Bloody hell you're stiff again!"

I walked over to the window and put my hands on hers I 
pulled her to me and kissed her, Jan put one hand 
round my neck and one behind my back, pulling me 
towards her Jan ground herself against my erection.

Somehow we had stepped backwards and my legs touched 
the edge of the bed.

I sat down and Jan straddled my knees we never stopped 

Her hand sought out my belt buckle and as she slid 
down my zip I eased myself up off the bed, with one 
movement she had my trousers and boxers down by my 

Her hand wrapped round my shaft "Sharon had said you 
were big but this is huge" Jan slid her hand up and 
down my length then she pulled back my foreskin and 
ran her thumb over the oozing tip.

"What do we do now?" she asked as she eased my 
foreskin back into place.

I fixed my eyes on hers and undid the buttons on her 
shirt, I pushed it off her shoulders and reached 
behind to unhook her lace bra. Her breasts came free 
they sagged a little but her nipples were hard and 
pointing straight up.

I took one breast in my hand and bent to suck the 
nipple into my mouth, I ran my tongue across the top 
of her breast and when I nibbled on her nipple Jan was 
pumping me hard and fast, she pushed me down onto the 
bed and squatted down to sit on my thighs, she leaned 
forward and placed her finger on my lips trapping my 
hardness against her stomach. 

She stood up and with one fluid movement pulled down 
her jeans, she stood there in her black lace panties 
she hooked her fingers into the waistband and slid 
them to the ground. Her sandals joined them and she 
leaned forward to help me remove my shirt.

"Now here are the ground rules, This will change 
everything between us its bad enough that we are naked 
together but once we start fucking there is no going 
back. I know you will never leave Sharon and I will 
never leave Mick, I don't want any soppy phone calls, 
texts, presents or flowers, agreed?" 

I nodded my head. 

"When we meet with our families or friends nothing has 
changed, no secret glances or hidden messages, 

How could I refuse. 

"I don't want to know about your problems at home or 
work, agreed?" 

I nodded.

"Lastly I decide when and how, I have already decided 
where, agreed?" 

I nodded my head again. 

Jan said good as she slid forward and our lips met in 
a passionate kiss. 

She slid off me and laid at my side facing me cupping 
her breasts with both hands I squeezed her nipples, I 
pushed her flat on the bed and kissed her breasts I 
paid particular attention to her hard nipples sucking 
them and nipping them with my teeth, Jan was stroking 
me as I slid down her body and between her legs. 

I planted a kiss on her pubic hair and she opened her 
legs giving my tongue access to her hidden jewel. 

I licked upwards on her lips whilst with one fingers I 
opened her up to reach deeper inside with my tongue, 
at the top of each lick I sucked her clit into my 

One finger was soon replaced with two as she gave in 
to me. She arched her back every time I sucked on her 
clit. Jan was pumping me faster. "Slow down or you 
will make me cum, or is that your idea?" she stopped 
moving her hand and as I got between her legs she 
stopped me. 

"No Lay down I want to control this my way, you are so 
big and I don't want this to hurt." 

Jan squatted over me and wrapped her hand around my 
member and rubbed me up and down her slit to get as 
much of her juices on me as possible. She sank down 
and took the tip inside her. "Oh that feel so nice" 
she moaned as she lowered herself another two inches.

Her hand was now pressing on her pussy lips, she 
removed her hand and gently took another inch. "You're 
getting thicker the more I take," she lowered herself 
to take another inch I pushed up and she was totally 
impaled on my hardness. "Bastard," she hissed as she 
got used to the intruder. 

Jan rose up an inch and then let herself fall back, 
"OH!" Jan built up her own movements and speed.

Her movements got faster and faster and I guessed she 
was close. I reached out and squeezed her nipples 
twisting them hard. Jan went over the top, her orgasm 
hit her and her back tensed I felt her pussy tightened 
as I shot my load deep into her gushing pussy. 

Two minutes later Jan stood up, her pussy was 
glistening with our juices and there was trail of my 
cum leaking from her, picking up her clothes and bag 
she went to the bathroom "Get Dressed."

I had straightened the bed and was waiting for her 
when she came out looking as though nothing had 

"Take me back to my car, and you better go home you 
don't want to be too late."


In the car I sensed Jan was preoccupied, we drove in 
silence till she told me to stop a short distance from 
her car.

"We will take the apartment it will be nicer than a 
hotel, we will split the expenses. I will leave you to 
arrange the rental, don't do it in our names. Give me 
one of the spare keys, Text me as soon as you have 
done the paperwork. Do not contact me for anything 

I slid the two spare keys of the ring as Jan got out 
of the car and walked away.

What was I getting into I drove home. Sharon was 
watching TV and took no notice of me as I told her I 
was tired and was going to have a shower.

I completed the paperwork and leased the flat to a Mr. 
A Smith. He would pay in cash in my office every 

My commission would pay the first month's rent.

I put the first month's rent and the month's bond into 
the cash drawer and wrote out the two receipts.

I sent a text to Jan, FLAT SORTED, I got an instant 
reply, GREAT. I deleted the texts.

Jan had already been thinking of what she wanted and 
had been making a list that night before she went 

Mick left for work before she did and she collected a 
spare DVD player and TV combined that they had stored 
in their loft. She spotted a small stereo they had 
replaced last year. Putting them in the boot of her 
car she returned to lock her house.

If she left now she could get in an hours shopping 
before she went in to work.

Tesco's would have most of what she wanted, She 
grabbed a trolley and was quickly filling it with 
mundane things, toilet paper, tooth paste and brushes, 
shampoo and body wash, air freshener, tissues, kitchen 
roll, cleaners and cloths, a nice two person dining 
set, table mats, wine, champagne, and beer glasses, 
moving through the food section, she selected a bottle 
of cava, two bottles of wine and a bottle of Scotch. 

Next she went into the soft furnishings and bought 
hand and bath towels, a couple of cushions in a bright 
red, and a bedding bundle. She was about to leave when 
she spotted some pictures on display. There was a set 
of three nudes in classic poses and one larger draped 
nude. Deciding that the small price of �20 for the 
four was ok she proceeded to the checkout.

She was in work on time with her boot filled goodies.

Lunch time arrived and she hit the shopping mall she 
bought some spindly dried flower arrangements and 
returned them to her car, then back to a clothes shop, 
she selected a couple of sexy bra and knicker sets and 
went to try them on. She loved the way they pushed her 
breasts up and bought both, adding a suspender belt to 
match both and some stockings. She spotted some 
dressing gowns and then decided that the unisex one 
size kimonos would be better she bought two matching 

Happy with all her purchases she headed back to work.

Jan left work at 5 o'clock and drove straight to the 
flat she let herself in and carried all the stuff up 
stairs. It took her longer than she thought and was 
out of breath when she had finished. She selected a 
couple of CDs from her car and took them upstairs.

Quickly she put the cushions on the sofa, the kitchen 
articles were now in the cupboards. Jan set out her 
purchases in the bathroom and put the flower 
arrangements in the corners of the lounge. I want some 
scented candles, she thought.

She put the clothes she had bought in the bedroom 
drawer and changed the bedding for the ones she had 

The kimonos were now on the hook behind the bedroom 

I will have to bring a hammer and some nails with me 
tomorrow she thought.

With that she locked up and went home.

She collected a hammer and wall nails from the garage 
and put them in her car.

Mick was not back home yet so she had a chance to take 
some of the scented candles that she had stored in the 
kitchen. In her bedroom she took a small bottle of the 
perfume she always used and put it in her bag along 
with a similar one. Crouching down to her knicker 
drawer she looked at her underwear deciding t leave 
everything where it was she picked up one of her toys 
she licked along its length and put that in her bag as 

In the bath room she picked up a few Tampax and 
towels, going downstairs she took the items and put 
them in a bag in the boot of her car.

She had tea ready when Mick came through the door.

"I need to get a few things at the super market, do 
you want to come with me?" She was glad when he said 
he wanted to watch TV.

After tea Jan left to go back to Tesco's she bought 
more candles and some little baskets of potpourri.

Back in the Flat she hung the pictures she had bought, 
arranged the candles and potpourri. Her personal items 
were now in the bathroom. Jan took the vibrator in her 
hand and could not resist the urge to hold it against 
herself through her panties. She hooked them to one 
side and slid the toy deep into her wet pussy

She came almost instantly, straightened her clothes 
and after cleaning the toy she put it away with her 
hew undies. 

Jan took her other purchases home where Mick was still 
watching TV. 

After putting them away she joined him on the sofa. 

Her mind was filled with strange thoughts, am I being 
stupid? I could walk away now and bring everything I 
have bought back here, well maybe not the pictures, 
but that would be the end. 

She snuggled up to Mick and rested her hand in his lap 
"I am trying to watch this" he hissed, Jan kept her 
hand there and rubbed his lap eventually she felt a 
stirring as he became hard. 

Unzipping his trousers she took him in her hand and 
stroked his length bending down she licked the top of 
his cock and them sucked him inside her mouth. 

Mick had lost interest in the TV and was pulling down 
her pants, he slipped one finger into her and was 
surprised that she was so wet. He fingered her whilst 
she slurped on his cock. 

Jan knew Mick liked to take her doggie style so he 
needed no persuasion when she knelt on the floor and 
steadied herself on the sofa. 

Mick was behind her and push straight in to the hilt. 

Jan did not want to make comparisons but Mick's cock 
was much smaller and she hardly felt it as he thrust 
in and out. 

"I'm cumming!" Mick announced as she deposited his 
load into Jan's sopping pussy. A minute later he was 
back on the sofa watching the TV. 

Jan was left high but totally unsatisfied. She 
straightened her clothes and went to bathroom 
collecting her other toy on the way. 

Under the disguise of the running water Jan plunged 
the vibrator as deep as she could, she had it on full 
speed and pumped herself as hard as she could without 
hurting herself. As she came she was thinking of Jason 
and she silently called his name. 

Jan relaxed in the bath and sneaked the toy back into 
its hiding place. 


The next morning Jan went straight to the flat, she 
set up the TV and Hi.Fi and looked around. 

She wanted a few more little bits and ten she would be 
happy with her work. 

Calling in a couple of shops on her way to work and 
bought what she wanted. 

That lunchtime she was back to the flat and left a 
couple of magazines and other things in the lounge. 
She double checked everything, Cava was in the fridge 
along with the wine. The glasses and the Scotch were 
on the sideboard she made a mental note to buy some 
Malibu which she liked. 

Satisfied she locked the door and called at the off 
license on her way back to work, she bought Malibu, 
coke, and some chocolate bars. 

Jason was getting worried he had heard nothing from 
Jan for two days. He wanted to text her but he had 
agreed not to. 

The next morning he received a text, Flat 1pm was all 
it said. 

Jan left work five minutes early and was in the flat 
when Jason arrived. 

She had dressed in her new bra and panties and stood 
in the lounge, she had already made herself very wet 
with her trusty toy. 

Jason only word was "Wow" as he looked inside and saw 
her standing there. Shutting the door behind him he 
looked in the kitchen at the pictures on the wall and 
then in the bedroom. Jan pushed him down on the bed 
and scrabbled for his belt and zipper. She had him in 
her mouth in seconds, pulling his clothes off as she 
greedily gobbled him, he is fucking huge, Jan thought 
as he jerked his hips to match her sucking. 

Jan stood up and slipped off her knickers she mounted 
him and sank down to ball deep in one fluid movement, 
she felt stretched and tight. Proceeding to do pushups 
on his rampant cock she was moaning his name as he 
neared her orgasm, her pussy went into contractions 
her body into spasm.

"I'm cumming fill my cunt with your cum!" Jason was 
pumping streams of cum deep inside her as she screamed 
his name. 

Jan reached down and they kissed, "Thank you I needed 
that" said Jan as she gathered up her clothes and went 
to the bathroom. 

She had a quick shower and pushed a Tampax into her 
pussy. "That will keep me dry" she informed Jason as 
she dressed. 

"You leave first" I will tidy up. Jason dressed and 
left Jan brushing her teeth. She tidied up and was 
away and back to work on time. 


Over the next couple of months they met regularly at 
the flat, always when Jan decided it was time to meet. 
She had always been in control in control, She often 
went there alone at lunchtime and over the weeks she 
added various bits to her fantasy flat. 

Recently her mood had changed, she wished Jason would 
take control sometimes and it would be nice if he 
would do something romantic once in a while.

She bought a larger TV from a guy it work and 
installed it in the bedroom with a DVD player. They 
started to amass a small collection of porno DVDs. she 
liked to watch as they screwed on the bed. Some 
lunchtimes she would watch a DVD as she pleasured 
herself with one of her growing collection of toys. 
She had a favorite DVD which featured two blonde women 
which ended with them in the 69 position. Jan always 
came quickly when she watched this video.

Over the last 2 months they had only managed to spend 
two nights together, this weekend would be the third.

Mick and Sharon both worked for the same company but 
in different branches.

This weekend they both had to go to the company's 
general meeting and it meant they would be away from 
Friday to Sunday.

Jan had arranged to meet Jason at the flat on Friday 

When Jason let himself in Jan was waiting for him on 
the sofa. Telling him to get a shower she poured 
herself a small glass of wine. Jason was soon showered 
and joined Jan in the bedroom she slipped lengths of 
red cord round his wrists and ankles and soon he was 
tied to the corners of the bed.

Three hundred miles to the south Mick and Sharon had 
checked into their hotel.

They were on the same floor with doors almost opposite 
each other.

Sharon put her things away in the drawer and got 
changed to go down to eat. Mick went back down stairs 
and ordered some flowers and a bottle of champagne to 
be put in Sharon's room whilst they were eating.

They joined the other dozens of managers and listened 
to the speeches after dinner.

Mick popped some of the complimentary chocolates into 
his pocket just before they left the dining room.

Joining the others at the bar they kept their distance 
from each other and at half past ten Sharon nodded to 
Mick and went upstairs. 

Sharon was touched by the flowers and poured herself a 
glass of champagne. She had been having an affair with 
Mick for three fantastic years and this was going to 
be another special weekend. She was naked on the bed 
when Mick eased open the door, He had on a dressing 
gown and nothing else.

Taking a chocolate from his pocket he placed it in 
Sharon's mouth. With another he held it against her 
nipple until the chocolate melted and her nipple was 
coated in chocolate, he did the same with the other 
breast. Sharon was shuddering in anticipation as he 
raised her bottom and placed a pillow under her, he 
stroked another chocolate up and down her wet slit and 
coated her lips, he took a small mouthful of Champagne 
and keeping it in his mouth he placed is mouth on her 
chocolate covered pussy as he opened her lips with his 
tongue the champagne ran into the depths of her pussy 
and womb. The Champagne bubbles felt fantastic and 
when Mick removed his dressing gown and crouched down 
over her to lick the chocolate from her breasts she 
started on the road to her first orgasm of the night.

All the time that he was giving attention to her 
breasts he caressed her clitoris with soft gently 
strokes, Sharon was slowly pumping his cock when he 
kissed her all the way down her body and buried his 
head in between her legs, he licked her lips, and 
nibbled and sucked on her clit whilst her worked two 
fingers inside her and found her G spot.

The mixture of champagne and her juices tasted divine 
spurring Mick to suck harder.

Sharon was approaching her orgasm and took him in her 
mouth. As he rubbed her special spot her pussy 
tightened and gripped his fingers as she came Mick 
released his ropes of cum deep in Sharon's throat.

Letting him slide from her mouth she took hold of 
Mick's head swapping their fluids from one to another. 
"Thank you for That" Sharon murmured in his ear. They 
cuddled and kissed before they slid into a deep 
contented sleep. The alarm was set for six thirty so 
they could make love again before the meeting.

In the Flat Jan had Jason tied down and now he was 

They had played this scenario before but there had 
been something different in her eyes as she placed the 
blindfold on him. 

Jan loved to experiment and she had read on the 
internet about hot and cold sex, how to crush ice and 
put it in your pussy before sex and if you placed a 
small amount of chili sauce on a cock before sex the 
heat would spice things up.

Jason sensed that Jan was above his erection he felt a 
few drops of cool water on his stomach then his cock 
had a freezing cold sensation as she lowered herself 

They made quite a mess as the ice melted as they 
humped away. As their bodies warmed up Jan slid up of 
him and being careful to only use a little of the 
chili sauce she rubbed as tiny bit round the middle of 
his cock keeping it away from his sensitive tip pushed 
herself back down.

There was no special difference at first Jan felt a 
sort of tingling When her movements and her juices 
spread the sauce throughout her pussy and on to the 
tip of Jason's cock, things warmed up.

The heat was making Jason's blood flow more and he was 
getting bigger. This was the opposite effect for Jan 
whose increased blood flow made her pussy lips expand 
and the rest of her pussy tightened she was shrinking. 
The two were stuck together as their sexual organs 
were going into overdrive. Jason felt the surging in 
his balls and the throbbing in his cock as he shot 
pools of cum into Jan's hot pussy.

The cum served to lubricate the situation and Jan used 
this to hump him as fast as she could, Jason was on 
the point of cumming again when her pussy tightened 
again and with a scream Jan came for the first time in 
her life she squirted as her orgasm took complete 
control of her body, This was too much for Jason and 
he added more goo to the pussy as he shot another wad 
of cum deep inside Jan cuddled up to him, and one by 
one untied his cords, removing his blindfold they 

"What did you do" he asked, "You said you wanted to 
try different things, and that was different, first I 
put ice in my pussy, and then a little bit of chili 
sauce on your big cock, but we have made a mess of the 
bed, I'll change it before we go out.

Jan showered and dressed in a skirt and shirt with a 
jumper over the top.

As Jason came out of the shower Jan was in the kitchen 
bending over to load the soiled bed clothes into the 
washer. Jason came up behind her and lifted her skirt, 
pulling her thong to one side he slid his still hard 
cock deep and taking hold of her waist he pounded into 
her, Jan braced herself on the top of the washing 
machine squashing her breasts as he moved.

At first she was shocked then she was really glad he 
had taken control and she was loving it. Jason speeded 
up and massaged her bottom with on hand as he touched 
her pink rosebud she came with another scream, Jason 
carried on pounding into her and as he felt his orgasm 
approaching he pushed his finger into her tight 
bottom, Jan came again and they both collapsed on the 

Jan was first to speak" Thank you for that I have been 
waiting for you to do something like that for ages. We 
are more like a couple now."

They left to go shopping, Jan had intended to go to 
another town so they did not get recognized but now 
she almost did not care. She was going to cook their 
first meal tonight and probably another tomorrow. They 
walked round the supermarket like any couple, Jan 
selected steak for tonight and a pork joint for 
tomorrow, she bought vegetables to go with her choices 
and added bacon sausages and eggs to the basket, two 
bottles of wine completed the groceries.

Jason wanted to buy a couple of new shirts, In the 
shop Jan offered her opinion on which to buy Jason 
agreed, As they walked round the shopping mall they 
passed the cinema. "Why don't we go want a film 
tonight" Jan agreed at once, they would decide which 
when they came back. Jan wanted to go into Boots so 
they agreed to meet back at a coffee house on the way 
back to the car. On the way back to the coffee shop 
Jan saw a nice knitted dress and tried one on, she 
liked the way it hugged her body without being tarty 
and bought one.

Jason dashed into a jewelers that they had passed and 
bought Jan a gold chain bracelet. He popped the little 
box in his pocket and set off for the coffee shop on 
the way he bought a bunch of flowers.

Jan was impressed when he showed up with the flowers 
they drank their coffee and on the way back to the car 
Jan linked arms with him.

Mick and Sharon woke early and cuddled each other, As 
Mick caressed her breasts Sharon reached down and 
stroked him, There was an urgency to their actions 
they had to be downstairs soon, Mick rolled on top as 
she opened her thighs, she wiped his tip up and down 
her outer lips and was surprised to find she was still 
wet from last night.

Pushing him into her tunnel Mick took over and quickly 
plunged into her with long deep strokes, squeezing on 
her nipples, they were kissing and hi pushed his 
tongue in and out of her mouth to match his thrusting 
Sharon was on a high as Mick pumped his cum in long 
squirts, his sent Sharon into oblivion as she clamped 
down on her Lover. "I do Love you" she murmured in his 
ear as he softened and slid out.

He looked out of the room door and hurried back to his 
room. As Sharon got ready for the conference she 
wished the weekend could go on longer.

Jan prepared a lovely meal with the steak and as they 
ate they tried to decide which film to go and see, Jan 
told him to decide when they got there. Jan washed up 
whilst Jason got ready to go out. He wore one of his 
new shirts and Jan the new dress.

They opted for an American film about life on the west 
coast. Inside Jason put his arm round her neck and she 
snuggled close to him during the whole film. Walking 
back to the car she linked arms again "Lets walk back, 
we can collect the car in the morning" she pleaded, 
twenty minutes later they arrived back at the flat, 
"That was nice, do you want a glass of wine." "No I 
don't think so" Jason replied I'm tired I just want to 
go to bed.

Jan did not argue they undressed and slid into bed, 
they held hands and they lay next to one another, 
Jason slid closer to feel the warmth from her body. 
Minutes later they were both asleep.

After the conference Mick and Sharon had to mingle 
with the other managers, they kept their distance from 
each other, as soon as the speeches after the dinner 
were over Sharon went upstairs. She already had Mick's 
room key and let herself in, it had been a long day, 
she showered and sat naked on the edge of the bed. 

Channel hopping she found the adult channel and was 
engrossed in a film where three couple were having an 
orgy on the deck of a fast moving boat. Mick tapped 
lightly on the door and she let him in, she helped him 
into the shower and got in with him, soaping each 
other's bodies they reached a high state of arousal. 
Mick dried himself and then wrapped Sharon in a big 
bath towel and caressed her body with the soft 

Back in the bedroom the couples in the film were all 
reaching loud noisy orgasms.

This was enough to encourage Sharon to kneel on the 
floor so she could still watch the film as Mick took 
her from behind. As the action on the screen 
progressed he pounded into Sharon's sopping wet pussy 
sending her over the edge twice before he shot his 

As they recovered from this bout they lay on the bed 
watching another film. Sharon was touching him all 
over as they watched, as soon as she had got him hard 
again she swung her leg over his body and impaled 
herself on his rampant cock. "I do wish we could do 
this more often!" she gasped as she rode him 

In the morning Jason was cuddled up to Jan' back, they 
were in the spoon position, he eased his hard cock 
into the dampness between her thighs, Jan eased back 
lifting her leg a little she reached down and put the 
tip of his cock against the entrance to her pussy. 
Jason slid in slowly, they did not have sex they made 
love slowly and sensually it took over an hour before 
they both reached their highest spot and came 

"I do love you when you're like this," Jan whispered.

Jason heard himself reply, "I love you too."

Jan got up leaving him in bed, she fussed about making 
a cooked breakfast, she did not bother to get dressed 
just putting on an apron, she was not bothered that 
their juices were leaking from her.

After they ate they cleaned up the kitchen and 
themselves, "Let's go for a walk in the park and then 
pick up the car." 

"It's a long walk," Jason replied. 

"I know, but we have all day and I want to be with you 
outside doing normal things for a change."

As they were about to leave Jason placed the little 
box in Jan's hand. She opened the box and gazed at the 
bracelet. "I love it, I love you, put it on for me."

To be continued?

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