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What I Wanted, Sort of…

1 June, 2018 (00:45) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Illicit Writer (


A man has a desire for something kinky. His wife 
discovers his fantasies and does something about it.


As I made my way home from work, I discreetly checked out 
the classifieds. I didn't look through them because I was 
single. I had been married for three years, but like many 
men, the grass is always greener on the other side. I 
always got a kick out of reading how people described 
themselves and I particularly enjoyed the 'None of the 
above' section. It's kinky description of what people 
wanted sent a shiver through my groin. 

My own sex life was more mundane. While I enjoyed reading 
erotica, most of my own sex life had been rather vanilla. 
Even the woman I ended up marrying, Hanna, was someone I 
had known in high school.

We had met at a bar in my hometown. A night of drunken 
kissing had led to a serious relationship. Hanna was 
attractive woman. She was 5'6" with brown hair and blue 
eyes that danced when she laughed. I'm not sure of her 
exact measurements, but she had a beautiful curve to her 
hips that were delightful to run my fingers down. Her 
breasts were 'D' and she loved to play with them while we 
fucked as her nipples were particularly sensitive.

I was a bit taller, at 6'1" with an average body, though 
age was catching up with me a bit. Hanna always 
complimented me on my eyes, though I thought they were 
just brown.

In the three years, our sex life had dropped a bit to 
maybe once a week. It was still good, don't get me wrong. 
But it was just beginning to feel like it was falling 
into a rut. I had dropped hints about trying new things 
or swinging, but Hanna had just laughed it off.

I arrived home and booted up the computer. When the 
screen came on, I was puzzled to find that one of my 
folders had been opened. I felt myself blush in 
embarrassment as I realized what folder it was. It 
contained a few erotic stories I had downloaded. Had I 
left it open? Or had Hanna found it? I opened Word and 
checked recent documents. Sure enough a few of my erotic 
stories had been opened. As I scanned the titles, I 
realized that they all had to do with bi sex between 
females and males.

I deleted the recent history and shut off the computer. 
As I started to cook dinner, I wondered how my wife had 
reacted to the stories. If she had, in fact, opened them.


A few weeks later, I got home to find the newspaper lying 
on the table. I noticed that it was opened to the 'None 
of the above' section. Could I have been so careless? Or 
was it another hint from my wife? I left it the way I had 
found it and got dinner ready. My wife came home just as 
I was finishing steaming the vegetables.

"Hello my sweet, dinner almost ready?"

"Almost." I dumped the vegetables into a serving dish. 

I heard footsteps come into the kitchen. Did they pause 
as she passed the table? Hands slid down my back.

"My handsome man." She purred and her hands rubbed up and 
down my back. "Are you ready for your birthday? The big 
three - oh."

I leaned back against her. "Thanks for reminding me."

She pressed up against me and I could feel those big, 
beautiful breasts being squeezed between us. "Are you 
sure you don't want a big celebration?"

"Naw, don't worry about it. We'll be going down to 
Florida to see my parents next month anyway." I handed 
her the vegetables and grabbed the pasta. "Come on, let's 
get ready to eat."

We brought the food over to the table and I watched her 
move the newspaper with her free hand. Damn it. If she 
had a reaction to it, I couldn't tell. 

Later that night, I was typing up some emails when I 
heard my wife come up behind me. I turned and saw that 
she was in her flannel pajamas. A short one-piece that 
showed off her white legs, smooth and toned.

She smiled. "Are you going to be much longer?"

"No, just finishing up, I'll be in bed soon."

She yawned and gave me a kiss goodnight.

I finished up my last email and started to feel horny. 
Looking behind me, I saw that the bedroom door was 
closed. I opened up my private folder and began scanning 
the story titles. I picked one I hadn't read in a while. 
It was about a guy who won a bet with his wife. I took 
out my cock and began stroking it as I read about their 
escapades. He made her suck a young man's cock and then 
had her hit on a woman at a bar. My own cock was rock 
hard. It was average sized, but thick. I continued 
pumping my meat as I read about the wife going down on a 
woman for the first time.

"Mmmmmm, I like this story."

I jumped up and almost tripped on my pants. My wife 
laughter rippled through the room and I couldn't help but 
grin foolishly. I had literally been caught with my pants 

She came up and grabbed my shrinking cock. "Someone's 
been a naughty boy."

I began to speak but she put a finger to her lips and 
shook her head. Her other hand began to move up and down 
on my cock. "I don't want to hear a word out of you until 
I say so. Nod your head if you understand."

I nodded my head. Her hand felt wonderful on my cock 
which was now standing at attention again. Her eyes 
locked with mine. She let go of my cock and slowly licked 
her hand, then it went back down to work again.

"Now I want you to sit down and continue reading the 
story again."

Helpless, I sat down and began to read. Her head rested 
on my shoulder and her hand continued to pump my cock. 
She had a great technique of playing with my head before 
moving down the entire length of my shaft.

Her breath was warm in my ear.

I tried to continue to read.

"So two women getting it on." She said in a low voice.

Her hand started to pump me faster.

"Have you thought of me with another woman?"

I let out a groan and her hand slowed down.

"Oh no, you are going to cum that quickly."

She moved to my side and her other hand began to play 
with my balls as the other one resumed moving up and down 
my shaft.

"So with the other woman, have you thought about her 
licking my beautiful tits..."

Her voice trailed away and she licked my earlobe.

"Or maybe she was going down on me, sticking her tongue 
in my pussy."

Her hand started wacking me faster. Her other hand moved 
below my balls and began tickling my ass.

"Or maybe you wanted me to go down on her? To lick her 
wet pussy while you fucked me?"

She bit my shoulder. I felt my orgasm rising and moaned.

"Oh yeah, baby. Cum for me. I want to see you cum."

I tried to hold it back, but her hands worked faster. 
Pleasure ripped through my body and I felt warm cum land 
on my stomach. 

Hanna kissed my cheek and rested her head on my shoulder. 
"Very nicely done my sweet." 
I looked down and saw her finger wipe up a dollop of cum. 
I though she was going to eat it when she shoved her 
finger in my mouth. I moved back, but she kept her finger 

"No," she whispered. "It's yours. Swallow."

I licked her finger, my salty cum sliding down my throat.

She pulled her finger out and wiped up another dollop of 
cum. She stuck it in my mouth and I swallowed it without 
hesitation. "Very good, sweetie. As I said, that story is 
very nice. But it should be the woman in charge not the 

When she had finished feeding me my cum. She gave me a 
deep, french-kiss.

"Yummy!" She smiled and led me into the bedroom. Our fuck 
lasted a long time...


On Friday, I got a call from my wife at work. "Hey 

"Hey Hanna. How goes the day?"

"It's good, I'm going to be leaving now though."


"I have to get your birthday dinner ready!" Her laugh 
tinkled on the other side of the phone.

"Hanna, I told you I didn't want anything elaborate."

Her voice became seductive. "Remember the other night?"

My cock stirred at the thought. The next day, we hadn't 
brought up the previous night at all. I was still 
embarrassed at getting caught masturbating so I was 
waiting for Hanna to bring it up.

She repeated her question. "Well? Do you remember the 
other night?"

"Y- yes I do. It was incredible."

"Did you like me talking about being with another woman?"

I laughed at that. "You saw my reaction honey."

"Yes I did." She paused. "Would you like it to happen?"

I felt my stomach drop. My wife with another woman! "Yes. 
I mean if you want to."

"There is one condition though sweetie. If I do this 
tonight. You have to follow my orders. You will have to 
do whatever I say, otherwise it's off."

My mind raced with the possibilities. Images flashed 
through my mind of my wife in various positions with 
another woman. "Yes, I promise."

"That's what I was hoping to hear, my sweet. But there is 
one other thing."

I leaned forward, my cock was almost completely hard. 
"What is it?"

"Well, the woman I got to do this is married as well and 
she said she doesn't do anything like this without her 
husband. So if you want this to happen, he will have to 
be there as well."

"That's fine honey." After all, I thought, if I get to 
see this beautiful thing happen, why shouldn't I share 
the wealth?

"I was hoping you'd say that. Come home at seven o'clock 
sharp. OK?"

"I'll be there."

"See you soon, honey."

Needless to say, I was next to useless at work as 
fantasies of my wife with another woman kept flitting 
through my mind. I was tempted throughout the day to 
masturbate, but there was no way that I was going to wear 
myself out before tonight. 

After an eternity, I headed home, the lust within me had 
reached an almost fever pitch. When I arrived, I saw a 
strange car parked by our driveway. The other couple must 
already be here. As I reached for the front door, it 
swung open and my mind was blown away. Hanna was dressed 
in black lingerie, she doesn't usually wear sexy 
underwear so it was almost looking like a completely 
different woman. She had black garters that contrasted so 
well with her alabaster skin. The teddy was black as 
well, stretched tight across her full breasts. Her 
nipples were hard and pink beneath. 

She pulled me in and gave me a deep kiss. When we broke 
our kiss, her hand snaked down my stomach and rubbed my 
crotch. "Well sweetie, you ready for your birthday 


She laughed, "Easy boy. Remember your promise? You have 
to do whatever I say."

I nodded.

"Good, because I want to strip, right now."

I looked around the room for the other couple, but didn't 
see anyone. "But-"

She put a finger to my lips. "You promised."

I nodded and quickly took off my tie, shirt, pants and 
socks. I fingered the waistband of my boxers and looked 
at Hanna. She nodded and I slipped out of my underwear.

She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed down. "Now, 
get on her knees and lick me."

Without resistance, I knelt down and eagerly explored her 
crotch. It was completely shaved. I looked up and saw a 
wicked grin spread across her face. 

I looked closer between her legs and saw a few snaps. I 
unbuttoned the lingerie and peeled it back to reveal the 
bare, white skin. Her hands grabbed the back of my head 
and pulled me to her pussy. I smelt her arousal and 
inhaled the heady, musty scent. Usually I like to kiss 
and tease her when I give her oral sex. But I was so 
turned on, I went straight to the source. Her pussy lips 
were already wet and my tongue darted around eagerly. Her 
grinding hips and moans told me I was doing the right 

Her juices were already flowing and I swirled my tongue, 
reaching as deep as I could go. I loved the tart taste 
filling my mouth and the soft feel of nylons on either 
side of my head. The bare skin where here pubic hair had 
been felt strange and erotic at the same time.

"Oh sweetie, that's it. Now lick my clit!"

I happily obliged, moving out. I probed the tip of my 
tongue between her folds and felt her raised, swollen 
clit. I twizzled my tongue back and forth and was 
rewarded by a fresh wave of pussy juice.

"Mmmmmm." My wife had never been shy about making noise 
and it never failed to urge me on to greater efforts. I 
was about to dive back in, when her hands grabbed my hair 
and pulled me away.

"Don't you want to meet our guests.?"

I looked up at her and nodded. 

She turned my head and I saw a couple around our age. 
"This is John and Lee."

John was only dressed in boxers. He looked to be a few 
inches shorter than me and was skinny, like a runner's 
body. He had striking, blue eyes and smiled when our eyes 
met. Hillary knocked me out. She looked to be about 
Hanna's height but had slimmer hips. She was wearing a 
very short, silk kimono, but looked to have smaller 
breasts. Her brown eyes were framed by an angelic face 
and she had short brown hair.

Hanna leaned down and whispered, "It was Lee who shaved 
me before you got here. Didn't she do a wonderful job?"

"Oh yes!" 

Hanna pulled me to my feet and we walked over to the 
couple. John shook my hand. When Lee gave me a peck on 
the cheek, the kimono brushed against my cock which was 
fully at attention. She gave it a squeeze and laughed, 
"How do you do Mr. Cock?"

We all had a good laugh at that and it helped break the 
nervous tension. I motioned for them to sit down while 
Hanna went to get drinks. John and Lee sat on the couch 
while I in a chair across from them. It turned out that 
Hanna had contacted them through the 'None of the above' 
section that I had been reading. 

Hanna came in at that point with a tray of drinks. 

"Yes, I did contact them through the paper," She shot me 
a sly look. "My husband thought he was being so sly, but 
I've been on to it for a while now." I laughed and 
grabbed the beer Hanna offered. 

"We were happy to hear from Hanna," Lee said. "But when 
we met her. well, your wife is very sexy."

Hanna blushed and thanked her while I nodded in 

John leaned forward and said. "Hanna tells us this is 
your first time. Well, Lee and I have been swinging for a 
few years now. The most important thing we've learned is 
that everyone has to be comfortable." Lee got off the 
couch and sat on the arm of the chair that Hanna sat on. 
"If either one of you feel uncomfortable let us know, k?"

I nodded, but my wife was simply smiling at Lee. Her hand 
trailed up the other woman's arm. Lee leaned forward and 
that was that. My wife was making out with another woman.

I leaned forward, soaking in this incredibly erotic 

Lee's hand moved down to Hanna's right breast and I saw 
my wife arch into her caress. Their kiss broke off slowly 
and Lee tweaked her nipple. My wife yipped and then 
smiled. Interesting. I didn't know she liked it a little 

Hanna turned to me. "Sweetie, why don't you go over to 
the couch, I think you'll have a better view."

I stood up and walked over, my cock bobbing up and down.

The couch was long and easily accommodated both John and 
I without having to touch.

John looked at his wife with a huge smile and said, "Why 
don't you show Hannah your little surprise?"

Hannah and I exchanged a curious glance as Lee stood up. 
With a smile gracing her angelic face, she undid the belt 
of her kimono. For a moment, shock burrowed through my 
system as I thought a cock parted the folds of her 
kimono. Hannah and I realized that it was a strap-on at 
the same time and we both laughed.

"Do you like my toy?" Lee asked as she let the kimono 
completely fall away.

I was right about her body. Her breasts were small but 
the nipples were long and rock hard. The strap-on looked 
very sexy with her innocent face. She turned so it stood 
straight in front of my wife's face. She took the hint 
and took it into her mouth.

Fixated, I watched my wife give Lee a blowjob. It was 
weird to see her go at it from a third person's 
perspective. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. 
I turned to see John pulling his cock out. It was a 
sizable piece of equipment and I saw he was also uncut, 
unlike my own penis. 

He saw me watching and motioned towards the girls. 

"There's no sight sexier that that, eh?"

I nodded and began stroking my own cock.

My wife was staring up at Lee as she tried to deep throat 
as much of the plastic as possible. I saw her hands move 
up Lee's thighs. I nearly cheered as I saw one of her 
fingers penetrate the other woman's pussy. Lee groaned 
and my wife began to slowly moving her finger back and 
forth, in time with her own swallowing.

I felt my own orgasm building, so I slowed down my 

My wife leaned back and turned to me. "Enjoying the 

I nodded, unable to keep what I'm sure was a huge grin 
off my face.

She then turned to Lee. "Would you like to eat me before 
you fuck me?"

Lee practically fell to her knees which I suppose was 
answer enough. A tingle tickled up my body as I saw this 
beautiful woman about to tongue my wife.


I looked in disbelief as my wife put her hand on Lee's 
head to stop her from coming any closer. I waited, ready 
to kick this couple out of my house if my wife wanted to 
stop this.

Instead, she looked at me with smoldering eyes and smiled 
like a Cheshire cat. In a low voice she asked. "Do you 
remember what you promised me?"

I nodded, a bit confused.

"Well, John and Lee were kind enough to help us with your 
fantasy, but they have desires too." 

Did she want me to fuck Lee?

My wife continued on. "Stand up and face John." Uncertain 
I got up and stood in front of him. "Now get on your 
knees." My stomach fell as turned to look at her. She 
returned the look with raised eyebrows. "Why are you 
hesitating? On your knees!" Almost unconsciously, I felt 
my knees buckling and there was John's cock throbbing in 
front of my face. "Take hold of John's cock, dear, but do 
it gently." I reached forward with my right hand. It was 
warm and rubbery. So different. I looked up at John, he 
was leering at me and I felt myself blush. "I want you to 
suck John's cock while Lee eats me and fucks me."

"But -" My hand started to move up and down on John's 
cock even as I questioned my wife.

"But nothing. Are you going to keep the promise you made 
to me or will Lee and John have to leave?"

I stared at my hand as it moved up and down. Felt the 
warmth in my palm and the loose skin slide up and down 
beneath my touch.

"Sweetie, suck his cock."

I leaned forward. My tongue slowly touched the head. It 
wasn't so bad. I moved forward and engulfed the mushroom 
head into my mouth. John let out a low sigh and 
whispered. "Yeah, that's it."

Encouraged, I moved closer and tried to take even more in 
my mouth. Remembering, I carefully kept my teeth away. 
Moving back to the top, I traced around the head with my 

I heard my wife moan in pleasure and turned to see how 
the girls were doing. Instead, John's hands grabbed my 
head and kept my mouth on his cock.

My wife laughed gently. "No, no, no sweetie. You can 
watch Lee and I get it on, but first you have to make 
John cum. And swallow it too."

What? But I wanted to see my wife with another woman.

"I know what you are thinking sweetie, but you promised 
me." My wife let out a long groan and I realized that Lee 
must be licking her even as she was giving me orders. 
"You better hurry though, Lee's tongue is amazing!"

John's hands still had my head in a vice grip. I looked 
up and saw pure lust on his face. "Make me cum with that 
hot mouth of yours."

Behind me, I heard my wife moan again. I desperately 
wanted to see what was happening behind me. I let John's 
hands guide my mouth back to his member. What would make 
him cum fast? I remembered that I loved it when Hannah 
would keep an even rhythm. With gusto, I began to move up 
and down on John's cock. I tried to go as far down as I 
could and back up. Up and down. Up and down.

"Oh sweetie, you look so hot giving John a bj." My wife 
more moaned than said. Lee must be giving her quite a 

John hands moved through my hair. He gasped. "Play with 
my balls."

"Do whatever John says dear. I want to see your head 

I reached up and felt John's sack. The balls were so 
soft, I felt them move as I continued sucking on his 
manhood. He moaned in approval and patted my head. Was 
his cock twitching? I redoubled my efforts and speed, but 
he merely groaned. I couldn't believe that I was 
disappointed not to be swallowing his cum yet!

"Fuck me Lee!" I heard my wife gasp. "My pussy is so 
ready for your toy!"

"Turn over." Lee ordered. "I want to take you doggy 

I heard movement behind me and groaned in frustration. 
With my wife's large breasts, doggy style was my favorite 
position. I imagined Lee ramming my wife. Oh, those two 
attractive women making each other hot! I looked up and 
saw John watching his wife and mine. He felt my stare and 
our eyes locked. 

"Don't stop, it'll only take longer for me to cum. Now 
lick my balls."

I felt lost in his eyes as I moved down. I let my tongue 
trail along his shaft and down to his sack. I licked his 
balls. They slid around my active tongue. Instinctively, 
I sucked one into my mouth. He groaned and continued 
sucking on his balls and my right hand jacked him. I 
started to go fast, but he grabbed my hand and said, 

My wife screamed out in orgasm and a conflict warred 
within. Do I look over or follow orders?

My hand slowly continued to pump is large cock and I 
licked his balls. I moved underneath his sack and his 
body slumped forward to allow me easier access. His 
asshole winked out at me.

"Stick a finger in my ass!"

I licked my index finger and slowly stuck it in. I moved 
it in and out, imagining the rhythm of my wife being 
fucked. I moved back up to the shaft. It was easier to 
deep throat this time and I noticed I moved farther down 
the shaft. From the groan that escaped from John, he 
noticed it too.

"Oh Lee! Fuck me harder!" My wife was almost screaming in 

I heard a sharp slap and then a squeal. I swirled my 
tongue around John's head and the went even farther down. 
His pubic hair tickled my nose.

"So you liked to be spanked?" Lee's voice was full of 
lust. "Beg me to spank you Hannah."

I came up for air and then plunged down. My jaw sore, but 
John felt so good and hot in my mouth. 

"Oh please, Lee, make me your bitch!" I had never heard 
such a desperate need in my wife's voice before! "Please 
spank me Lee!"

I kept moving up and down the shaft. It was hard keeping 
time with both my finger and my mouth, but I fell into a 
beat. Keeping time with the smacks Lee was giving my 

"Come on Hannah! Cum for me one more time. I love 
watching your breasts jiggle back and forth." Lee's words 
must have been having an effect because I heard my wife 
moan louder.

John's asshole gripped my finger and I felt his cock 
twitch in my mouth. A sexual vibe thrummed through me and 
I eager sucked on his dick. Spurred on I sucked harder 
and deeper. 

"MMMMM! OH FUCK YES!" My wife screamed in pure lust.

At almost the same moment, m mouth was filled with a hot, 
salty liquid. I almost choked, but kept swallowing. 

"Fuck yeah! You have a hot mouth!" John yelled as he 
pumped my mouth full of cum. His cock slowly softened and 
I continued to lick it clean, forgetting my wife, 
forgetting Lee, forgetting everything except cleaning the 
beautiful cock. 

John grabbed my head and brought me up for a kiss. Too 
surprised to resist, I let his tongue comb my mouth as he 
tasted his own cum. When we broke apart, I turned to see 
Hannah and Lee sitting on the floor watching us. Hannah 
leaned against Lee while the other woman absently played 
with her nipple.

I sighed and stood up. I had missed the show. 

Hannah got up and gave me a deep kiss. I wondered briefly 
if she wanted to taste another man's sperm. 

"You were great sweetie." Her voice soft as she hugged me 
fiercely. "Happy Birthday."

I looked up and saw Lee and John quickly getting dressed 
and headed out the door. My wife didn't turn to say 
goodbye. I don't think she was ashamed, but she had seen 
this as a pure sex thing and didn't want anything more 
than that.

I looked down at her. "But I missed seeing you with a 

"Did you?" I looked at her, confused. She smiled and 
started to moan. "Oh fuck me Lee! Fuck me!" She slapped 
her thigh and squealed.

"You mean you didn't have sex with Lee?" Emotions flooded 
through me. Should I be angry? Laugh? Cry?

Hannah smiled coyly and gave me a quick kiss. "Oh, don't 
be mad. Maybe I did have sex with her." She knelt down 
and took my cock in her hand. "Or maybe not." Slowly, she 
jacked it back to full staff. She kept her eyes locked 
with mine as she deep throated me and then pulled back. 

"Maybe I just wanted to see you suck cock. Wouldn't that 
be hot?" My wife slowly took me deep. When she pulled 
back, she lifted my cock and licked my balls. "Mmmm. Or 
maybe I wanted to save something for you next birthday." 
I leaned back. Her tongue darted around my head.

Hannah stood up and took my hand. I felt something cool 
in her palm, I looked down and saw a tube of KY. 

Confused, I looked back at her. Her smile was huge. She 
looked so good in that black lingerie with her hair 
tussled and lust in her eyes. 

"Ready for your real birthday present sweetie? Ready to 
fuck me in the ass?"

Speechless, I let her lead me upstairs to the bedroom.

-Illicit Writer

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