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    After The Party – 2

    13 October, 2018 (16:15) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Ben1 (no address provided)
    Wife starts to change everything by spending more time 
    with her lover. (MMF, wife, cuck, swingers, cream-pie)
    PART 2
    It was a few weeks after Jean had told me about John 
    and she was still coming home late every night. I knew 
    she was having sex with him and possibly others, but 
    she was still letting me clean her pussy and getting 
    the occasional fuck so I played along. Jean said one 
    night that she was going on a weekend away with John 
    and some other couples. I asked if I was going, she 
    said no that John said I was to stay at home thinking 
    about what he was doing to her.
    I told her I was not happy about this and that it was 
    a big change in the relationship. Deal with it she 
    replied, I am going and that is that. It was early on 
    Friday afternoon, I had finished early at work and 
    went home. Jean was in the shower getting ready, I 
    asked if she wanted anything, she replied that a drink 
    would be nice. I poured a double and gave it to her in 
    the shower. "Need a hand?" I asked. 
    "Would you like to shave my pussy?" she replied, 
    opening the shower door. I got the razor and cream and 
    set about shaving her pussy. Her hair was already 
    tight so it was easily done.
    I went into the bedroom and noticed her case, I looked 
    inside it she had a lot of new clothe packed. I lifted 
    up some and seen her new lingerie and boy was it sexy. 
    Her bra was the half cup type and the panties were 
    just tiny. She will look great in and out of these I 
    thought. Having a good look Jean shouted, I can see 
    you in the mirror are they getting you horney. Why 
    don't you take out your cock and have a good wank as I 
    get ready, I would like to watch you she said. 
    I did as I was told and took out my cock and played 
    with it, Jean asked if I was thinking about her in the 
    cloths. "Yes," I said, "and even better out of them, 
    fucking me."
    I shot my load of come and Jean came over and licked 
    me clean. "Now that's a good boy," she said stroking 
    my cock back into life. She then started to give me a 
    blow job something she had never liked doing. 
    She was very good at it, I asked where she'd learned 
    to do it that way. "John showed me how," she said. 
    I told her I was about to come again, she kept sucking 
    me and I came in her mouth. She came up to me and 
    kissed me allowing the come to flow into my mouth. 
    "Tastes nice?" she asked. "Yes," I said, swallowing my 
    own come as she moved away to finish getting ready. 
    She gave me a quick kiss goodbye and John collected 
    her without even saying hi to me. I closed the door 
    and went back up to the bedroom to clean up. Jean had 
    left her side of the room in a mess,so I went to tidy 
    it up when I found a packet under her side of the bed. 
    I opened it up and found some photos of Jean having 
    sex with John and a DVD disk. 
    I put the disk into the player and pressed the play 
    button. I sat on the bed and watched a couple having 
    sex on mat, next there was another couple fucking on a 
    bed. It went on for a few minutes when in came Jean 
    and John, Jean was naked and so was John. His cock 
    looked very big and soon Jean was sucking his cock, 
    taking it all in. He in turn lifted her up and let her 
    slide down onto his cock, she was shouting at him to 
    fuck her hard and fill her with his cum. just then our 
    doorbell rang, so I jumped up to answer it.
    I open the door and there stood Jeans sister Ann, she 
    was Jeans younger sister by 10 years. She was the sort 
    that always looked older than her years, wearing 
    frumpy cloths and as plain as anything. Is Jean at 
    home she asked I wanted to borrow a handbag? I 
    hesitated at first and then replied that she was away 
    for the weekend with some girlfriends.
    I invited her in for a coffee and said I would get 
    some bags for her to choose from, just then my mobile 
    went. It was work, but the signal was bad so I moved 
    out to the back garden to hear them. I was about 15 
    minutes on the phone and when I finished I went back 
    in to get Ann the bags. She was not in the kitchen 
    where I left her, she must have gone upstairs to get 
    the look at the bags. 
    Just then a shock hit me, I don't remember switching 
    off the DVD player in our room. I went upstairs and 
    looked into our room, I had left it on and Ann was 
    sitting on the bed watching it. I stood looking at 
    her, she was staring at the DVD and one of her hands 
    was rubbing her pussy. I entered the room and asked if 
    she was enjoying the show, she jumped up in shock 
    unable to say anything.
    I am sorry, but you were on the phone and I knew where 
    Jean kept her bags. I moved nearer her and asked what 
    she thought of the show, it was amazing I never seen 
    anything like that before and when I saw Jean in it I 
    nearly died she said. What's the story, how come Jean 
    is in it. It is a real DVD she is having an affair 
    with the Black guy John and she is having a lot of 
    different sexual experiences. I could see that said 
    Ann, what about you how are you about all of this. I 
    have to accept it or she will leave me, I do still 
    have a relationship with Jean but not much.
    I am sorry she said looking a little shy now that we 
    had spoken about Jean. The DVD was still playing and 
    now a couple were having sex on the balcony of a hotel 
    room, they were fucking like mad, moaning and shouting 
    out fuck me. Ann went to switch it off, I said leave 
    it on we can watch it together if you like.
    Jean was in a few more scenes with John and other 
    guys, even some woman. When it finished I asked Ann if 
    she would like to stay for dinner she agreed. I went 
    downstairs to order some food and get some drinks for 
    us. I asked Ann if she would like to change for 
    dinner, I told her to try on some of Jeans cloths. I 
    gave her the drink and said I was having a shower, I 
    had a big erection and needed to play with it.When I 
    came out of the shower Ann was wearing a top and skirt 
    belonging to Jean, that is the first time I have seen 
    you dressed up. 
    How do I look she asked, beautiful I replied, now try 
    on some makeup, I need to change. I went down to get 
    more drinks and when I came back Ann had on a hot 
    lipstick and had done a great job on the makeup. Wow I 
    said you look great, how come you always look so 
    frumpy, because I have no one to  get done up for. 
    Well you really look great, in fact you look hot and 
    sexy. I feel sexy she replied as I handed her the 
    We moved downstairs before I jumped her, we had our 
    meal and some more drinks, Why don't you stay the 
    night, you had a few drinks so don't drive. I don't 
    know what would Jean say, we won't tell her she won't 
    be back until late Sunday night. Ok I will stay 
    thanks, we had a few more drinks and tidied up after 
    our meal. I was washing the dishes when I turned 
    around an bumped into Ann. She was off balance and was 
    about to fall when I gripped her around the waist. 
    I pulled her up and into me, looking in her eyes I 
    knew I had to kiss her. I placed my lips on her giving 
    her a soft kiss, it felt good so I pulled her tighter 
    and gave her a full on French kiss. I could see her 
    eyes closed and she let out a little moan, my tongue 
    explored her mouth finding her tongue and playing with 
    it. She pulled away and said we should stop what about 
    her sister Jean, what about her I said she is probably 
    fucking like mad now. I pulled Ann closer and this 
    time she kissed me hard, her tongue was now in my 
    mouth. I always wanted to do that to you she said, I 
    always fancied you.
    We moved into the lounge and onto the sofa still 
    kissing hard. I now moved my hand down over her breast 
    and to my delight she did not object just moaned. Her 
    breast felt large and soft to touch, I slipped my hand 
    inside her bra and I could feel her erect nipple, it 
    felt huge. I removed her top and opened her bra, her 
    breasts shot free they were indeed large and her 
    nipple stood out. 
    I moved my lips onto her nipple and sucked it gently. 
    Ann pulled my head in tighter and whispered to me to 
    suck it harder. I obliged, I took her hand a placed it 
    on my erect cock. She at first pulled back, but then 
    started to rub it harder. She opened my zip and took 
    out my cock it was fully erect and she looked at it. I 
    lifted her up and we went up to the bedroom she was 
    hugging me tight all the way up.
    When I placed her on the bed she turned to me and said 
    that she wanted to do this for a long time. I kissed 
    her softly and then started to take off her top and 
    then her bra. Her beautiful breasts were now on show, 
    they are magnificent I said as I gently played with 
    her nipples. I then started to take off her skirt she 
    looked at me with glowing eyes, she was enjoying the 
    sensation. I asked if she was enjoying herself, yes 
    she replied I have often imagined this happening with 
    I took hold of her panties which were now soaking with 
    her juices and slipped them down her legs slowly. When 
    I saw her dark bushy hair covering her pussy it was a 
    new sensation for me. Jean always has a tight cut or 
    completely shaved pussy. I ran my fingers through the 
    soft curly pussy hair, it felt great. Ann asked what I 
    thought of it, it is fantastic and so sexy. I stood up 
    and told Ann to take off my pants and then my shorts. 
    When she pulled down my shorts my cock was fully erect 
    standing to attention for this fantastic woman.
    Ann slowly touched my cock as it quivered at her 
    touch, wow she said it is so big. I started to finger 
    her pussy which was running juices. I went down to 
    sick it when she looked at me as said I was her first. 
    I stopped and looked at her, are you still a virgin I 
    asked, Yes she replied be gentle. I moved up to her 
    and kissed her hard and asked was she sure she wanted 
    to do this. I have never being so sure of anything she 
    replied I am yours now and forever. 
    I started to rub my cock against her pussy and it slid 
    in slowly she was moaning. I pushed in a little at a 
    time and she was now kissing me like mad, finally I 
    pushed in all the way and I could feel her virginity 
    breaking. Wow what a sensation, she was my first 
    virgin, Jean had a lot of lovers before we met and she 
    said she lost her virginity at a young age.
    I came really hard filling Ann with my hot cum and 
    holding her very tight as she also came. We lay 
    together for a long time playing with each other and 
    kissing. All weekend we made love, not just fucking 
    but making love. I was so excited that I could not 
    hide my love for Ann, we had just become one.
    When Sunday afternoon came and we had to part because 
    Jean would be home soon, we cried. We agreed that we 
    had to see each other the next day and plan our next 
    move. When Jean arrived home she went up to our 
    bedroom and called me up. She was naked on the bed and 
    I could see her pussy lips glowing red. Yes she said I 
    had a lot of cock this weekend and now I need you to 
    lick my pussy to soothe it. 
    I looked at her and I could also see that her nipples 
    looked different, they were pierced. I asked when she 
    got that done. "John got it done for me," she replied 
    showing me the little bars going through each nipple. 
    "Why would you do that? They were perfect," I said.
    "John likes them this way and that's all that counts. 
    I was annoyed and I said, "Soothe your own pussy, I am 
    finished being your slave." I got up and left the room 
    as she shouted after me that I would not be getting 
    any pussy if I didn't do as she asked. "I don't need 
    your well-used pussy," I said. "And certainly not 
    those pierced nipples." 
    I left the house and spent time driving around 
    planning my next step and thinking about Ann.
    To be continued?

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