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    After The Party – 3

    13 October, 2018 (16:17) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Ben1 (no address provided)
    The final part of my story about couple who's swinging 
    caused a big change in their lives. (FFM, swingers)
    PART 3
    I was still annoyed at Jean and her demanding ways of 
    recent times. I did not like being used by her and she 
    was changing all the time she was with John.
    I had decided that I needed to take a break from her 
    and got a short lease on an apartment just to get my 
    head together. I was still seeing Ann as often as I 
    could. We were having lots of fun and great sex. She 
    was becoming a real woman who enjoyed life and love. 
    We were getting really close and our time together was 
    special to me.
    One weekend when Ann was staying over with me she said 
    she had a favor to ask. It was a big favor and I was 
    under no pressure to agree she said. 
    "What is it?" I asked, worrying that something had 
    "I have this very close friend she said we were very 
    close before we got together and well were always 
    together. She is older than me she said and even older 
    than you, not that you are old," she said. 
    "Thanks," I replied.
    "Well, you see she lost her husband some years back 
    and since then she has been alone. You can see the 
    years are getting to her and I wanted to cheer her up. 
    So I want to invite her over this weekend for a meal 
    and a night out, is that ok with you. Sure any friend 
    of yours is one of mine. We made love that night and 
    Ann was really enjoying herself. 
    "Everyone I know has commented on the change in me," 
    she said, "they want to know what has gotten into me."
    "Me," I said.
    "Well, I can hardly say that," she replied.
    "Why not?" I asked. "We're together and that's a 
    She lit up when I said that and we made love all 
    The next weekend can quickly and Ann brought her 
    friend Karen over on Friday night. She looked very 
    well, her hair was tied back with a dark flower and 
    she had nice make-up on. She was wearing a long coat 
    when she arrived. I helped her take it off revealing a 
    lovely outfit of a smart black skirt, cream blouse and 
    nice black tights. She had on a medium height heals 
    which showed off her legs. Wow she looked great. 
    Ann also looked very good, I was having dinner with 
    two beautiful women. We sat and had a few drinks as I 
    got the meal ready, the woman chatted and giggled. I 
    kept the drinks flowing and then we had our meal. We 
    talked about everything and anything and enjoyed the 
    Ann had said they were going out for a few drinks 
    later, but now she was complaining of a headache. "I 
    am sorry Karen, but I won't be able to go out tonight, 
    I am sorry you got all done up for nothing. But I have 
    an idea," Ann said. "Why don't you and Karen go out?" 
    she said to me.
    I looked at her to see if she was serious. Karen said 
    that it was ok, that she could do it another night. 
    "NO! No!" Ann said, I insist she said.
    I went into the kitchen and Ann followed me. "Please 
    do this for me. She really needs a good night out, why 
    don't you bring her back later and we can show you how 
    good of friends we were."
    I looked at Ann. What was she up to? 
    "We were lovers before you and I got together," she 
    said. "Men were not interested in us and we looked old 
    and frumpy as you said to me when we first met."
    "I didn't mean anything by that," I said.
    "Well, it was true until we met," she said. "You have 
    changed my life for the better and now I would like to 
    help Karen."
    Oh, ok," I said. "I'll do anything for you, you know I 
    love you."
    "Yes, I know," she replied, "and I love you very 
    I went back into Karen and said we were going out, so 
    let get ready. Ann and Karen went upstairs to powder 
    her nose and I had another drinks. They came down 
    about half an hour later and boy did Karen look great. 
    Her hair was loose flowing down over her shoulders and 
    her make-up looked great. She looked different, sexy 
    and younger looking. 
    Ann kissed me as we left saying that I was to make 
    sure she had a good night and that she would be up 
    waiting for us when we got back. We got into the taxi 
    and went into town. I told her that I knew a nice club 
    where we could have a few drinks and dance. "That 
    sounds great!" Karen said.
    We got to the club and it was busy lots of couples out 
    for the night. We got a good table ordered drinks and 
    got to know each other. "How do you know Ann?" I said.
    "Through work, we are in the same office. We are the 
    frumpy ones according to the others at work. Ann has 
    changed a lot since then," she said. "She's now 
    glowing and confident since she met you. You know we 
    were lovers before you met? I'm so happy she met you."
    "I love Ann," I said. "She has also changed my life. 
    Let's not get too serious," I said. "Let's dance."
    The music was very good and the crowd filled the 
    floor, then the music changed to a slow set. I looked 
    at Karen and we decided to stay dancing, I pulled her 
    into me. I noticed her perfume it was fantastic, her 
    body felt so firm against mine. I started to wonder 
    what she would look like naked, yes she was older than 
    me but she looked fantastic. I started to get an 
    erection as we danced, I wondered if she noticed but 
    before I could do anything she whispered that it was 
    nice to know she still could have an effect on a man. 
    I'm sorry, I said. And with that I pulled her closer 
    and pushed my cock up against her.
    She moaned softly and said, "It's been a long time 
    since I felt anything like that." She looked a little 
    flushed as we went back to our table after the music 
    stopped. "Thank you for tonight," she said. "Ann said 
    you were special, now I can see why."
    We had another drink and danced again, this time the 
    music was faster and I noticed her body as she moved 
    to it. Her breasts look large and firm, her eyes were 
    shining. Then it happened we kissed at first a quick 
    one then a long slow one. I felt funny. Was I cheating 
    on Ann or was this the plan she had for us?
    We finished at that club and went onto another one 
    that Karen knew this time it had a floor show. The 
    show was actually a sex show, a couple were having sex 
    in the middle of the dance floor. I looked at Karen 
    and asked what the story was. She told me it was one 
    of the clubs that she and Ann used to go to. It was 
    their only bit of excitement, she said.
    We were sitting in a booth dimly lit so I moved closer 
    and kissed her. I then touched her breast, playing 
    with her nipple through her bra. She returned my kiss 
    and placed her hand on my cock moving up along it. Ann 
    said it was big, but I never expected it to feel this 
    big squeezing it as she kissed me hard.
    We had a few drinks, kissed a lot and generally had a 
    good time. We watched the sex show for a while, Karen 
    seemed to be excited by it, they were doing things I 
    did not know you could do. We finished our drinks and 
    decided to head home. 
    When we got home Ann was up waiting for us. I was a 
    bit apprehensive but soon relaxed as Ann kissed me and 
    then Karen. "Well, how was your night out?" she asked. 
    "Did you have fun?"
    "Yes," Karen replied, "he is a catch. Now I know why 
    you are glowing so much."
    We all sat down and had a few drinks and chatted for a 
    while. It was Ann who made the next move saying, "Why 
    don't we head to bed and have some fun?"
    I followed the woman up to the bedroom, not knowing 
    what to expect but trembling with anticipation. When 
    we got into the room Ann had candles everywhere and 
    soft music playing. I went to take Ann in my arms when 
    she turned and kissed me hard pushing her tongue into 
    my mouth. Wow what a kiss. "That's for being so good 
    to Karen." Then Karen kissed me the same way. "And 
    that's for making Ann so happy."
    Boy was I enjoying my work.
    Ann got on the bed and asked me to strip Karen, I 
    removed her blouse first and then her skirt. She had 
    on a full length black slip, which I removed. She was 
    standing before us in a black underwear set of a 
    really big bra and old fashioned panties. She had on 
    stockings supported by a suspender belt set, she look 
    really old fashioned sexy. I started to open her bra, 
    she had her eyes shut as I let her breasts fall free. 
    They were quite large with really big nipples which 
    were sticking out. 
    I removed her suspender set and rolled down her 
    stockings, it was pure sex doing this. Then I removed 
    her panties, exposing a really thick bush of pubic 
    hair. I have never seen so much hair on a pussy, Ann's 
    is hairy but nothing like this. She was standing 
    before us looking very sexy and not showing her age at 
    all. Her body looked great especially her breasts they 
    were large only sagging a little, but her nipples they 
    were standing erect and were perfect.
    We all got on the bed Ann started to play with my cock 
    which was bursting to be released, you are enjoying 
    this she said. She told Karen to strip me and when she 
    felt my erection she smiled at Ann, so this is why you 
    are glowing she said no wonder. She took down my 
    shorts and slowly took out my cock, her eyes were 
    glued to it. I bent down to kiss Ann who was really 
    enjoying herself. She touched Karen's nipples and then 
    started to suck one slowly, Karen let out a little 
    I placed Karen between us and I stroked down her body 
    to her pussy, I slipped a finger into her. She was 
    really wet and then I started to kiss my way down her 
    body. Her pussy hair hid the pink lips of her pussy 
    but I parted it with my fingers and kissed her softly 
    on her pussy. Her body shuddered a little as I ran my 
    tongue along her pussy, then her juices flowed out, 
    wow she cried I just had my first orgasm. I parted her 
    lips and pushed my tongue into her pussy and she came 
    Ann was still at her breasts as I moved my cock 
    towards her pussy, she said she could feel the heat of 
    my cock. I slowly placed my cock at the entrance of 
    her pussy and looked at Ann, she nodded her approval 
    as I slipped in slowly, she felt very tight. "It has 
    being a very long time since I've had sex," she said, 
    "my husband was the last one, and he only pushed in 
    came and pulled out.
    "Well," Ann said, "you are in for a sexual awaking." 
    I moved in and out of Karen's pussy pushing in a 
    little further each time. Her pussy was still tight as 
    I got half way in, the sensation was fantastic as her 
    pussy gripped my cock. I pushed in as far as I could 
    and I could feel her muscles tighten as she came, she 
    let out a scream as she did. I rammed all the way in 
    hitting the top of her pussy as I did, Ann was playing 
    with her own pussy now as I took out my cock and 
    pushed it into Ann. She got on top of me and rode me 
    like a mad woman, Karen looked at us and kissed me 
    whispering thanks. 
    "I am not finished yet," I replied. I shot my load 
    into Ann, pulled out and told Karen to lick me clean. 
    She didn't hesitate for a moment, she took my cock in 
    her hands and started to lick me. "Now put it in your 
    mouth," Ann said. "Give him a blow job, make him hard 
    "I never done that before," she said. She was very 
    gentle a bit afraid. That feels great!" I said. 
    "You're a natural." 
    I turned her over onto her front and slid my cock in 
    from behind pounding her pussy she was really 
    screaming now. Ann said we had one last pleasure for 
    her tonight, I slipped out my cock from her pussy and 
    placed it at the rose bud of her arse. 
    I took some come from her pussy rubbed it into her 
    rose bud and then pushed in slowly. She jumped and 
    then Ann said to her to relax I moved in half way and 
    slowly began to ride her. She was enjoying the 
    sensation as I pushed in hard and came filling her 
    with hot cum.
    I rolled off her and we all lay together relaxing 
    after having a fantastic session of sex. "Well," said 
    Ann, "how did it feel Karen?"
    "I've never had such sensations. I must have come 4 or 
    5 times and the final part was unbelievable. I feel 
    like a new woman, a real woman at last thank you both 
    for such a wonderful time." 
    I told them that they were both fantastic and that I 
    was a lucky guy the day Ann came into my life. 
    Over the next few weeks we had more sessions and both 
    woman now dressed and looked like real sexy goddess 
    when they went to work. Everyone is talking about them 
    and all the guys were hitting on them. Ann said she 
    had a few more friends like Karen who needed awakening 
    and were we up for it. 
    "Only if it pleases you," I replied, you're my one 
    true love in my life."

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