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    Category: Gay Bisexual Sex Stories

    A Day At The Naturist Beach

    9 July, 2018 (22:15) | Gay Bisexual Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Tom Hull (
    A couple go to naturist beach. It is her first time. 
    Sexual play between the couple in front of a nude guy 
    takes place. Then the action moves into the dunes where 
    they have a threesome. (MMF, exh, 1st-bi-expr)
    Vanessa had never been to a nudist beach before but she 
    was aware that I had been to the one at Morfa Dyffryn 
    in Wales. It was a huge beach, beautiful sand backed by 
    sand dunes and much of it was given over to nudist 
    bathers. You have to work about a mile along the beach 
    before you come to the nudist part. Vanessa thought we 
    had made a mistake until a naked man walked past us 
    displaying his wares for all to see. She looked at me 
    and bit her lip and smiled, amazed to see such a site. 
    We walked a little further on until we were feeling 
    distinctly overdressed in our shorts and tee shirts. We 
    walked over to the edge of the dunes and picked a spot. 
    As I was unpacking the bag and laying out the towels I 
    had my back to Vanessa and was talking to her. 
    "Don't feel that you have to strip off," I said, 
    bearing in mind this was her first experience of a 
    nudist beach.
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    A Day at the Gloryhole – a Gay Sexstory

    9 July, 2018 (22:03) | Gay Bisexual Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Wantsum (address withheld)
    I was spending the afternoon at the adult book store 
    and decided to visit the booths. (MM, oral, glory)
    I had a day off and the wife was out of town. I was 
    sitting at home looking at porn on the internet and 
    decided it would be fun to go to an adult bookstore and 
    see some action in the flesh. Even though I was 
    straight (I thought) I loved watching other guys jerk 
    off through a gloryhole.
    I had been in the booth for about five minutes when 
    someone entered the booth next door. He dropped his 
    shorts and jacked off to a video and left. I was really 
    hot and pretty soon another guy, jacked-off and left. 
    I was about ready to leave when the door opened in the 
    next booth and someone stepped in. I was looking 
    through the hole and when he put money in and started 
    the video, I could see him standing up rubbing his cock 
    through his pants, which is a BIG turn on for me. I 
    could see by his hand it was a black guy.
    It wasn't long before he unzipped his pants and pulled 
    out the most beautiful cock I have ever seen!
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    A Cold Drive -a Gay Sexstory

    9 July, 2018 (22:00) | Gay Bisexual Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Otis Holmes (address withheld)
    A man picks up a hitch-hiker on a cold snowy drive. It 
    may be cold outside but it certainly heats up as the 
    drive proceeds. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, mast)
    I was driving over the mountains through Vermont on a 
    cold snowy January night. It was about 9:30 and I was 
    returning from a business trip in New York. The snow 
    was coming down so hard you could barely see. As I came 
    up the hill past the last little general store I 
    spotted a person standing on the side of the road 
    hitch-hiking. I never pick up hitch-hikers but no-one 
    deserved to be out on a night like that and I knew 
    there was nothing between us and the next town in the 
    valley about 18 miles away.
    As the door opened a pleasant enough looking guy of 
    about 20 to 25 smiled and said "Ah man thank you so 
    much, I didn�t think anyone was going to come along". 
    He definitely was not from the States and a strong 
    English accent followed his every word. 
    I asked him where he was going and he told me that 
    earlier when the weather was nice he had hitched a ride 
    into town to see a buddy who had broken his leg skiing.
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    121st Street -a Gay Sexstory

    9 July, 2018 (21:59) | Gay Bisexual Sex Stories | By: admin

    By Turbo (address withheld)
    A guy is in the wrong place at the wrong moment in 
    time, or is he? (M+/M, nc, rp, intr)
    Hi, my names Clint Holbrook, and I have to admit that 
    things just aren't turning out right for me this week. 
    Stuck in New York for a convention that my boss has 
    made me attend (against my will, no less) I'm surely 
    not a happy camper. 
    To add to the negative attitude of just having to be 
    here, getting here just had to be the pits. Here I am 
    on 121st street, lost and being followed by 3 Hispanic 
    guys. I can feel the tension and fear rising. How am I 
    going to get out of this mess?
    Let me start from the top. John (my boss), suggested 
    that to improve our sagging sales, someone should 
    travel to New York and attend their fashion convention 
    and bring back a new line of clothes. I got elected. No 
    volunteering just elected (negative aspect number one).
    My plane was scheduled to leave in an hour (luckily I 
    keep a packed suitcase for these unexpected occasions) 
    and I had to get to Hartsfield Airport from Alpharetta. 
    That in itself was a joke.
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