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    The All-Canadian Hockey Mom’s Gangbang League

    9 July, 2018 (20:17) | slutwife, Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Harry Ogre (
    Gorgeous MILFs are offered as gangbang trophies to the 
    winning teams in their locker rooms after games in a 
    local hockey league. (M+/F, gb, orgy, exh, wife, intr, 
    huml, swinger)
    "Of course, your wife doesn't have to participate, Mr. 
    Biddle," said Geoff Stanley. Geoff was the owner of 
    Stanley Farm Machinery, the small town's biggest 
    business. He was a forceful and conservative gentleman 
    in his 50's. His wife, Janis smiled loyally as he 
    continued. "But it would enhance your career and social 
    position in Beaver Hill a great deal. Everyone would be 
    grateful. Everyone who counts, that is."
    My own wife, Karina shifted in her seat and appeared 
    uncomfortable. However, I noticed that she hadn't 
    dismissed Geoff's outrageous suggestion out of hand, nor 
    had she gotten up to leave. Janis Stanley reached out 
    and touched Karina's arm.
    "And it would be very satisfying to know that you have 
    personally done your little bit to stop the scourge of 
    young male adult drug abuse and criminality in our small 
    town," Janis smiled.
    Karina nodded hesitantly. "And how often would this, 
    errοΏ½ "event" take place?" she inquired.
    "Well, that all depends," Geoff said. "If the Beaver 
    Hill Beavers run the table and go 9-0, well then you'd 
    be totally off the hook."
    "And Beaver Hill's got a pretty darn good hockey team 
    this year.
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