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    Warehouse 8

    1 June, 2018 (01:52) | Uncategorized | By: admin

    By Anonymous Author 
    A couple attends a rather unusual party. (MF, couples, 
    bi, exh, voy, swingers)
    A rather elegant, hand-addressed invitation was in my 
    mailbox on Tuesday.  The ivory bond envelope looked 
    very expensive, and was sealed with wax and ribbon. I 
    opened the invitation and read: 
    'Peter, as a close and very trusted friend of Sam and 
    Michelle Rogers, you have been invited to a special 
    party on Saturday, June 21. The party will be held in 
    Warehouse 8 at Pier 16 and will begin at 9:00 p.m. We 
    ask that you be on time, that you wear loose-fitting, 
    comfortable clothing, and please, do not bring a 
    I have known Sam and Michelle for many years. Sam and I 
    went to MIT together and he is my best friend. Sam is 
    an architect, highly imaginative and one of the best in 
    the country. He is a bit of an eccentric genius and 
    lots of fun, not to mention a good, dependable friend. 
    When my wife, Carol, walked out on me a couple of years 
    ago, Sam and Michelle patiently spent more than one 
    evening listening to my self-pity and outraged 
    ramblings about "That ungrateful, cheating bitch," and 
    watched as I attempted to drown my sorrow in a bottle 
    of vodka.
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