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Tag: gb

Wilson’s Real Stories

21 May, 2018 (02:51) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Wilson (


True stories of my 'open' marriage. These episodes it 
our lives made for a lot of spicy memories. Don't do 
this at home unless you'll entirely sure of your spouse 
and you're own ability to put jealousy at bay. (M+/F+, 
wife, bi, toys, gb, voy, exh, swing, creampie)


Episode 1

I got divorced in my mid-30's, and about the time the 
divorce was final I broke up with my girlfriend because 
I was already having an affair with another woman. This 
other woman, Mary, was about 30. She was 5'6" tall, very 
thin, about 122 pounds, but with very shapely long legs, 
and a perfectly shaped ass. She had small breasts, with 
nipples that were almost colorless until she was turned 
on, when they would get hard and pink. 

She never wore a bra, since she didn't need one. She had 
long curly blonde hair, but it was somewhat dark, and 
was bleached by the sun. Her pubic hair was black, and 
it was also the longest pubic hair I've ever seen. Some 
of her hairs were 6" long, but very curly (I really did 
measure the longest one I found). 

She'd had about 60 lovers before I met her, but rarely 
stayed with one very long.
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