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    Tag: MMF

    After The Party – 2

    13 October, 2018 (16:15) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Ben1 (no address provided)
    Wife starts to change everything by spending more time 
    with her lover. (MMF, wife, cuck, swingers, cream-pie)
    PART 2
    It was a few weeks after Jean had told me about John 
    and she was still coming home late every night. I knew 
    she was having sex with him and possibly others, but 
    she was still letting me clean her pussy and getting 
    the occasional fuck so I played along. Jean said one 
    night that she was going on a weekend away with John 
    and some other couples. I asked if I was going, she 
    said no that John said I was to stay at home thinking 
    about what he was doing to her.
    I told her I was not happy about this and that it was 
    a big change in the relationship. Deal with it she 
    replied, I am going and that is that. It was early on 
    Friday afternoon, I had finished early at work and 
    went home. Jean was in the shower getting ready, I 
    asked if she wanted anything, she replied that a drink 
    would be nice. I poured a double and gave it to her in 
    the shower. "Need a hand?" I asked.
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    A Fantasy, From Heaven To Hell – Swingers Sexstory

    13 October, 2018 (16:12) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Dave Dee (address withheld)
    A fantasy becomes a reality, but when a husband gets 
    his wish, there is a twist. (MF-cpls, swingers, 
    Let me begin by introducing myself, I'm Dave now in 
    the twilight of my years but still reasonably fit and 
    healthy with an active imagination that can run wild 
    occasionally. Sadly I was born before the sexual 
    revolution and so have led a rather straight laced 
    existence, sexually speaking. Currently and hopefully 
    forever I am in a loving relationship with my partner 
    Sally. We have been together for some time now, and 
    the honeymoon period is well and truly over, but we 
    still lead an active warm and loving sex life if a 
    little bit stayed at times, and definitely nothing 
    Back to my imagination I would never, nor could I ever 
    contemplated an affair, I love Sally and would not 
    wish to either hurt her. Saying that though, my 
    imagination is forever seeking some form of sexual 
    adventurism. Sally is not a prude by any means, but 
    for example she will not even sunbathe topless in our 
    back garden, which isn't overlooked by any of the 
    neighbors, just recently though on a weekend away I 
    persuaded her to read an erotic short story with me 
    when we went to bed, and my god was the sex great 
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    A Birthday to Remember -a Swingers Sexstory

    13 October, 2018 (16:10) | teen | By: admin

    by Young Writer (no address provided)
    The best birthday gift a guy can get. (MMF, swingers, 
    oral, anal)
    It was my 19th birthday, my girlfriend Ashleigh had 
    turned up early to help me with preparations before my 
    group of friends showed up for the party, however, 
    this never happened.
    7.30 pm and the doorbell rang, it was mine and 
    Ashleigh's friend Rebecca wearing a tight red corset 
    which showed off her luscious breasts, I offered her a 
    glass of champagne and me and her finished off the 
    bottle between us as Ashleigh doesn't drink.
    An hour later not expecting anyone else to turn up we 
    ordered a Chinese and got down to the nights 
    entertainment, it started with a game of singstar then 
    after a bit more drink we started playing twister, I 
    spun the wheel, right hand red, Rebecca slid her hand 
    to the right, mine also landed on red, a few turns 
    later she was on all fours with me behind her, her ass 
    right in front of my face, the sight of her bent over 
    turned me on and my cock grew hard. "What's that 
    I noticed Ashleigh staring and pointing at my erect 
    cock, Rebecca fell on purpose to see what was going 
    on, both girls stared and I blushed in embarrassment.
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    A B C – a Swingers Sex Story

    13 October, 2018 (16:08) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Tony Tiger (
    An unexpected adventure at a conference. (MMF, wife-
    sharing, swingers)
    I'd just checked into my room at the mountaintop resort 
    where the conference was being held. As I pulled back 
    the curtains to enjoy the view, a man on the next 
    balcony waved to get my attention. When I opened the 
    window he explained that they were locked out of their 
    room. I called the front desk and the clerk laughed, 
    "Happens all the time." The desk clerk and I opened the 
    sliding door for the couple who were lightly dressed for 
    the cool day.
    I was offered a glass of wine, which turned into two, 
    and cheese and crackers. They were taking a getaway 
    night because the husband, Adrian, was an engineer about 
    to go into a very busy project. Brenda, his wife was the 
    mother of two teenagers which put them somewhere around 
    forty. We visited for an hour until it was time for my 
    opening reception and their dinner. 
    As we walked back through the room I noticed that one of 
    the beds was very much "slept in". Considering that I 
    rescued them about an hour after check in, it appeared 
    that they hadn't delay enjoying the amenities.
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    A Case Of Mistaken Identity – an Interracial Sexstory

    9 July, 2018 (21:40) | Interracial Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Bhuralund (
    My wife went into one of her usual amnesia attacks 
    while she was hiding from my two older brothers and 
    their two black friends - visiting us unexpected after 
    a sweaty game of tennis - under the table. I think, she 
    just mistook my brother's cock for mine and then 
    everything possible went wrong... or right! (MMF, wife, 
    intr, bi, size, creampie)
    My wife who is 45 is a great looker even at this age. 
    She exercises regularly and is fit as a young woman. 
    She is smart but when is gets drunk, she gets these 
    amnesia attacks that leave her in a blacked out state 
    and when she comes out of it she can't remember a 
    thing. I was always irritated at this stupid condition 
    of her but on my birthday I was really thankful for 
    that anomaly. You see what happened was like this. 
    My wife and I were in a horny mood while celebrating my 
    birthday at home just by ourselves. We had been 
    drinking a lot and both of us were not feeling any 
    pain. I kept plying her with gins in the hope that 
    eventually she would get her amnesia attach and I would 
    be able to fuck her in the ass and mouth � something 
    she doesn't approve of when she is sober.
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    Wife’s Meeting With Jay – A Swingers True Sex Story

    21 May, 2018 (02:02) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Prier B Natter (no address provided)
    A trip home with a man we met dogging. (MMF, wife, 
    voy, oral, swinger, dogging, creampie, true)
    Author's Note: This is a work of reality, with a few 
    "tweaks" to the time-line to cut out boring passages. 
    The only fictitious thing about it is that names, 
    where used, have been changed to protect the not-
    quite-so innocent!
    I met a nice chap Jay, who is in his fifties, when I 
    was parked in a car park one night. It was too hot in 
    the house for me to get comfortable so I had gone for 
    a drive to cool off and I was sitting in a car park 
    known for dogging (if I saw any "shows" it would be a 
    bonus!). We had spoken several times before (I am 
    quite regular at this car park) and I had mentioned 
    him to Dee, who is in her thirties, when she asked who 
    I had seen whilst I was out. She had even met him once 
    on a trip out with me and started to suck him off but 
    some inconsiderate person parked right opposite us and 
    kept staring at us which put her right off so we went 
    home, frustrated that night.
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