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    A Demonstration On The Dangers Of Temptation

    9 July, 2018 (21:54) | Bdsm and Fetish Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Slave to Magick (
    In the world of Dragon Age a handsome Templar has 
    captured a beautiful apostate and is bringing her back 
    to the Circle. But with the woman's life in his hands 
    and total control over her future he is not able to 
    control his own temptations. (MF, nc, rp, v, oral, 
    anal, bd, sci-fi, tor)
    Author's Note: This is a Dragon Age fan fiction, it is 
    just written for fun, I do not own the setting and 
    have no rights to it, all honor to the creative people 
    that actually made this great setting which can be 
    found in Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 and in 
    several books, RPG games and other materials.
    Jason glanced at the woman that rode beside him, she 
    appeared so fragile, just by looking at her you would 
    think she could not harm a fly, long, flaming red hair 
    framed a heart shaped, pale face, her eyes where the 
    color of the sea near the coast of Amaranthine and her 
    shape was waif like speaking of elf blood in her 
    lineage, perhaps the source of her magic. Yes few 
    would think this beauty a danger to anyone, but Jason 
    knew, Jason knew that if she had not been riding next 
    to him where he could keep her powers in check she 
    could tear a man apart or burn him to a cinder as easy 
    as looking at him if she so choose.
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    A Deep Desire -a Bdsm Sexstory

    9 July, 2018 (21:52) | Bdsm and Fetish Sex Stories | By: admin

    by Sleazy E (address withheld)
    A young woman meets up with an ex-boyfriend and can't 
    deny her passion to be his plaything. (MF, reluc, 
    anal, bd, sci-fi)
    She was happy, at or least she thought she was. She 
    had a boyfriend that seemed to care about her, her 
    career was on the rise, and she was stunning. Her name 
    was Emily, a young petite Asian girl with a body that 
    could make any man go wild. She had a firm, toned body 
    with curves on her ass not normally seen on a Korean 
    girl. Her breasts, though not large, we're firm and 
    snug nicely into a b-cup bra. 
    On cold nights or when she was especially turned on, 
    her perky nipples pierced the fabric of her clothes. 
    But the main attraction was her face. Cute cheeks that 
    only added to a perfectly symmetrical face. When 
    looking into her big brown eyes, it was like looking 
    into the stars. When she pleaded her eyes grew large 
    and would fuel passion to just fuck her extremely snug 
    and tight pussy.
    On this day, Emily was back at her alma mater at 
    Duepur. She was visiting for homecoming in hopes of 
    reliving her old fun college days.
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