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Tag: swinging sex stories

Weekend at the Beach

1 June, 2018 (00:53) | Swinger Sex Stories | By: admin

by Robin's Lover (address withheld)


My first love and I were drifting apart when I met 
Robin. A weekend on Cape Cod ended up very differently 
than I'd expected when Beth brought Mark along. (MF-
couples, voy, rom, swing)


There is a special love you feel for a first lover, a 
deep longing that never quite fades even as you grow 
apart. Thus I clung to Beth.

She was a striking brunette, tall and exquisitely 
shaped, with long legs that stretched forever, large 
eyes that could melt any man. In bed her beauty and 
softness drove me wild; at those moments I wanted her 
in every way imaginable, though she seemed too refined 
to consider anything beyond straight intercourse. And 
she enjoyed our lovemaking, in a way that was tender 
rather than reckless.

Now that careers had taken us to different northeastern 
cities, we had settled into a weekend relationship. As 
the months passed, the distance weighed heavily, and 
the fires began to cool -- just a bit, not something we 
noticed or spoke about, but we sensed it.

Although we agreed we would not share our separate beds 
with others, I found my head turned when I met Robin.
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