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'' Frida lifted Agnetha sweater over her head. As she had suspected her blonde sweetheart did not wear a bra. Good. She sucked in one pointed nipple after the other, bathing them in saliva, while Agnetha messed with her long hair, her own head thrown back in abandon.

'I have to lay down, Frida... please...'

Frida looked at her with hunger and impatience. 'Bedroom?'

Agnetha bit her lip. 'Couch?'

Slyly Frida put her hand right to the v between Agnetha's thighs. For that Agnetha kissed Frida, pushing her tongue in, almost suffocating her. Frida only laughed.

'So very wet', she said, guiding Agnetha the few paths to the living room. Agnetha attacked Frida's clothing. The pants were easy, the slip came right off with it. Agnetha fell to her knees.

'Need you...aah...I need you so much,' were Agnetha's nearly inaudible words before she began showering Frida's already puffed up mound with warm, wet kisses. Frida sank on the sofa, clinging to the cushions to hold on to something. She felt Agnetha part her legs, push them up to her breasts. She knew what was going to happen, feared it, anticipated it. 'Oh, yes, god, there.' She had almost yelled those words, welcoming Agnetha's licking and probing.
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