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Just as before, our eyes met and I started trembling. She started walking towards the bar area, and boy did I want to piss my pants. Up close she was very hot. She was dressed in a black leather bustier top, with a pair of black leather pants that revealed the sides of her legs from her ankle to her waist and last, but not least she had on a pair of stilettos. "Hello there, hit anyone's car lately?"

With a submissive smile, I shook my head and said, "No." She extended her hand to me, and said, "My name is Shawna, what's yours?"

Trembling I said, "Brianna, pleased to meet you."

We talked for at least an hour, and from that conversation I assumed that she was over the mishaps with the car. That night I gave her my phone number, and we parted.

Off and on for a couple of weeks we spoke on the phone, becoming better acquainted with each other. Shawna soon asked me out on a date. we both were trying to feel each other out. One Saturday night, I arrived at her house around eight o'clock. The house was as huge as all hell. When the door opened there was something about her that I could sense.

After we had a couple of drinks, she started fondling my thighs, but who was I to say no, but I did, and she was not pleased. "If you were smart you would be a good little subby and give me what I want."

I became nervous. "What is it that you want from me?"

"I want you to take off your clothes and come with me to the basement and I will show you." Her eyes were piercing and cold. Her entire basement was a fetish dungeon. "Tonight you belong only to me, you will do as you are told and nothing more, is this understood?"

"Yes," I said trembling.

"I'm not your mistress so you will refer to me as Goddess Shawna' is this understood?" It took me too long to answer' when suddenly a long single tailed whip came lashing across my backside, I didn't know what hit me.

The dungeon was cold and dreary, like a dungeon is supposed to be, but as I looked around, I wondered what she had in store for me on this night. Goddess Shawna disappeared into the darkness, but she soon returned wearing a shiny black cat suit with a black strap-on around her waist, a black cat mask and several types of whips. With a cold sound in her voice she said, "Come to me, and get down on all fours."

I threw myself down as quickly as possible, but maybe not quick enough, she grabbed a flogger and lashed me on my ass several times. "Whenever I give you an order you will do it quickly and you will do it gladly is this understood?" "Yes Goddess Shawna."

She then made me stand, and she shackled and cuffed my arms and legs around a pillar that was in the center of the room. Everything was silent when suddenly, I felt her behind me. Her breath was hot but soothing. In my ear she started to whisper. "Mmmm, do you remember that little fender bender slut?"

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