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Gorgeous, petite porn slut Riley Reid poses outdoors in sexy fishnet lingerie, then visits ebony studs Lexington Steele and Prince Yahshua for a double serving of enormous black cock. Crawling on the floor, the tiny, adorable girl hungrily slurps on their massive shafts, each one as thick as her forearm. Riley gets her small frame "spit-roasted," sucking one gigantic tool while the other invades her tight, little cunt. After an outrageous, hole-stretching interracial ride, sweet, little Riley kneels to receive two gooey, tasty cum facials from her huge men.

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He ran an ad on the internet to find a man who would fulfill my fantasies. I did not get involved but he had several men send him pictures of their cocks. He showed them to me one night as we fucked, asking me which one I liked the best. I looked at their black cocks and picked three who had nice sized cocks. I also masturbated that night after he went to sleep thinking about one of those huge cocks pounding me.

It was several days later that he went out to find me that black cock I had been craving. He had called me and told me that he was going to meet a guy I had picked out. He was going to find that special dick for me, saying he had made arrangements to meet the guy to see if he was what I wanted and said he would call me back if he was ready to come to our house. My pussy started to twitch as I waited for his call. I had my hand and fingers on my pussy in a flash!

About thirty minutes later, the phone rang and it was my husband. He told me that he had found what I wanted and would bring him to me in about half an hour. He also told me to get ready and have all my toys laid out, with me in the bed, naked.

"You start playing with your pussy now so you will be ready for him." He said, "Turn the lights off but get the camera ready to use. I want some pictures of you taking his big black cock!"

I did as he suggested and got everything ready as I slipped under the sheets as I waited. I was so hot thinking about him bringing a black cock for me. I spread my thighs as I rubbed my smooth shaven cunt. I was ready for some black cock!

I heard them enter the house as my husband came upstairs, leaving the black man until he called him up. He told me that he was going to make sure I still wanted to fuck a black man before he brought him to me.

"Bring him to me! I am so hot and ready for him. I hope he is as big as his picture looked!" I said as he took his fingers and played with my wet pussy.

"You are ready, aren't you? I see you have been playing with this sweet pussy while I was gone." He whispered to me, "I am going to call him up. You want the light on or off?"

"Leave them off until I get used to the idea of having a black cock in me.” I said, "I am a little bashful right now. Go get him! I am ready for some cock!"

My husband went down stairs and led the black man to my bedside. He told him to lower his pants so I could feel his big dick. My pussy was dripping as he lowered his pants. He reached down and held his cock in his hand as he started to pull on it.

I could see enough to tell he was well hung! His cock was a lot longer than my husbands and a lot thicker! If I were to want a perfect cock, this was it! He was so huge as I watched it growing even larger right before my eyes. I had to reach out and help him stroke it as my hand found that hulk of black cock!

"How do you like it?" he asked, "I hope you are satisfied with my cock."

"I love it! It is so big!" I replied as I lay down onto the bed, "You are so huge! Please be careful with me since I have never had one this big! How big is it?"

"Baby, I have eleven inches of thick, black cock for you! I want to slide all 11 inches to you." He answered, "Do you want this big cock in your tight pussy?"

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