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Lexington Steele Quinn Wilde Hardcore

Lexington Steele is the hot black pornstar who's been slaying white chicks for years. Almost 20 years as the top black pornstar because everyone loves his big black cock. He started as a stockbroker and was earning six figures but after a couple of Wolf of Wall Street parties, he was encouraged to give it up for a career in porn. It paid off with him becoming a multimillionaire and he's still going strong. Check out Lex Steele's hot porn videos at Some pics of Lexington Steele and Quinn Wilde are below the video story itself is:
In white leggings, sexy heels and a tiny pink top, busty Quinn Wilde teases the camera. When veteran stud Lexington Steele appears, the bold babe treats his massive, 11-inch meat to a messy, ball-slurping blow job. Lex crams his colossal cock into Quinn's tight quim and thrusts viciously. The horny slut tastes her creamy flavor while taking Lex's thick prick deeply down her throat. Quinn firmly wraps his boner between her breasts. Climaxing a passionate interracial tryst, Quinn opens wide and Lex decorates her face in streams of cum.

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If Richard every found out he'd want to know where the money came from for sure. She loved her husband dearly but had to find a way in the future where she could tell him about the money. Maybe she would tell him an aunt left her the cash. He'd want to know everything. It's just the way Richard was.

She crossed her legs feeling the warmth coming from her pussy. She must have fucked hours last night. She'd been seeing a guy regularly. His name was Lance. Lance worked as a body guard for rich and famous people.

He was six-seven and built like a brick shithouse. Dawn practically treated him like her husband only worse. They argued all the time but Dawn never complained. There wasn't day that went by where Lance didn't call her for an appointment. She soon started seeing him outside the service until she quite working as a call girl and became Lance's personal girlfriend.

She'd like to say she wasn't romantically involved with this man but she was. Lance could be a real dick at times. She called him an asshole many times for the way he treated her. Dawn couldn't explain it but there was something that attracted her to him and it wasn't his huge dick.

Dawn never saw such a huge cock on a human being before she saw Lance. She remembered the first night with him and how he was so gentle with her. That soon changed once she fell for him, hook line and sinker!

He talked her into quitting her job with the service. He said he'd pay her twice as much as they could. He even talked her into bringing Lucy along. He loved threesomes. It was something Dawn never imagined until the first night she shared Lance with her good friend.

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