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Maddy Oreilly and Elle Alexandra in Hot Lesbian Sex Session

From Webyoung

Maddy O'Reilly and Elle Alexandra make up the cutest young lesbian couple I could ever dream of. Two shades of fiery ginger hair, and the heated passion that comes with, to match. Safe in the confines of their mountain retreat, our gorgeous girls waste no time in stripping each other down and locking lips, legs, and bodies together. The contrast of Elle's perfect skin against Maddy's perfectly tanned tone is absolutely breathtaking as their bodies begin to intertwine. Sliding down to her knees and gently running her fingers over her shaved pussy lips, Elle finds that Maddy is very wet, and more than ready. Slowly licking from wet hole to the top of her slit, Elle begins to drive her wild as she teases her clit with an eager tongue. Standing on the bench and straddling Maddy's face, Elle presents her equally perfect and shaved pussy to her, and Maddy wastes no time getting straight to what she's been hungering for. It's so hard for Elle to keep standing, her girlfriend's expert tongue pushing, pressing, and manipulating her dripping wet pussy so expertly. Elle's legs quake and quiver as Maddy holds her hips to her lips, tasting the young lesbian's cum on her lips. Once she recovers, Elle bends Maddy over the bench and immediately buries her face between the soft mounds of her butt cheeks. Her tongue darts in and out of her sweet silky hole, making Maddy gasp and moan, instinctually pushing her hips back into her girlfriends tongue, desperate to get it deeper. Flicking her cute little tongue out and over her girlfriends clit, the little redhead smiles as she feels every muscle in Maddy's body clench up, taught with pleasure as her orgasm ripples through her tiny frame. Fully satisfied our beautiful little lesbians curl up together on the bench, enjoying the privacy of their cottage and their passion and lust for each other.

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A rush of desire filled Susan as all semblance of her normal self seemed to fade into the dust. She rushed forward and kissed the young girl with all the lust of a thousand empty nights. Her hands closed around her breasts, rubbing her thumbs against the small thick nipples. Her tongue sought out Elisa’s, caressing it for long moments before beginning to work it’s way down the pale skinned body.

Excitement filled her breast as she worked her way down to the younger woman’s nipples, guiding them into her mouth with an quick and eager tongue.

“Oh yeah, Teach,” Elisa moaned as she ran her fingers through the older woman’s hair. “Suck on my tits! Play with them with your tongue!”

And play with them she did. First one, then the other, then back to the first. All the while, then memories of a dozen students whose young bodies she had so secretly admired over the years filled her head.

She thought of Rosie Davis, the cute redhead she had lusted after for all of her four years at RFK. Even as a freshman, Rosie had a more developed body than many of the seniors. Susan thought of Kerri Moore, the dark skinned black girl she had once glimpsed topless in the days before she stopped pulling gym duty. The memory of those rounded dark orbs and the even darker nipples in the center remained fresh in her mind’s eye to this day. Finally she remembered Maria Lopez, who had the most perfect ass Susan had ever seen.

Taking her fill of Elisa’s mounds, the Teacher continued her downward journey, kissing the soft flesh of the girl before her as she went. Bending her knees, she reached the dark mound between the purple haired girl’s legs. An access made much easier as the girl resting on the counter lifted her legs and brought them to rest on Susan’s shoulders.

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