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I visited my new Indonesian girlfriend one Friday afternoon when I had the day off work. She had just had a shower. We had not progressed beyond kissing and touching but today was going to be different. She told me that her brother, whom she lived with, was out at university and won't be back for another hour. I took the opportunity to do something nice for her.

I began by kissing her sweet mouth, touching her, putting my hand down her top and cupping her warm little breasts. Her nipples became hard and slid easily between my fingers for squeezing. My other hand moved down to her crotch where it was very warm. I rubbed the spot between her legs. I know she wanted it.

After sliding the jeans down her smooth legs, I rubbed around her inner thighs, brushing her panties a few times. I kissed her again, giving her my tongue while sliding my hand into her underwear and slipping my finger in between her pussy lips. Her breathing suddenly changed and she gripped onto me as I started rubbing the tip of my finger around.

I knelt onto the floor and pulled down her panties to her ankles, revealing her cute little pussy. She wasn't shy about it as I kissed her tummy, down to her thighs and finally began licking her sweet little hole. I used my tongue to taste her and found that she was the cleanest girl I had ever done this to. It made me eat her out harder, wiggling my tongue against her clitoris and slurping at her juicy hole.

My new girlfriend loved it. She moaned and moaned as I licked, sucked and kissed every part of her lovely pussy. Then the phone rang. I didn't stop as she answered it. She tried to sound calm as she wiggled under the movement of my tongue. She spoke in her native Indonesian language, which excited me, and I continued to tongue-fuck her as she lifted her legs up together in the air over my head to give me better access, since she still had her pants around her ankles in case someone came home. Something told me she was excited to be on the phone and doing this.

When she finished the phone call, she pulled me up and kissed me, not shy about her juice on my lips, unlike my previous girlfriend. I was starting to really like Asian girls already. She told me that her brother has to stay in the city for a couple of hours. Yes! I thought. With that news, she led me by hand to her bedroom and we lay down on her floor bed.
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