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I laid her on the bed, and said, “I want you to strip me now,” which she did. Then I said, “First I want those lovely lips on my dick and give me a good blow job.” I sat on the edge of the bed and she got on her hands and knees in front of me and then took my 8 inches in her mouth like she was a vacuum cleaner. Her tongue action started to drive me wild.

After a minute or so I knew I was going to cum, so I told her to stop. Then I laid on the bed and told her to 69 with me. She put her beautiful shaved pussy on my mouth and again deep throated my dick. I sucked and tongued her pussy and had my tongue as far inside of her as I could. She tasted great, like she might have sprayed strawberry juice in her pussy. I told her she could not cum until I let her. She was on the edge of cumming, but I would not let her cum until I was ready to shoot my load into her stomach.

When I could not hold out any longer, I told her she could cum, just as I blasted 6 or 7 ropes into her throat. She came so much that the quilt on the bed soaked through to the sheets. While I was recovering, she stripped the bed and put clean sheets on.

I then laid on the bed and Jen started playing with my cock. It did not take long before I was ready to go again. This time Jen guided my cock into her tight pussy. I had to take it slow, and Jen told me that I was not only a little longer than Tom, but was much bigger around. Her pussy muscles were pushing hard against my cock, but I slowly got it almost all the way in. I stopped pushing for few seconds to let her adjust to me, then I drew it out to the cock head. Then in one shove I pushed into her all the way to my balls.

Jen said, “Did you feel that?”

“That bump?” I replied.

She said, “Yes your cock head in inside my womb. God it feels fantastic.”

I slowly started pumping in and out of her, but always ending my stroke hard so that I would again be in her womb. I got a nice rhythm going and Jen started cumming and cumming. Every time I got close to cumming, I would stop pumping for a minute or two, then start up again. Jen was cumming about every 3 or 4 minutes. I kept holding off cumming as long as I could, but I finally could not stop it any longer.

I told Jen I was going to pull out as I was not wearing a condom. She wrapped her legs around me and locked the together at the ankles and said, “No, don’t pull out, I want your cum inside me.”

I made one last thrust into her and said here it comes. She shuddered with another orgasm as I pumped her full of hot babymaking seed. After catching my breath I said, “I hope you are on the pill, because you have a ton of sperm inside you now.”

I started to pull out and she would not let me. Just lay on and in me for a while it feels so great. I laid on top of Jen and started playing with her big nipples and sucking on them, as my erection slowly went down and was only about an inch inside of her.

Again she said not to take it out, so I continued to suck her nipples and now and then would reach up and kiss her again. After about 15 minutes she said that she had to get up for a little bit, but that she wanted me to fuck her again before I left.

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