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It all started innocently enough. She liked to go out on the weekends around campus, drinking with friends. She saw him there, with some of his friends and they started talking. He invited her back to his place and they talked some more before she made her move. She wanted to have sex for the first time and she wanted it that night. She knew that her roommates had sex on a regular basis and she was going to join them in their conversations the mornings after.

She nudged up to him on his couch, rubbing her hard nipples (bras were useless when performing, so why wear them at all was her motto) against his arm, at the same time, leaning over to lightly blow warm air into his ear. He wrapped his arm around her and cupped her pert breasts, moving his fingers over her nipples. She kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue and allowing the same. Her hand felt its way down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt as it went, until she was lightly rubbing his bare skin, pinching his nipples and making him shift slightly.

She broke the lock and sat up, pulling her shirt over her head, revealing her ample breasts. She then stood up and pulled her cutoffs down, leaving only her purple velvet thong. She knelt in front of him, kissing him on his lips and chest, all the while, his hands roaming her back, moving forward and rolling her nipples around and back to her back again. She had managed to undo his belt and unzip his pants, freeing his now throbbing manhood (since he didn't wear underwear).

He picked his hips up and allowed her to pull his pants off. She took his hard shaft in her hands and lightly stroked it. She cupped his balls and stuck her tongue to them, rolling them around in her mouth before she licked his entire cock, getting it soaking wet with her hot saliva. She had never actually sucked a cock be- fore, but she knew enough talking to her roommates about it and she intended to perform spectacularly that night.

She slowly took the head of his tool into her mouth. It was an impressive specimen: about 9 inches long and about two and a half inches around. It was also shaved neatly. No ball hair at all and clipped low on top. In fact, his whole body was shaved for performing. She dimpled her cheeks as she sucked and licked the head of his cock, going down farther and farther each time she sucked. She looked up at him to see him watching intently, placing his hands on her shoulders as she gave him a blowjob. Her fingers played with his balls while she pistoned up and down on his cock, moving underneath them and finding his ass and tickling there too. She sucked hard on his cock, to the back of her mouth. Her tongue went crazy over his flesh, licking the head like a lollipop and lubricating the shaft as her lips moved up and down on it. She wanted him to cum so she started to pump his cock in unison with her mouth, looking at him the whole time. His legs started to tremble and he closed his eyes. She quickly let go with her lips as his cock spasmed and exploded it's hot white juice all over her face and neck, running down to her nipples.

She started to rub it in as he pulled her up on the couch and proceeded to lick her nipples, preparing her for her orgasm. He tongued his way down her belly to her still panty covered crotch. He could feel the heat from her pussy since the blowjob had turned her on as well. He licked her slit through the velvet and hooked his tongue under the straps, pulling the thong off with his mouth. Her bald pussy was available to him now and she licked her lips in anticipation as he began his assault. His fingers found her nipples as he started to stroke her slit with his tongue, slowly pushing it in her wanting hole, tasting her sweet nectar. She reached down to spread her lips for him, hoping to cum for him so he could taste her.