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One day I was in the living room. Daddy was sitting in the chair reading a magazine when he got a phone call he was expecting. He got up for the phone and I went over a saw what he was reading. It was a nudie magazine with a girl sucking the cock of guy. I never said anything to him about it but remained intrigued. I'd look at guys and think wow. We had new neighbors and I'd look at them when they had cookouts. The man, Don as I came to know him, was muscular and very nice. He would ask me how I felt about everything just from looking at my body language. It made it nice for me to trust him over time because I felt he knew me more than most people I see on a daily basis.

One summer and I was home from the first year of school. I was 18 and I saw Don again. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was very horny and my pussy was swollen. I was just looking at Don. He invited me over for hot dogs and hamburgers but I wasn't looking for that. I jumped on his lap making sure to feel his cock and balls as I did.

"What brought this on?" he asked

"I don't know just felt so horny for you" I said.

His wife wasn't home and I grabbed his now hard cock. Unzipping this pants I took it out and started sucking it like a hungry whore.

"You're the man I want. I've thought about you all this time" I said as I sucked his cock.

He relaxed and started fingering my pussy. I had a boyfriend during the school year but didn't feel the connection I felt with Don. He payed more attention to me on some levels than my boyriend in college. If there was ever a man to take me would be him I thought.

I told him and he paused feeling a little suprised but continued with his fingers in my slit. I was getting more and more horny and slid on his cock. It hurt at first as he slid his big cock in but the pain was replaced with pleasure as I slid back and forth slowly on his cock. He was incredibly patient as I adjusted to his huge cock. He took my hips in both hand and pumped his cock in my pussy. I was having the first of several orgasms and I shook with pleasure. It happened again and again. I couldn't believe sex could feel so good.

He came with me sucking his cock and swallowing his load. Sperm had such an unusual taste. I hadn't even started birth control at this point so even I was crossing my fingers I wouldn't get pregnant.

We finished and I knew we would remain friends. I guess it felt better than my boyfriend at school who might be looking for sex without even caring who I was. Thinking about it I would do it over and over again. When I went back for my sophomore year I felt more confident in my choices of guys as you could probably imagine. And I broke up with Jerry, my boyfriend of the previous year.

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