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After a few minutes Jay moved up the bed and offered his cock to Dee's mouth, she took it in and started to suck him. I took his place at her, now juicy, pussy and sucked on her clit while she sucked him. Then he asked her if there was a position she would like to fuck in.

"I like it doggy-style." she replied.

Jay and I got off the bed and positioned Dee across it. I lay at an angle so that she could suck me while being fucked and I could reach under her and play with her clit while Jay fucked her. She went down on my cock hungrily while, standing on the floor beside the bed, Jay thrust into her giving her a good, hard fuck with Dee moaning on my cock as she enjoyed the sensations of Jay's thrusting and my fingers stimulating her clit.

Jay was obviously well excited as he stopped his thrusting a couple of times to calm down and not unload his balls too quickly! Eventually he thrust in hard and grunted as he shot his spunk deep into my wife's willing snatch. He pulled out and I felt some of his cum trickle down from her hole and onto her clit and my fingers.

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